[EA] Gideon Mastery Build


Summary (TLDR)

This build is a great item and ability set that I’ve been using on Gideon for a while. I’ll be updating this build as I unlock more cards and find better card combos and different ability combos.

Abilities Overview

Passive – Energy Pierce – Gideon has a small amount of free Energy Pierce

  1. This ability just adds bonus Energy Penetration which makes building into Energy Penetration completely pointless unless they build into Energy Armor.

LMB – Basic Attack – Ranged Basic attack dealing Energy Damage.

  • Energy Damage: (49.95/56.19/62.44)
  • Attack Speed: (1.5/1.48/1.46)
  1. Gideon’s basic attack is something that should be built into late game, it’s something that you’ll need since during most fights your abilities won’t be off cooldown after the inital cast. Most fights in the game are so fast that you’ll most likely not be able to recast them.

RMB – Burden – Projectile that creates a tether to an enemy hero dealing Energy Damage and slowing them for 3 seconds.

  • Energy Damage: (50/100/150/200)
  • Mana Cost: (52/56/60)
  • Cooldown: (15)
  1. I highly recommand getting at least one point into Burder. This is more of a utility ability then a good damage dealing, during team fights use this inorder to pick one of the enemies off since they’ll fall behind the rest of the group. Also note that this abiltiy requies some level of aiming and won’t track onto an enemy target.

Q – Cosmic Rift – Meteors fall from the sky dealing Energy Damage over 2 seconds.

  • Energy Damage: (100, 150, 200, 250, 300)
  • Mana Cast: (52, 56, 60, 64, 68)
  • Cooldown: (13)
  1. This ability is why you run Gideon mid lane. This as of CB01 is most likely the best wave clear in the game. You’ll be using this to clear out the mega minions when they start attacking your core and you’ll want to use this just to get some good damage on a group of enemies. Basically this is what your main damage will come from all game.

E – Torn Space – Teleport to a targeted location.

  • Distance: (850, 900)
  • Mana Cost: (56, 60.5, 65, 69.5, 74)
  • Cooldown: (15.13)
  1. Obviously this is your main escape and chasing ability. You’ll be using this all the time since this game is really ganking focused in the mid lane. Just be careful on how far you push and when you can push based on the other enemies locations.

R – Black Hole – Channeled ability that slowly pulls enemies towards Gideon, dealing Energy Damage over 5 seconds. Gideon gains a small shield and is immune to crowd control when he is finished channeling the ability.

  • Energy Damage: (450, 675, 900)
  • Mana Cost: (100)
  • Cooldown: (100, 90, 80)
  1. Use this abiltiy early game on heroes that don’t have escapes (Sparrow, Murdoc), since you can do massive amounts of damage to them and possibly kill them since they won’t do much damage to you then. However this abiltiy is pretty bad late game since they’ll just focus you down and you’ll just die in a couple seconds. But REMEMBER PRESSING R WILL CANCEL THE ABILITY EARLY. You this to your advantage if they leave the circle of influence then hunt them down and finish them off.

Abilities upgrade priority

R > Q > LMB > RMB > E

Abilities Combos

Describe how to combo abilities to get maximum of them.

  1. Early Game
    R,R → RMB → Q → LMB, LMB, LMB
  2. Mid Game (offensive)
    RMB → Q → R,R → LMB, LMB, LMB
  3. Mid Game (defensive)
    RMB → E

Early Game

Right off the bad help take the damage buff for the jungler. If the mid laner is pushing after you take it try and kill them for a good start. Then just stay mid most of the time and try to have no teammates around since you’ll get under-leveled since you’ll split the amount of xp you’ll obtain from the minions. Call out if the mid laner is overextending and try to punish them with junglers. GO FOR LAST HITS.

Mid Game

During this time you should have good enough energy power where you can start taking buffs solo. Take the blue buff so you get good mana regen and attack speed. Just keep doing the early game but helping out during team fights.

Late Game

Start pushing out any lanes that aren’t and try to take out the inhibitors so you can finally take out their core and win the game. But if they’re pushing on you you’ll want to stay back and push out the lanes that have super minions on them.

Card Build

Magus’ Ward – A great early game item since you get shadow wards which show invisible enemies. Also you get a good amount of mana and energy damage.

Wellspring Staff – Adds some more much needed Energy Damage and increases your mana pool again.

Drink the Spirits – Increases your mana pool by a huge amount and adds a good late game health regen option when you get rid of your health potions.

Eldermage Amulet – Gives you the sustain that you need to actually use your ultimate late game without getting absolutely destroyed because of your lack of health.

Whirling Wand – Increases your attack speed so you can do more damage after your initial damage through your spells.


Take out the enemy camps as you see fit. Also, check on the jungle harvesters in case they need to be taken care of.


Stay back close to the tower in case of a gank. Only push if your teammates are nearby or you know that they won’t be coming at you for a couple seconds so you can get rid of the incoming enemy minion wave.


If you see an enemy with no escape pushing the tower go behind them and use your ultimate because they won’t be able to get out of it. Then slow them using your RMB ability and use your Q because they’re slowed and you can get the fullest amount of damage on them. This will usually kill them unless a Muriel ultimates onto them in which case use your E to get out of there or keep on engaging depending on if teammates are close by and ready to fight.

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