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Epic Murderdoc Guide incl. tl;dr Videoguide

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This guide may be out of date. The guide author did not update it for more than 6 month.
For the most up-to-date information please refer to the Murdock Build Guide
Cards Sequence: 
Beginner Cards (easybuild) Early Game

Hey there,

my name is Freakisch, I mainly play Murdock and wanted to share my playstyle with you guys. All the following informations a based on my own experience, so this will be a guide which evolves over time. At least i hope so.

[I'm not a native english speaker, so fuck every grammar n*zi!]


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  1. Skills & Usability
  2. Deck
  3. General Tips
  4. Murdock Tricks
  5. ​​​Murdock vs Whatever Tips (coming next)


1.Skills & Usability


Murdock is a Ranger(Carry) based on Energy Damage. You can use Fury & Intellect cards.

  Passive: „Murdock has 18 bonus to Max Movement Speed."

→ This is great to get the little extra boost while joining/leaving a fight or just to stay in firing range. Nothing more to say, movement speed is always nice !

  Left Click: Basic Attack „Ranged basic attack dealing x Energy Damage“

→ Your Standard Attack, slow but powerful. Always make sure to aim there the enemies WILL BE and NOT there he is right now !

 Right Click: Shielding Shot „Blocks x of Damage in front of him for 6 seconds. Confirm with Left MouseButton to deal x Energy damage and Knock Back nearby enemies.“

→ I fucking love this skill ! Jungle wants to cuddle with you, just say no! Feng Mao wanna kiss you, say no! You can even bump them down a edge and shot while they can't do anything. But the best part, YOU CAN PREVENT ULTIMATES ! ByeBye Gideon Ulti ! Fuck Muriel's Escapefly.

  Q : Buckshot „Fires a blast in a cone that deals x Energy Damage and reduces Energy Armor by x.“

→ Keep in mind that you need to get close to use this shot. It's nice because it doesn't depend on your normal shot speed. Because of that you should always try to squish it in between to Basic Attacks. If you can safely use it, I recommend to open the fight with it.

  E : Static Trap „Place a trap that deals x Energy Damage and applies a 50% Slow for 2 Seconds to the first enemy Hero that walks over it.“

→ First of all, it activates itself a little bit delayed ! Keep that in mind. The rest is self-explanatory, use it to close tight passages and slow down the enemies. Sometimes you might even get a kill from fleeing enemies.

  R: Devastating Blast: „Long range blast that can be shot through anything and deals x Energy Damage“

→ Your personal Sniper Shot, deals a fuckton of damage and looks awesome. But needs pre aim. This skill is nice to safe kills but the best part you get in teamfights. Wait for the enemies team to stand in a row and shot. The whole team will take massive damage and all this while your hidden behind a wall or whatever. You don't need to care cause you shot through everything !

Don't stand in the middle of your lane and start aiming, unless you're sure that nobody is near !

2. Deck & my build concepts


This is more or less my standard deck(if i had all the cards). But it gives you a basic feeling what you need: Everything that’s offensive well balanced ! ^^

Start fast with 2-Cost upgrades, it's the best way to start and the maximum of Card Points is 60 anyways. If you're game goes very well, you will have 3 essential cards in no time.


1.Energy damage(a fuckton pls)

2.Crit Chance (aim for 50% - 70%)

3.Crit Damage (it's only 1 item, get it after your first crit chance card!)

4. Attack Speed (as second card it’s much more useful compared to crit chance)

5.Some Penetration (you're good with 1card, if nobody stacks energy armor)

5.Health / Life Drain (keep in mind, you’re supposed to deal heavy dmg not be a tanky guy)

(Life Drain is nice to have :) )

Any Questions? Just post them & I try to answer them properly!

3. General Tips

  1. FIRST: GET THE FUCKING HARVESTER ! I see people playing the game and don't even collect them one time. If you can always collect the 1 of the to jungle harvester on your side.
  2. Hide behind minions/allies and keep shooting. You're the ADC and supposed to deal fuckton of damage. Focus on that, but don't go ego-mode! We have to rely on the supports and tanks. If you do so and they do their job jo will deal enough damage to overcome the enemy.
  3. Never go full retard ! Keep playing with your brain & team, that's the way to succeed. That means: don't chase if it isn't necessary, keep farming as good as you can, make use of your „Shielding Shot“(safe your support as example) and many other things.
  4. You can jump, use it ! It can be annoying as fuck. Practice to aim while jumping it helps a lot.
  5. Fast travel is superior to engage and close a gap/root the enemies(if you use it right) therefore it can be your death if you use it wrong. If you get hit in fast travel mode you will be rooted for a few seconds (2-3 ?! something around that). That could be your death, no hp/no armor you don't want that to be happen.
  6. This game has a collision query(is this the right word ?) if you use it wise you can damage any enemies without even get hit(cause your tank takes the hits). So can the enemies, that's why you need a good balance between offensive and defensive positioning. Jumping often helps to shoot over a tanks shoulder and get the kill !
  7. Target Priorities
    1. ADC ?! Easy 2-4 Shot targets in the late game if you do it right, sometimes you nearly oneshot them(my highest crit was 1,3k, he didn't even know what hit him)
    2. Support
    3. Jungler (offensive jungle should be prioritized before supports)
    4. Tank
  8. Got the OP Buff ? God damn PUSH PLS ( I saw enough people slacking around with that buff)
  9. Coming up. (if you have a wish tell me and i try to add it here)

4. Murdock Tricks !

How to kill an enemy in 1 Awesome move ?!

