Kallari, The Silent Dagger


Kallari, The Silent Dagger

Summary (TLDR)

This is my first Guide.  I’ve had a lot of great results, but I’m always tweaking it. If you have any suggestions let me know, it maybe what I need to perfect this.

New Changes require less R’s for instant killing and more for picking off stragglers across the map. More LMB since it now gets a buff with Shadow Walk is now for offense more than ever.

Abilities Overview

RMB ->  Slash Same as it use to be, Your Typical Slash melee.  Hits Pretty hard when you build your damage.

LMB -> BackflipTime to be acrobatic with you high jumps, Double or single great for escapes.  If a Grux is Pulling you in with his Smash and Grab, Jump Once, and then the second time when you are in his reach. Create Distance.

E -> Blood Dagger Now you can Catch your victim, or use to escape your pursuer.  It is now a slow opposed to a bleed.

Q-> Shadow Walk Your Ambush Stealth.  With each upgrade it increases the duration, Reduces your CD, and also increases your the bonus damage gained from breaking.  Use Religiously. (unless you are low mana, than save your Mana Pool incase you need to escape, or use other abilities)

Note: Shadow walk is not an instant stealth, there is a 2 second delay.  You CAN be stunned out of it.

R ->Death Sentence  Your Transporting Ult.  With the change you now can use to see all enemies on the map for a brief period, use again to teleport to one and do 1, 1.5 and 2 RMB damage to them.    Use either to secure kill, or get to a team fight.

Careful, Don’t use on enemies who are within range of their turret if you can’t 1 shot them and are low in health.  You dead doesn’t help your team.

Abilities upgrade priority

R > E > Q > LMB

Abilities Combos

Describe how to combo abilities to get maximum of them.

You Will want to Q Prior to your Assault.  To get into a better position so they don’t notice you, The damage buff you receive, and to help with the CD since it begins as soon as the ability is used, not when it ends

  1. Early Game:  You will want to Q prior and wait for the CD so it will be up for an escape or a number 2 attack
    Q → LMB →E,
  2. Mid Game (offensive)
    R (if going for last hit in the distance) → Q → LMB → E
  3. Mid Game (defensive)
    RMB → Q → W

Early Game

I’m going to keep it brief.  Depending on who wants to jungle, you should make that your home. Live it, Breath it Become the Jungle.  Plant your harvesters and once you get 3 if not 6 cxp, Head back and grab your first item.

Mid Game

This is where you start to show your presence.  With your LMB  hitting pretty consistently, your damage per hit will put some pressure on the stragglers, and the non- tanking heroes.  While Jungling, Pick off the enemy Camps if they aren’t being used, Just don’t get caught.  If you can steal their buffs, do so. Kill the Main dude and stealth away from their white camps.  This way you get the buff, but the camp doesn’t respawn, it’s a …. Move but it will slow them down.

Late Game

With the main damaging cards maxed, tack on that last bit of Attack Speed, and show some real damage. Pick off the solo-laners if you feel comfortable in doing so. Keep an eye on your teammates if they don’t wanna be grouped, and if you see a fight breaking out, Head there.  Stealth prior, hopefully they don’t have any wards at this point else you will be seen.  Go after the same target as your team, this way to focus them down and hopefully start on the second threat.  Use your ult to move around and protect objectives and assassinate the enemy.

Card Build

So to start off:

This Set-up is very situational.  If you have someone who is going to do harvesters take the Assassin’s Ward.  If there is no other keyer, Take the Stalker’s Key than take the Assassin’s Ward.  90% of the time, if a player is against a Kalari, they opt for Wards, so you will need wards to clear their wards, otherwise you are unable to roam freely.  No Big Rush to fill your Key/Wards as there is no bonus to filling, but add Life steal as the game progresses, to keep you alive.

If you have neither the Life Steal key or wards for life steal, stick with the Pots You need some Life Regen as you will take some serious damage against fed opponents.

Next Tier:

Windcarver Blade Voidsteel Dagger

Windcarver Blade maxed will give you a decent amount of attack speed to keep your  Slash outputting where you want, and Voidsteel Dagger is a quick upgrade with the 2/1/2. The small amount of Pierce may be useful, i only used because i didn’t have any minor strike.  Either will work.

