Gideon Critic-All Build



After playing with Gideon for around 30+ games I’ve found the key to success is with pouring almost all of your points into Energy Damage, whilst increasing your Crit% & Bonus to really add an OP Glass-Cannon to your build.

What about Health?

Any points spent in health are points that are not spent in dealing the damage which should be your prime focus as Gideon. With two Staffs of Adamant you are getting a small health boost and at most you should only upgrade one of them with a Greater Health otherwise you’re compensating max damage for sustainability.

When to add Crit% & Bonus:

You can do this from the get go by using the Reapers key which already starts the snowball of Critical Damage. However, Mid-late game is when Gideon starts to deteriorate against other Heroes so adding the Crit Bonuses later on will give him that extra push to stay in the fight and support suppression to the enemies.

Recal Often:

It goes without saying but Gideon will be rinsing his mana pool quicker than most heroes in the game so recal often but make sure you have points to spend when you head back. Try first off with a Staff of Adamant for the extra health passive and upgrade with 3 Major Casts for a total of 90.9 EXTRA energy Damage. This is why we have to of these equipment cards in the deck, as we can very quickly start to become the powerforward Glass Canon that Gideon is reknown for. Now just imagine what can happen when these attacks Crit!

(Will finish at a later date, but hope this gives you a chance to try something different, let me know how you get on)

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