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Key points, strengths, weaknesses:

Greystone is a really easy hero, with only 2 active skills and awesome passive.

The passive allows Greystone to go very high DPS, instead of building tones of armor gears on him.

Only weakness is that Assault the Gate and ultimate have very long cool down, and Greystone does not benefit from high mana, so cool down reduction gears are not really useful on him.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that enemies do NOT know whether your ultimate is on cool down or not (unless they are in a voice chat party or something). Hence, you need to play little bit of mind game. engage fearlessly, run away and bait enemy heroes when you are on low health, then try to die at enemies’ fleeing point, then own everyone when you are reincarnated!

Abilities Overview

very crucial, gap closing or retreating skill with AOE damage.

some additional AOE dps, good to slow down enemies who are trying to flee.

the ability that allows Greystone to be built in dps cards. More health and armor are always good against anything!

the skill that allows you to do reckless combats, play mind games, and give the team unexpected boost (imagine you die while your team’s Gideon is damaging lots of enemy heroes with his ultimate. Boom! you will get insta triple or more kills! at least I have 🙂

Abilities upgrade priority

I always get Assault the Gate at lv1, because you never know what you will face. It can be a lifeline when you are ambushed against 2 or more enemy heroes in early game or even let you kill enemy heroes in early game.

Get Assault the Gate at level 1, then get Make Way at level2.

After that, Stoic will be the priority. Max out Stoic first, then Make Way, and lastly Assault the Gate.

Of course, ultimate is essential to upgrade whenever it is possible to do so.

Abilities Combos

Describe how to combo abilities to get maximum of them.

  1. Early Game
    Rush into enemy hero who is already attacking minions, then attack with basic swords first with Make Way. Save Assault the Gate for chasing or fleeing is a good idea because you won’t be able to use it twice in most of fights due to its long cool down. Try to get ranged DPS heroes or casters in early games, because they are so fragile when you build Rust-Breaker first.
  2. Mid Game (offensive)
    Basically same as the early game, your normal attack is the best option you have when you are engaging. You could save Make Way for fleeing enemies to slow them before they get “not in combat” movement boost. Try not to die so easily even though you have ultimate ready, because its cool down is very long till lv3 upgrade.

Late Game

Greystone does not benefit from Mana gears.. almost no benefit at all. Hence it is quite waste to get cool down gears, life regen gears, etc on him. Hence, you need to cover it with LIFE STEAL gears. (very essential and crucial!)

In team fight, try to initiate if your teammates cannot. Enemies might not focus you because they know you are tanky and revive after death. If they do not focus you, DPS build Greystone will simply pawn them while they are trying to chase our caster and ranged DPS. Try to save your ranged and caster, hit the enemies who target them. It is the basic of team fight, you need to protect your squish teammates when you are a melee hero.

Card Build

Start with Health PotionStrike TokenHealth Token

Then Rust-Breaker with 3 major strikes.

Now, you can go for another Rust-Breaker with 3 major strikes, or Windcarver Blade with attack speed and damage.

Then, Brand of the Ironeater for crits. you don’t have to finish it. Depends on situation, just equip this for crit chance then equip

Hunger-Maul for life steal and crit damage.

If you died a few times already, then you could go for Tempered Plate with 2 major guards and 1 major health (Guard works better on defending against physical damage heroes over health)

If enemy casters are trouble, simply go for Tuned Barrier with available barrier cards.

If you finish my build, you will have around 30% crit chance, fast attack speed with decent damage, plus 50% crit bonus damage with good life steal. with your ultimate, you won’t die easily even though you are built in DPS, and you will be able to kill so many of enemy heroes.

Ganking – Do not recklessly use Assault the Gate behind from enemy heroes and jump in. Let your teammates slow the target enemy hero while you are getting close with movement boost. Use Assault the Gate right after Gideon or Feng Mao teleport away for their lives to send them to heaven.

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