Howitzer – Me go Face.


Abilities Build



In Paragon the damage of spells don’t really get higher, at least on Howitzer, so you either play him as some sort of tank support or you have to make out a new Idea of dealing damage.
Next you notice that your  scale with Energy Damage, only with a ratio of 0.375 but they still do. Then you realize that there is only one way to increase your damage if your ratios are shit.
You buy crit, because crit always doubles or 2,5x ‘s your damage output. And then? Then you buy attackspeed because attackspeed does not have to follow ratios.
The outcome is  attacks with damage between ~130 and (with crit) ~330 Damage.
How much damage did that  again? Like 400 with full spelldamage build? ? 1200? 1300? Overall pretty low amounts which you can easily surpass with this build.
You will do about 2 attacks per Second, worst Case damage output (in Lategame)
Best case damage output (in Lategame) in 1 second
More than you will ever achieve as a caster.
If you play Howitzer as a Caster he is easily the worst caster, if you play him like I said, he is easily the best caster. Using his Ultimate as Escape skill is also totally legit.

Abilities Overview

Your  is nice to farm and finish people

Your  is an okayish escape skill + usable to throw the enemy back into your team after ulting

Your  is a slow, which doesn’t get better when you level it.

Your  is one of the best escape skills in the game, with some unreliable damage. (It’s really good against gideon when he ults)

Abilities Combos

 +  to escape or trap someone

 +  +  to trap someone

About me

I’m a 23 year old Student, living in Austria.

I have played every moba that was invented in the last 10 years and got some experience that way.

Last Words

The Cards are just an Idea I am giving you. I’m pretty sure this is not the perfect build, I’m also lacking many cards to make it better. But this is how you can deal tons of damage with Howitzer.


Q: Why did you give up on Sustain and how do you get map awareness without wards?

A: Howitzer’s Skillset gives you tons of ways to escape from situations, there are nearly no Reasons to die. Beside a 5 man Gank while you were Overextending.  Overall as a Dota Player I don’t really value health much.

Because, if you are in such a bad Situation that you can not escape with  and  the fact that you can tank up 2-3 more attacks won’t change anything for you. Overall you always have to check your positioning.

I can’t really explain how I have map awareness without wards. At first there are 4 other players in your team which are totally able to place wards, and if they don’t you just have to guess the enemy movements. Like try to think how you would act in their Situation.
The #1 Trick to Survive is not to overextend your position alone (and even then Howitzer has the best chance to survive it with his Skillset)

Q: Why don’t you focus on Mana Pool?

A: This is an Build which focuses on Howitzers  . So your main damage won’t cost any mana. Another reason is that as a Dota player I’m used to have so little mana, that I don’t even know what to do with all the Mana Paragon gives me.
Don’t use your skills light-hearted and try to get the most value out of them.

Q: Whats the flip-side of your Build?

A: I honestly don’t see a flip-side of this build. As I have explained above I don’t see the use of tankyness on Casters beside maybe Gideon, because he has to go in Facerange. Overall you won’t be some kind of Support with this build.

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