2k+ Ult hits 800+ dagger throws(glass cannon)


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I have been maining Kallari since the launch of the game. This is my build.  Its glass cannon.  Not for everyone.

I made a montage of my latest 25-2 victory.  Click below to check it out!!



Kallari is all about BIG hits and then GTFO in my style, that is why every one of my cards has a 15.2 damage increase.  To me raw damage is best for her.  The biggest downfall to this build is you WILL be squishy.  If you find yourself out of position you will probably be screwed.


The biggest thing you need to remember when playing Kallari(especially with this build) is that you aren’t a frontline fighter.  It is your job to take out squishy high DPS.  Positioning is one of the biggest mistakes I see enemy Kallaris make.

In this picture I notice Steel is within kill range.  I come out of the jungle behind him and manage to get an easy kill with a dagger throw.

Here I notice Sparrow going in for the kill on my team’s Iggy.  I get myself in position behind her without her even noticing me.

I get her with a dagger throw and an Ult, allowing Iggy to finish the kill.

In this picture we have just taken down Sparrow and our Murdock has landed his Ult on Gideon.  I have positioned myself behind the fight in order to clean up any injured enemies attempting to get back to their tower.

Gideon uses his teleport but I am waiting for him just before his tower to finish him off.


As Kallari your job is to finish kills.  You can use your stealth and jump in order to catch up with a fleeing enemy player.

In this picture Severog is about to get to his tower.  I land a dagger throw to prevent him from getting in travel mode and use my stealth to gain movement speed to get myself in position to finish him off.

Once in range I manage to use my Ult to finish him off just before he makes it back to safety.

In this picture Gideon has used his teleport to get out of range.  I use my Jump in order to catch up with him.

Gideon makes a fatal mistake and turns around to drop a meteor.  This allows me to get in range to use my Ult on him and take him out.


Some of Kallari’s abilities can be hard to land.  You can use the enemies abilities to make it easier to land them.  When an enemy is trying to line up an ability they will sometimes slow down or even stop.  Making it easy to land a dagger throw or and Ult.

In this picture Gideon attempts to drop a meteor on Murdock and I.  I notice that while he is doing this he has stopped moving.

This allows Murdock and I to unload on him and secure an easy kill.


Kallari can be very dangerous in bottlenecks.  When multiple enemies are in a bottleneck it allows you to critically injure or kill multiple enemies.

In this picture Severog and Iggy are chasing my team.  I wait for both of them to be in the bottleneck.

I manage to catch both Iggy and Severog in my Ult and kill Severog and critically injure Iggy, allowing my team to finish him off.


Hitting an enemy in travel mode and locking them down makes it extremely easy for you and your team to finish them off.  Waiting in bottlenecks or around corners where the enemy is heading can be very effective.

In this picture my team is attacking the enemy’s middle inhibitor.  I notice Sparrow is in the right lane and is probably going to head to mid in order to stop us.  I put myself in the bottleneck between Sparrow and her middle Inhibitor.

As she comes around the corner I manage to land a dagger throw and pin her down.

With sparrow locked to the ground I can easily land an Ult and take her out before she can do any damage to me or my team.


I personally have rekeybound from the default.  A is stealth, and D is dagger throw, I find this easier, but its up to you.  I don’t usualy stealth into situations because Kallari’s stealth is so loud.  It is usually easier to just sprint in, use R on a NONtank and stealth if you get a kill, or try a quick dagger throw to finish them off followed by a jump if you miss and a stealth if you land it and get a kill then.  It is worth noting that Kallari can use her jump to get up on the higher places and take people out.  I have even gotten lucky and taken out Howitzer during his special before.  A lot of DPS think they are safe up high and aren’t moving as much to try to avoid you.

Abilities upgrade priority

I honestly don’t remember exactly what order I upgrade in.  I do use the standard priority though, R>D,A,LMB,RMB.  The biggest two for me are dagger and ult, LMB is mainly for jungle, I don’t LMB players a lot because that isn’t what Kallari is meant for in my opinion.


Early game I try to focus on jungle and early ganks if the enemy team is overextending.  I try to get my team to get a red buff, then off to theirs to pick off stragglers, then some white camps, at 3 cards I drop a harvester and hearth back to base, then come back out and drop a 2nd harvester on the other side and either jungle or gank, depending on what is happening, at 6 minutes I go back to base again to grab a MajorSrike and head left or right to put up another harvester(I prefer to go to one that has an enemy so I can try to help with a kill there).


