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GRIM.exe for dummies

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This guide may be out of date. The guide author did not update it for more than 6 month.
For the most up-to-date information please refer to the Grim.EXE Build Guide
Cards Sequence: 
Starting Items - 3 CXP (The Archmagus prime card)
Item #1 - 13 CXP
Item #2 - 22 CXP
Item #3 - 31 CXP
Item #4 - 39 CXP (replace Harvester's Key)
Item #5 - 49 CXP (replace Mana Potion)
Item #6 - 60 CXP (replace Health Potion)

GRIM.exe for dummies.


Hey guys, nice to meet you, I'm alifer303. So there's this super cool, new hero out and you were wondering how to play him at best? Well, I have no idea about that, but here's a short guide to my GRIM.exe attack speed / crit build.

First of all, GRIM fits perfectly the role of ADC, being able, with the right farm and items, to dish out an incredible amount of damage (and powerful CC on top of it) from the mid game already. You'll want to farm steadily and get your items as soon as possible, to get an advantage over the enemy team and capitalize on that to evolve in a (nearly) unstoppable end-game killing machine.


  • Very high damage starting from early-mid game
  • Incredible CC, with knockbacks and the best slow in game
  • Amazing ULT which will let you attack while hidden and catch any runaway enemy


  • Very poor mobility
  • Kinda squishy
  • Needs good map awareness not to overextend

Abilities Overview

Displacement Blast fires an energy ball that knocks enemies away from the explosion. Use this to displace your targets or to knock away incoming threats. You can also use this to push enemies into your towers, clear creep waves quickly and help clearing Red and Blue jungle camps early game.

 Suppression Mode will cause enemies you hit to be slowed. This is a powerful tool that allows you to stick to targets. It can even be used to slow incoming threats.

 Deflector Shield will emit a bubble that absorbs an incoming spell. When timed correctly, this ability can get you out of bad situations, even enemy ultimates.

 And finally GRIM.exe's ultimate "Gyro Targeted Force Orb" or "G.T.F.O" will fire a long range homing bolt that will track down it's target, wherever they go. I find this to be one of the most amazing skills in game. Your teammates engage the enemy in the mid-lane and you see someone running away on low hp? Comfortably get close while hidden in the jungle, target him and... POOF! He can G.T.F.O. You fight someone on 1v1 and get him low hp? He'll run away, of course, again.. Target, lock, execute! Remember to keep some MP to use your ult when needed.

Abilities upgrade priority

R > LMB > Q > E > RMB

Early Game

I like to play grim on one of the sidelanes, beginning the game by creepblocking and slowing the ranged creeps, then joining my team's jungler to clear the closest white camp and going back to the lane to farm. As soon as you hit 6 CXP, which will be around the 3:00 mark, go activate your jungle's harvester and recall to buy your 1# item. Get back to lane, farm until you hit 9 CXP (around 6:00 mark), activate your sidelane's harvester, recall and buy your 1# upgrade.

Mid Game

Keep farming as much as you can, by now you should have some items and developing some real ganking power. No need to stick to your lane, see that a Red/Blue camp has respawned? Go get it! See your teammates engaging in a fight? Go drop an ULT and snatch a good kill.

Late Game

If everything went well, there's not much to be said for the end-game. You'll really be a killing machine, but don't go rambo and engage the whole enemy team head-on, remember that you're quite a glass cannon, your place is not in the heat of a fight, but wreaking havoc safely behind your tanks or your more resilient allies.

Card Build

What you can see above is simply the best deck (60 CXP total) I could build with the cards I currently own, as you can see it's well balanced between attack speed and crit.

Remember to buy the cards with the cheapest upgrades first, to help you get online faster.

I find Solaris Reactor to be an amazing card on GRIM, the mana regen really helps you abuse your Suppression Mode while ensuring that you'll still have MP to ULT when you see a good opportunity for a kill. If you don't  have this card, I'd replace it with a Chrono-Mancer Disc with Energy Damage or Mana upgrades.

Hope you guys enjoyed the guide and will have fun destroying everything with the little, lovable imp GRIM.exe!

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@alifer303, Good one is the 1st one. Congratz! Hope to see this guide expanded with more tips and tricks with this new hero

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@George thanks mate! I'll do my best and try to update it with any useful info that come to my mind :)

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