Next Tier:

Adamant Edge Voidsteel Dagger

Damage, Damage, Damage.  If you need more HP, go with 2x Adamant Edge, if you don’t need the HP, go with another Voidsteel DaggerAdamant Edge Which ever you have, if the enemy team is building Armour, Go with the Voidsteel and throw in a Pierce to replace the Strike. You need to penetrate the armor.  If you need the Extra Pierce but feel you want some more Health just in case, replace a Strike with a Health. If you are Dead, you are no help to your team.

Final Tier:

More Attack speed and some light damage with the last Windcarver Blade.  This is to finalize and get ready for the last card.  To be honest, I’ve never gotten to the point where i could really use the Traitor’s Touch. You want to purchase this Card as soon as it’s readily available (since it’s not already giving the bonus damage opposed to it being a fill bonus). Sell your Remaining Starting Card (by this time if you took Ward or Key is should be maxed).With your enhanced Attack Speed the extra damage adds up very fast  3% per hit (use to be 5% and a Fill Bonus) that’s huge, especially for a tank who built HP and not armor.  You can decide whether you want to build Lifesteal into this card or CDR.  It’s your decision, I’ve dealt mainly with Lifesteal as you can heal from minions, but if you want to dagger and jump more, go with CDR to be more deadly from above.

Optional Tier:

I would go this Route for one of four reasons.

  1.  You simply don’t have Traitors Touch
  2.  The enemy Team is destroying you faster than the Lifesteal can save you. Choose the Armour that will help the most (i like the physical as you can do some acrobatics to dodge range attacks).
  3.  You are saving up CP and want the last space filled until you are maxed.
  4.  You don’t like the change to Traitor’s Touch or the Lifesteal. (Lost 2% damage and less Health/Hit)

If you are all but Number 3, you may have noticed that there are 4 Extra CPs by dropping TT.  This is where you would turn a 2 Cost upgrade into a 3 Cost, or a 1 into a 2. or if you are a fiesty player, a 3 into a 4.

If you choose Bloodsoaked Armor and added the kinetic into the slot, This will allow you to not worry about the Major Kinetic in the 2nd Windcarver Blade as it will produce the same Attack Speed, at a cheaper cost.  You can instead add a Major Strike, in the Wind Carver Blade for more devastation, and put in a Major Guard in place of the normal Guard.  Just remember to keep your count at 60 cps.


Start off Laning with someone just to kill time and minions for the first set of camps to spawn.  Pick a side and kill both camps. While transitioning over to the 2nd side, hit up the middle minions and help with the push a bit. Hit the second side camps.  Once dead, go to the harvester and plant, Teleport back and pick up first item. While Jungling keep an eye on the lanes. If you can secure a kill or force someone to teleport back your team gets the advantage

Should be able to grab the Blue after getting your First Windcarver Blade.  It will help with your mana, since you will be spamming Q a lot more for the damage buff.  The CDR will also be very helpful for the ganking in the lanes for a far pusher.  Keep an eye on your lanes, if someone is getting to arrogant, put them in their place. Shut them down, and make them think twice next time.


Do so before the camps spawn to make sure you don’t get pushed in on that lane.  Don’t leave a partner stranded if they are 2 manning and they cannot hold it solo.  Also, if you have an aware partner who can do some good CC, like a dekker, go for a kill or a serious injury especially once you get your first stealth, You will definetly force them back to push your lane ahead.

But Laning is not a strength, as you can be to squishy for their range heroes, but don’t let a tower get pushed in. Play smart, take a hit in tower range to for the hero out.

If you need to lane while someone falls back do that.  Be a substitute if your camps on that side are dead, and an ally needs to go back for upgrades of potion restoration. Be Flexible.


This is where you should shine.

Your Small, Be Agile. A moving Target is Much more difficult to hit, and with your tiny stature and high mobility, the Range ADC would have to be quite skilled in their shots

When jungling watch for pings from your team, or watch the lanes, a Quick,] out of  followed by a direct(crippling) will really put them on the defensive.  Even if you don’t get the final hit. All Kills are valuable. Especially early.

Your Ult was made for this. You’re in left lane, You’re right lane is pushed, but the enemy is retreating. They hit their sprint and BOOM! Rooted by your sick observation abilities.  This just means they are a goner… if you got a team worth their weight.  They should be following very closely.

You can even take down a full hp TB or Murdock… as long as you don’t take to much damage while draining their health.

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