Berserker Mode


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Hello! We all Know Rampage is a Overpower Hero. So hear a build make him Great Early game
and Mid Game and if Late Game happens he becomes a Nightmare for the Enemy to deal with.
Deck Quite Simple and rolls in to the equips and upgrades.
I know don’t have a Keys or Wards, After a few test runs saw I didn’t need them.
This is a straight Damage, Attack Speed, and Life Steal Build with a Overpowered card at the End of build makes it shine!

Start off with a Health Potion and Flashfire Piston.
Upgrade with 1xMajor Kinetic 1xMajor Strike and 1xMinor Strike. After the one Minor Strike you roll into the next Flashfire Piston.
Do the same till you reach the 4th Flashfire Piston, Instead of a Minor Strike it be another
Major Strike so the last Flashfire Piston be 1xMajor Kinetic 2xMajor Strike.
By this time you are attacking so fast and and hitting really hard per second.

5th Equipment Card Brand of the Ironeater with 1xGreater Drain and 2x Drains.
See with the Strong attack and speed with your regen passive be hard to kill, Plus don’t forget his Ult.
Lastly after all that be left with 1 point and next CXP level Discard the Health Potion leave with 5 Points to equip Last Equipment.
Clearheart: Text saids a %15 increase in Healing Including with Life Steal and Health Regen,
Makes you a Nightmare Now to Kill. Last Remaining Points 1xAdvanced Spark, 2xSparks
for the 60 Total Points Extra Mana Regen Doesn’t hurt.

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