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Countess the Blood Queen

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This guide may be out of date. The guide author did not update it for more than 6 month.
For the most up-to-date information please refer to the Countess Build Guide
Guide Updated to Patch #: 


This is my first ever build on this website so I hope you like it.

So kicking things off pick up a Health potion and two Mana potions this is because, you'll find that the countess is very mana hungry especially in the early stages of a match but if you don't have a man potion I would advise you to take a strike token. Next, when you make your first returns to your base you should pick up a Brawlers ward this is because, you don't want to get ganked when laning. (All of the upgrades for these items will be below this guide). As well as this, your next item will be Fountain Spike this is for some extra physical damage and mana. Now the next item you should pick up is Adamant Edge now this is where your damage is going to start to stack. Next delete your Health potion and the two Mana potions to make some room for the next items. Now with this extra space pick up a Voidsteel Dagger. Now pick up another Adamant Edge for even more damage. Finally, finish with the item Adamant edge but this time it's focused on health enabling this squishy character to stay alive a bit longer than usual.

The Build order

Starting Items

Health Potion Mana Potion Mana Potion if you don't a second mana potion Strike Token

Ward so you can't get ganked

Brawler's Ward -> upgrades Mana Mana Mana

Some early power

Fountain Spike -> upgrades Minor Strike Strike Major Strike

Main power, penetration and health

Adamant Edge -> upgrades Major Strike Greater Health Greater Health  

Voidsteel Dagger -> upgrades Major Strike Major Strike Dire Pierce or instead of dire pierce Major Pierce

Adamant Edge -> upgrades Minor Strike Strike Major Strike

Some Final health

Adamant Edge -> upgrades Lesser Health Health Greater Health

The Final build should look like this in no specific order

Brawler's Ward -> upgrades Mana Mana Mana

Fountain Spike -> upgrades Minor Strike Strike Major Strike

Adamant Edge -> upgrades Major Strike Greater Health Greater Health

Voidsteel Dagger -> upgrades Major Strike Major Strike Dire Pierce or instead of dire pierce Major Pierce

Adamant Edge -> upgrades Minor Strike Strike Major Strike

Adamant Edge -> upgrades Lesser Health Health Greater Health


Countess's Strengths

  1. Burst damage
  2. Good solo laning potential

Countess's Weaknesses

  1. Weak early game
  2. High risk Hero (remember CC)
  3. Squishy
  4. Mana hungry (!)


- Slice (Basic Attack)

Melee basic attack dealing dealing Physical Damage.

  • Base damage is 30 and increases by 2 each Hero level up to 58 at level 15.
  • Attack speed remains flat with Hero level.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 40%

- Blade Siphon 

Countess quickly spins her blades around her, causing Physical Damage in a circle around her.
Passive: Countess regains a percent of her max health every time she kills an enemy, with 10x bonus health for a Hero kill.

  • Base damage is 50 and increases by 20 each ability level up to 110 at level 4.
  • HP percent regained starts at 1% and increases by 1 each ability level up to 4% at level 4.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 75%

Enemy means Heroes, Lane Minions, and Jungle minions. Towers won't give you any HP though.

This ability is pretty much useless during the beginning of the game. Countess simply does not have much of a health pool and percent is too low. However mid-late game it shies.

- Shadow Slip 

Countess targets a nearby enemy and blinks to it, dealing Physical Damage and applying a slow for 1.5 seconds. If the target is a minion, it is executed. Reactivate within 4 seconds to return to the original position.

Note: Countess can be stunned prior to returning back and therefore can suddenly become very vulnerable.

Choose your positioning appropriately so that your Shadow Slip is not interrupted in the middle of the action.

  • Base damage is 25 and increases by 25 each ability level up to 100 at level 4.
  • Slow effect starts with 80 and increases by 45 each Hero level up to 215 at level 4.
  • Slow effect duration reactivation timer are not impacted by ability level and remain constant 1.5 and 4 seconds respectively.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 25%
  • Note: Cooldown of Shadow Slip remains 15 seconds no matter what level of the ability you have.

When Shadow Slip is activated an afterimage of the Countess remains on the place you have blinked from. It is visible for your enemy and may be used for their advantage if you decide to reactivate an ability and blink back. Keep that in mind.

Shadow Slip does not execute Jungle minions.

In the Jungle Shadow Slip has no use. It not only useless for camp minions execution, but it will also trigger them to refresh (they will run to their positions while regenerating HP). This happens because Countess disappears for a second and minions loose their target. For the same reason this ability can drop Tower's aggro as well if you have allied minions in range.

