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Introducing GreyTitanium... Since Stone Can Be Brittle

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This guide may be out of date. The guide author did not update it for more than 6 month.
For the most up-to-date information please refer to the Greystone Build Guide
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Hello everyone, My name on Paragon is Zadkiel_42, and i have been playing since Pre-Beta in March, and this is my very first deck build on here so bare with me.  I main fighters/tanks and I have Greystone, Khaimera, Rampage and Grux Mastered. This deck is built with the sole purpose of being the Super annoying, Un-killable, Unstoppable, Continuously chip away at the enemies health hero that Greystone was designed to be. NoobStone is without a doubt the easiest Hero in the game so far, and if you are new to the game I strongly recommend you play Greystone until you can figure out the style of this specific MOBA. In This current META the minions are strong, towers are weak, and black buff spawns every 4 minutes... Making it really, really, really easy for Greystone to tower dive, take towers, and annoy the crap out of enemies, and when the going gets tough... you just jump and walk away.... Literally!  I will say that majority of the cards I use on him are universal making it even easier to build as a newer player... Also this is my first build so please feel free to leave me suggestions for possble changes and for things you might want to see in future builds. 



First we will discuss briefly the Abilities that make Greystone so annoying!

  1. This is Noobstones basic attack with his sword
  2.  This is the ability that can be used to engage or disengage from enemy  fights or to navigate the maps terrain. It allows him to leap into air at a distance and dealing  damage in a  small AoE (Area-of-effect) when he lands. Though its not alot of damage it does  take enemies out of travel mode if you hit them. Remember to try and save this ability to  continue the chase and try not to waste it on engagements. If the enemy has their own escape  you will be upset if you you wasted your leap on engaging and it's on cooldown as the  enemy escapes.
  3.  This ability is greystones main annoyance. It is a AoE that spins around  greystone and striking damage to anyone or anything close to him. It is great for chasing  enemies because it keeps  them from entering travel mode. You can continue to use you basic  attack while this is active. It is also great against minion waves, wards, and iggy's annoying  turrets! Keep in mind it is still to this day a  little buggy and sometimes when activated the visual  effects are not there.
  4.  This is Greystones 1st passive ability which is one of the reasons he is so hard to kill.  This passive grants him physical armor and health. This is also the ability that I unlock first  because within  the first few minutes of the game this makes Greystone very difficult for  enemies to gank or envade on. 
  5.  This is his ultimate ability. This passive allows Greystone to return to life after  death with a portion of health and full mana. (Even though mana is not needed much on him...  So dont ever build  mana into your deck) Sorry got a little off subject. Anyways, this ability also  causes anyone within the radius of it to become knocked up upon greystones landing.

Abilities upgrade priority

This is my uprade priorty. Some will disagree but it is my preference.

First 5 unlocks are this!

  1. Stoic (Allows starting armor and extra health. Great way to start for envading purpose. You will  win any 1v1 fight in the first 2 minutes with just this and auto attack)
  2. Assault the Gates (Allows for early escape/engage)
  3. Make way (I Open this 3rd because it doesn't do enough damage to be very useful right off the  bat)
  4. Stoic (Again)
  5. Reforged (Now let the games begin... Also get black buff now)





Early Game

The main focus with Greystone early game is getting Early damage but also going ahead and starting to stack health so A) you can be annoying longer and B) You come back to life with more health when you reforge. You can start with a combo of several diffent cards but I always leave the platform with a health potion, a strike token, and either a guard token (if i plan to invade the enemy jungle because guard token + Stoic = can not be killed by a physical hero) Or I start with another strike token. Sometime is I know I will be duo laning against a murdock or grim then I will occasionally throw on a barrier token. But either way you want to focus on health and damage early on. And starting @ the 4 minute mark Black Buff will spawn so that should be your main focus and that mark and with Black Buff you should be able to take the first tower within the first 7-10 minutes of game play no problem.

Mid Game

By now I have at least a Guardian's ward built with 6 total Cxp and I will usually build a couple other 6 point cards including (adamant edge and flashfire piston) Even still in Early-Mid game I focus on damage and health and save my armor cards for after I have built 3 total 6 point cards. After the Guardian's Ward, Adamant Edge, and Flashfire Piston I go ahead and start throwing on Armor. During this Phase of the game you should already have at least one tier 1. The main focus of Mid Game as Greystone is forcing the enemy to go where you want. You have a crap load of health and some armor so its time to start really using it. Make sure that every 4 minutes you are grabbing Black Buff. (This is imperative) Black buff allows you to tower dive and force the enemies to collapse or lose a tower. At this point with Greystone if you get minons in a tower and you have black buff then you will without a doubt take the tower.