Charge him (with fast travel) Basic Attack – Buck Shot – (Shielding Shot if he's too close) – Basic Attack – (maybe a trap) – and kill him

Looks super epic if you're fed ! Trust me !

As said before, shielding shot is superior to stop ultis. It doesn't work always (you need to hit them in the starting animation i guess) so be ready to safe your team ! ^^ It works super to knock someone out of those invisible fields, a few steps to the side will do the rest. You could also push someone into the tower, everything is possible be creative :D.

Make sure you're unseen while aiming your Ultimate ! (You're unable to move at that time). 90 Seconds cooldown means you shouldn't waste it. Use it to safe a kill or better to damage the whole team.

Try to hit as many enemies as possible with your Buck Shot. (Nice to clear a wave hit all 6/7 targets !) it will help other energy classes also as it lowers the energy armor.

You can place up to 4 Traps ( 2 are needed to close the jungle entrance on the most positions), use them. While you're fleeing place a trap that the enemies needs to pass to chase you. If you have to flee put it under you and knock the enemy away he activated it(2second slow 4 the win).

Can't think of more now. Gonna add other things as they get in my mind.

5. Murdock vs Whatever Tips

Coming up next. Need more time & games for this area :). Help me out with some questions maybe in the comments :).

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@Freakisch, welcome to Pretty nice guide and pretty demanded since mr. Murdock was not well covered so far. At the 1st glance I don't have much of questions (I might have them later though). I have some suggestions instead.

  1. Please take a look at the Guide Health-Check at top-right
  2. A list of Stat-Priority needs to be updated to show list-numbers in order.
  3. And it would be nice if you add your deck straight into this build (see a special section in Guide editing mode)

I have helped you with formatting in some parts of the guides and replaced a link to Heroe abilities since we have this page here.

Looking forward for your updates or some new guides once you switch to another hero.


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@George, thx for the tips & the help. Wrote it all down in googledocs at first. xD

I will update and improve the guide, promised.

George's picture

@Freakisch, deal :)

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@Freakisch, looks good bro :). Congrats on being in plat. I can't carry hard enough, too many bad people. Hmu ign: xXPayne390Xx


Freakisch's picture

@SmokeyJay, could it be that you're playing in NA ? :D i'm eu


MysteryPayne1's picture

@Freakisch, yeah I'm in NA,

 I'll win like 5 in a row then lose 10...people are really bad on ps4

Freakisch's picture

@SmokeyJay, aww damn...

haha yeah soloQ-Life is tough... -.-... 

MysteryPayne1's picture

@Freakisch, sad part is I'm not always solo queuing haha! Once I have a 5-man team, we always face plat/diamond teams so.....hard as fuck to win either way.


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The guide has just received a promotion to the front page for a couple of days.

Freakisch's picture

heyho :D aww nice george thx

@SmokeyJay yeah but hey the game is fun anyways :D


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People are really bad on ps4...this comment makes me laugh so much when PC players say it because they seem to think just because they play on a PC makes them a pro gamer with amazing skill, the amount of times I've destroyed teams of full PC players puts that theory to bed. Every platform has bad players, get over it

Freakisch's picture

@tetchyy it's more because the most console player don't have that great experience in mobas

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Is a ward necessary for murdock?
especially when few or none else takes it
should i take it?

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Why are you building extra crit damage before you are building crit chance? An extra 50% crit damage is worthless when the build has a 0% crit chance. Consider swapping the Agoran Scepter to #3 and the Riftmagus Scepter to #2 for a crit build.

Freakisch's picture

I just feel safer with a ward ;) it's up to you i would recommend it

@just another player : because i want the flat damage and this way i'm not wasting a card... you could also take another card with flat energy dmg and sell this one later ... but since this is for starter I left it the easy way

Anonymous's picture

If you have a vicious kinetic, will you recommend changing a normal kinetic out for it?

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That is a solid build. But, honestly, I rarely attack apeed. I've been doing quite well with Murdock, and though I've started 3 days ago, I've played around 10-20 games. I haven't tried everyone, but Murdock suits me the most and I consider my main.

Question: What if I rather went full out power and crit, no attack speed? Would you say, for someone who plays Murdock as more of a sniper, it's still splid?

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How do you hit 1000 with crit. I dont understand that part

Simone's picture

@AloneForever12, that was very long ago. Heroes had separate passives, basic attacks were possible to upgrade, crit bonus was 250% and DPS was much much higher.

AloneForever12's picture

@Simone how does everyone starts with crit bonus?

Simone's picture

@AloneForever12, what do you mean?

AloneForever12's picture

@Simone I mean in game before they build anything, they start with crit dmg%

Simone's picture

@AloneForever12, starting with Crit bonus card is OK since early game all you need is damage but late game equipping a card that can accept only damage upgrades won't be the case. So you secure yourself a crit bonus and later on - you put some cards into crit chance itself

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Just played a match when I was first pick and choose Murdock. everyone else choose fighters and not a ward in sight. I really like this build, but next time I'll stick a ward in there in case you've got a spare point and a party of hats lol.

z4ir4x's picture

A lovely guide :) But is this build still viable ? its been some time since last update :) (if it even needs any) 

BigBlackDaddiMac's picture

thanks for the guide been trying to get better at paragon but havnt really found my guy hopefully murdock will be it im normally a ranged kind of guy

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