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This is my Early Access starter deck I’ve created with the cards that are available to new players with limited access to the more advanced cards from card packs. There are some replacements you could swap in yourself if you have the cards in your deck but for now this is all I have with my cards so will build on these.

Abilities Overview

Grux’s passive is great as it allows him to stack up health and late game become a high HP fighter if he can farm the minions fast enough.

Grux’s standard melee attack, uses Physical damage.

Double Pain is you high damage melee attack that also applies a bleed. This is great for early game jungling and will help you kill the jungle creeps faster.

This is you key ability for picking up runners from ganks and pull them right back into your range.

Charge is good for an initiation to get in range of the enemy players, does ok damage but is not mainly used for getting damage out. Also worth saving as an escape if you need to get out of a fight.

Grux’s Ultimate, Warlord’s Challenge gives him movement speed boost and a split second stun when used

Abilities upgrade priority

Levels 1-5:

I upgrade Double Pain first, and get Charge second mainly for safety reason early on as you have no other means of escaping if the enemy invades. You could get Smash & Grab if you want but its up to you. Third I get Smash & Grab which opens up Grux’s ganking possibilities and upgrade it again at level 4. Finally the Ultimate at level 5.

After that you want your priority to be Double Pain > Chop > Smash & Grab > Charge and of course upgrade your Ultimate whenever you can first.

Abilities Combos

Depending on the fight you are in there are a couple of combo’s you could execute. Examples are when you are already in range of the enemy after coming out of the jungle to gank, I would tend to hit them with Double Pain then if I know they have no escapes or leaps, fire off my Ult and whack the living shit out of them, if they manage to get out of range then Smash & Grab them and finish them off.

If the enemy has already seen you and you are not in range you could wait for an opportunity for when you are close enough to Charge in so you are near them and if they jump/leap/dive away Smash & Grab them and finish it off with the Ult.

Just keep in mind about if the situation requires you to get in and out fast to have your Charge ready for getting away especially in early game as you can be abit squishy then

Card Build Order

3 Windcarver Blade                :    Physical Damage + Attack Speed
3 Maj Strike
3 Maj Strike
3 Maj Kinetic

3 Adamant Edge                    :    Physical Damage + Health
2 Health
2 Health
2 Health

3 Chrono-vore                        :    Attack Speed + Cooldown Reduction
3 Maj Kinetic
3 Adv Chrono
2 Kinetic

3 Spear of the Rifthunter        :    Physical Damage + Crit Chance
2 Wound
3 Maj Strike
2 Wound

3 Blade of Agora                    :    Physical Damage
2 Strike
2 Strike
2 Strike

3 Spear of the Rifthunter        :    Physical Damage + Crit Chance
2 Wound
2 Strike
2 Wound

Total Card Point Cost : 60

Total Stat Gains :

Physical Damage – 236.4
Attack Speed – 71.5
Health – 700
Cooldown Reduction – 15%
Critical Chance – 48%

Windcarver Blade will give you the early attack speed and physical damage for taking out jungle creeps and ganks.
Adamant Edge is purely there to give more support by increasing you health pool but you could easily replace it with something better if you with.
Chrono-vore is only in my deck as I have nothing else better than it, replace it if you want with something better.
Spear of the Rifthunter is where you start ramping up your critical chance and gain more damage and continue on into Blade of Agora and a second Spear.


For jungling I go for red buff first, you will need at least one other to help you with this. From there take out the other 2 small camps and then you should have your kit ready for ganks. If there is an opportunity to gank a lane or mid (Sparrow/Murdock/Twinblast/Howitzer are great early gank targets) let your teammate know you are coming in and use the combo’s explained earlier.

If theres no ganks available either move into the other jungle or invade the enemies jungle and steal their camps. Keep rotating in each jungle and clearing camps and  attack when ganks are setup and you should get buffed pretty early.

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