[CB01] Carry your team to Victory with the most badass Mage ever.



 Hi guys! My name is Danxor and I go by Danxor95 on Paragon. Long time gamer, 6 years+ LoL veteran but new to this style of moba. As of writing this on 3/19/16 I am 9-3 with a 4.0 KDA with Gideon vs players. My losses are also mainly due to 4v5s…! With that said the game is still in its infancy, just sharing my own success with Gideon.

    My stats: https://agora.gg/profile/Danxor95

     I Do not claim what I write is the best for gideon, it will most likely change in the future. I will be constantly updating this guide with new things I find.

Where to find me?

  1. Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/danxor95
  2. Plays: https://www.plays.tv/u/danxor
  3. Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/c/danxor
  4. Twitter: www.twitter.com/danxor95

Why choose Gideon?

  1. If you play league, has an inbuilt flash on a low cooldown.
  2. Great wave clear, pushes easily or stops pushing with his q.
  3. Has a slow, really good against anyone with no dashes.
  4. His ult is an AOE that legit summons a freaking black hole sucking and pushing everything into the center.
  5. Deals an insane amount of damage and can carry his team solo imo.

Order of Cards

1. First Buy

  1. Hp Pot
  2. Mana Pot
  3.  Ward

2. Second Buy (6 cexp)

  1. Staff of Adament or Well Spring Staff
    • Depends if you want 100 HP or 75 Mana
  2. Upgrade x1 Cast (9 cexp)
    • Cost of 2, can buy a harvestor key if needed
  3. Upgrade x1 Minor Cast + Major cast (12xcep)
    • Can reverse the order of 2 and 3 if harvestor key is not needed

3. Third Buy (15 cexp)

  1.  Sorcerer’s Ward
    • Why? Gives you two shadow wards (stealthed wards) can ward deep and avoid ganks or see how the enemy is moving to cut them of
  2. Upgrade this later on

4. Fourth Buy (18 cexp)

  1. Solaris Reactor
    • Mana regen is always nice with Gideon2
  2. Throw in whatever casts you want, major, minor or regular

5. Go back and upgrade your Sorcers Ward with any of the casts for more damage.

6. At this point you are entering late game since 3 completed items. Below are your options.

  1. Decide if you need more damage, more energy penetration, or suvivability.
  2. If two+ RANGED physical damage carries buy the Tempered Plate. You will not win 1v1 vs a Sparrow or TwinBlast late game.
  3. Can get a staff of adament in order to get more hp+damage. Throw in a Health card in there for +200 hp so a total of +300 hp.

7. Now you are at Four items Completed. Time to sell your mana pot.

  1. Infinity Stream – 7point card that will solve your mana issues.
    • Put in energy penetration to do more damage.

8. Can decide to keep the hp pot or build ANOTHER staff of adament or whatever you want really.

Early Game

Here you are at a great spot. Typically you would want a solo lane due to the pushing power Gideon has with his Q. If a sparrow or anyone immobile is on the enemy team, feel free to push and then gank. If you see anyone especially a sparrow or murdock, they are 100% dead unless you get counter-ganked. Example clip of ganking @ lvl 3.

Gideon is also great at 1v2 in a lane. This is because as I stated before he is great at pushing the wave due to the amount of damage his q does. Here is a clip of me laning 1v2 and getting a double kill as soon as I get my ulti as they are still lvl 3.

Mid Game

Find flank opportunities to win team fights or just continue to solo kill/kill people. This is where you start to hit your power spike and IMO the strongest point of Gideon before other carries can start to 1v1 you. Continue to push, push push, shove minion waves then go gank/group with your team. Also keep collecting harvestors too.

 Example clip of cleaning up fights or flanking with gideon mid-game.


Late Game

This is where he is his strongest but can also be his weakest. A late game Sparrow or TwinBlast will wreck your life 1v1 or in team fights so you have to be very careful. This is because you are vulnerable when ulting so you now need hp/survivability or be able to potentially burst. As long as you stay alive plus take out their carries or support then you win the game.


  1.  Use Q before you ULT. Maximize your damage. Same with using your right mouse button, extra slow added on but don’t waste if they have a blink.
  2. Blink over walls/terrain to escape from people especially if they can’t go over terrain. (will update this with every possible spot in the future)
  3.  Pump fake people off walls/ledges with your blink. Example video:
  1. Prioritize killing lanes without any blinks or dashes as well as ROAM ROAM ROAM
  2. DO NOT ULT INSTANTLY VS A GOOD MURDOCK or anyone with a stun! He will cancel your ult or anyone with a stun pretty much. You cannot be cc’ed during the ult but the initial channel there is a window where it can be stopped. Watch out for ccs when trying to initiate.
  3. Put wards in spots that melee (junglers) can’t clear them. Example:

  4. Hope that helped! Again checkout at the top where you can find me / watch my climb to being a top Paragon player. I will edit this guide in the future and I hope it helps some people get better with him 🙂

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