Shadow Slip drops Tower aggro

When using Shadow Slip try initiating that from a position that is not easily accessible for your enemy. E.g. from a ledge. It will make it safer to blink back.

- Dark Tide 

Countess sends out a roiling cloud of darkness in front of her, dealing Physical Damage to all enemies in the area of effect.

  • Base damage is 80 and increases by 70 each ability level up to 230 at level 4.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 100%

As Countess's main damage dealing ability it does significant amount of damage and scales really well. It is also a great tool for wave clear making and combined with her Blade Siphon it can restore HP really well (for the cost of Mana of course).

Note that it has a limit of height. So Dekker may simply use Rocket Boots and jump over the Dark Tide.

- Feast (Ultimate Ability)

Countess jumps to a nearby enemy Hero, forcing them to look at her and stunning them for 0.75 seconds before dealing a massive burst of Physical Damage. Countess is locked down for the duration of the attack.

  • Base damage is 315 and increases by 157.5 each ability level up to 630 at level 3.
  • Stun duration remains constant and does not depend on the ability level.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 225%

​Not taking visual effects into an account this Ultimate is close to Khaimera's Cull with all that same pros and cons. Countess can do an insane amount of damage and interrupt abilities by her Feast but similarly to Cull she can be stunned prior to dealing damage with a pretty obvious inevitable outcome.

Suggested ability order for my build

Feast -> Dark Tide -> Blade Siphon -> Shadow Slip

Early Game

Remember Countess is very weak early game. She starts to shine when her health pool, Blade Siphon and Dark Tide receive upgrades. So the main goal while playing Countess early game is to get fed during very cautious laning. Last-hitting will not be that easy for her due to a couple of things:

  1. Basic attack deal very small damage during early game.
  2. Countess has a significant delay between pressing a basic attack button and landing a hit.

Do not prioritize Blade Siphon at this point. It won't return you much HP. Better to go for Blade Siphon and mana to help you with wave clear. Again, the better you start the easier it will be to win a game. If you are denied with your early game laning - call for help immediately. If you fall behind early on it will not be easy to catch up.

Late Game

225%. Remember that scaling factor on your Feast? It means two things:

  1. You have an extremely deadly weapon. It worth investing into Damage cards a lot. But...
  2. But it is very dependent on Armor/Penetration. So you'd rather invest into Pen enough points as well otherwise your big damage value will be decreased drastically.

Always monitor what level of armor your opponents have. Based on this live some room for more penetration cards. If you have a teammate with Shred cards (like Satori Cloak) make sure you focus the same target.

Keep in mind that your ultimate is a short range weapon so most often you will need to do a combo with Shadow Slip followed up with Feast but watch out for CC. Shadow Slip is pretty easily recognizable via audio effects and some Dekker can be ready with her Stasis Bomb to disable you in the most awkward and uncomfortable position. The ideal assassination will be like this

  1. Wait for a fight to start and identify a target that has already received damage. Look for used CC abilities as well for the reason mentioned above.
  2. Shadow Slip to the target. Again the most ideal case will be to do that from a ledge or any other obstacle. This way you will be able to blink back to your afterimage in a safe position and not find yourself in the middle of a fight with no means for escape
  3. Execute with Feast.
  4. Optionally if you feel safe do your Blade Siphon.
  5. Blink back and be ready with your Dark Tide.

A n important note about Shadow Slip, Feast and Dark Tide abilities  activation: when you hit a corresponding ability button Countess switches to targeting mode which has a specific visual indication. This indication is unique for each ability and clearly shows your opponents what you are going to do next. It is important to remember because if an enemy sees:

  • you are getting ready to blink in with Shadow Slip they might get their CC tools ready to welcome you, or
  • you are about to land Dark Tide onto a lane of minions with a Hero inside then they are given time to react and walk away avoiding damage.

So try to minimize that targeting time as much as possible.

Tips and Tricks with Countess

  • Shadow Slip can be used to escape but only if you have a minion to blink to. It can be a jungle minion as well but be aware they also do damage :)
  • Shadow Slip can also be used for a good juke. Once activated any enemy chasing you will have to decide whether they keep chasing you or they stay at your afterimage.

The end

Please give any feedback that you think that I need I will take it as constructive criticism.

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Seems like a lot of copy and paste from the Countess Build Guide.

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Everybody has to start somewhere.

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@Ultraw01, OK then. I'll be looking forward for more updates.

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