Late Game

Now is the stage where you should have all the towers, and should be working on getting that first inhibitor and getting ready to end the game. Once again with a team behind you,  you will take the inhibitor and there isn't much the enemies can do to stop you. Note that I said with a team behind you! So get your team behind you, make sure you have black buff, and take an inhibitor.  If you find it is difficult to take that inhib then here is what I recommend. In my build I have Stone of Salvation. Late game i usually swap my wards for this card because when activated it gives you extra physical damage equal to 35% of you physical armor (which with you passive and armor is around 100 extra physical damage, which scales as a lot on Greystone) Activating this card once you start attacking a tower, inhibitor, or core will give you the extra push you need to knock it down. Since Greystone is purely a basic attack hero I have added Satori Cloak to the build and this allows me to focus heroes causing my team to deal more damage to that hero. I prefer to shred the armor of one hero at a time getting rid of whoever is the most annoying for the team during fights. But you typically always want to focus the carry and high damage dealers first. Sat cloak just allows you and your team to take down the tanks faster, and in the current Armor/Health heavy META it is really important to keep the team as weak as possible and nearly everyone will run some degree of armor including carries, also all heroes have a small degree of natural armor and you can take away.  Now lets move to the actual build of cards.


Starter Items

 (All situational based depending on the enemy team comp and the role you are playing)

Health Potion Guard Token Strike Token Strike Token Healer Token Harvester's Key

First Back

Guardian's Ward Minor Strike Minor Strike Lesser Health

Early Cards

(swap later with more powerful of the same attributes)

Adamant Edge with Lesser Health Lesser Health Minor Strike and Flashfire Piston with Minor Strike Minor Kinetic Minor Kinetic

Armor and Health Cards 

(Build These after you build all 3 of the 6 point cards. There is no specific order to build them. I usually go with the amulet first just because I like more damage earlier, but it depends on the situation )

Tempered Plate with Greater Guard Greater Guard Greater Health and Tuned Barrier with Greater Barrier Greater Barrier Greater Health and Amulet of the Veteran with Greater Health Major Strike Major Strike In the case that you want to keep your tankiness and you have the card I started using Satori Cloak with a Minor Barrier Greater Barrier Greater Barrier in place of the Tuned Barrier. If you decide to go Satori Cloak you will lose a bit of health but what you lose in health you make up for in damage. Also, remember that Satori Cloak shreds physical armor equal to 50% of your physical armor and energy armor equal to 50% of your energy armor. It also allows your team mates to hit harder on enemies that you have shred as well so it really comes into full effect during team fights.

Final Swap Out Cards

(Swap the FlashFire Piston for the following)

Windcarver Blade with Major Kinetic Major Strike Major Strike

(I swap out my Guardian's Ward or the Adamant Edge for the Stone of Salvation for a little extra Oomph in damage unless I don't need it or I feel wards late game will benefit the team more)

Stone of Salvation with a Lesser Drain just to fill in that final Card Point to equal 6


If you have any questions please message me on Reddit @Zadkiel92 I will be posting this build to Reddit as well. Also, Please feel free to message me or leave comments with anything you like about my build or anything you would like to see in future builds of mine. Also, if anyone reads this and would like to join in on an awesome community following Paragon please visit my man Covert_GTV on twitch at on Mondays-Thursdays from 8:30pm EST to 2am EST or on Saturdays and Sundays. If you want to get ahold of me then Covert knows how so tune in and check him out. We would love to have anyone join the stream Family known as the Tride and True Covert Crew! Thanks and hope you all enjoy my first Paragon Deck Build! Good Luck and Have Fun.

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@zadkiel92, I have removed the top image since it was obviously not working. If you want to add there please use a direct link and not a reference to Google image cache :)

Still reading through the guide.

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Thanks George... Yeah I was a little confused on how the image worked. Ill have to figure it out I suppose. 

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Thanks for the build! I'm just starting out and this is just what I needed to figure out Noobstones ;-)

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No problem man. Hope the build works for you. Let me know how you are doing and if you find anything that helps better or any substitutions that work out. I started using satori cloak on him recently so if you have that card you might try and encorporate it in place of the tuned barrier in the build. Good Luck Have Fun,

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@zadkiel92, Plan to give this guide an update after Monolith?

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Yes, I am currently working on a Kwang build but soon after that I will be revamping my Greystone and updating this one to the current META

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How are you using Satori Cloak with Barrier upgrades?  I thought you could only use the upgrades that match with the stats it already has on it???

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