After lvl 5 I am constantly trying to keep R on CD.  If it is up I am searching for someone to use it on.  Usually mid game im just hurting someone bad enough that they have to pull back and my laner gets ahead a little bit.


Late game I am looking for the teamfight and trying to take out key players.  Murdock is always my main priority, that character can rape whole teams, he needs to die.  If Murdock isn’t there I am looking for someone low that is a NONtank(I cannot stress this enough, don’t waste ur R on a tank.. in my opinion it just isn’t worth it.  If he is really low he will run or die.. if he isn’t u just wasted a kill on a more squishy person)


The reason I choose 3 Adamant and 3 fountain is because they both add 15.2 damage fully upgraded.  I want my R to hit as hard as I can.  The Fountain Spikes help a lot with mana, there is nothing worse than seeing a dark grey R on your UI because your out of mana. I don’t have any health cards because as Kallari you shouldn’t be getting hit a lot in the first place, and if you do health cards wont help much late game.  Late game good Murdocks,Sparrow,Twinblast are hitting close to 1-2k a hit. I don’t see the point of adding 300/600/900HP to take a few extra hits when I can stack damage and almost 1 shot anyone of them late game.  I also have no Crit cards as far as I know(correct me if I’m wrong) only LMB can crit, Kallari isn’t an LMB champ.  The only time I LMB an enemy player is if 1.  I know I have 1-2 teammates with me on the target, 2.  They literally only need 1 hit to die or 3. I happen to run passed them in the jungle.


  1. I know this seems self explanatory but w/e.  If you in the jungle and come close to an enemy player you should always instantly hit LMB.  I do this for 2 reasons.  The first reason is if I hit them they will be rooted and I will have an easy kill.  The 2nd reason is that I don’t want to be rooted, if you get rooted as Kallari its pretty much GG for you at that point unless you have someone with you.
  2. This kind of goes along with the last one, but if you DO get caught in travel mode don’t stealth right away.  I cant stress this enough, you should first line up a quick dagger throw and see if you can get them on the run.  AFTER you throw your dagger go ahead and stealth.  If you wait until after you throw your dagger you will have a better chance of getting away because you wont be broken out of stealth right after you can move again.  Doing this gives you a longer time with increased movement speed to catch up to them and line up an Ult if you hurt them enough with your Dagger throw or to get away(If you are doing a good job with Kallari their whole team will head your way when they know where you are).
  3. Your jump can be used defensively and offensively, it can also be used to get enemy players out of position.  You can get an enemy player to chase you down one of the ramps and towards your side in a corner, once in the corner you jump up towards your tower and they have to either take a risk and jump up after you(if they can) or run all the way back around to get back into the fight.  This can help your team land a kill on someone else in that lane or buy you some time for a friendly player to get to you to help you get a kill.


  1. GET HIT WHILE YOU ARE IN YOUR TOWER if the enemy is within range of it!!  I see this all of the time and it frustrates me to no end.  If the enemy hits you while they are in your tower’s range the tower will automatically hit them EVEN IF THEY HAVE MOBS INSIDE.  So run in there, take a hit, and move back.  This has saved me so many towers I cant even count.  Doing this can also give you an easy kill because the towers hit HARD.
  2. Don’t be selfish.  What do I mean?  I mean don’t kill steal, if someone is at 2% HP you DONT need to Ult them just to get a kill.  If you are kill stealing you know it.  Its a waste of CDs.. for real…  it is a team game, you will get an assists on the scoreboard don’t worry 🙂
  3. Don’t run away with full HP.  If it is a 2v2 and you see a Jungler coming out from the left, don’t leave your teammate high and dry overextended as hell.  Hang back and lay down some cover so your teammate at least has a chance to get away.  And when someone pings retreat try to make sure your whole team is moving back at the same time.  There is nothing worse than being the one guy left because everyone instantly ran away when someone pinged.
  4. If one of your teammates is critically injured and running away and you have the HP/cds to get away then get in front of them and try to take a few of their hits, this can save team fights.  At the end of the game its rough being without a player for 40-60 seconds.  So take some hits for your teammate if you can, let him get back and heal and hopefully he will return the favour.
  5. There is a map on the top right of your screen.  LOOK AT IT.. ALOT.. its important.  You should have a decent idea where the enemy team is at all times and if you haven’t seen them in 10-20 seconds you should probably be looking back or possibly even backing off of the tower you are trying to take down.  They are probably coming for you.  If you see a teammate running through the jungle being followed by 4 people you and your team should probably head that way.  Its really easy to catch people in travel mode when they are chasing someone.
  6. PLEASE.. PLEASE.. don’t be that guy talking about your CS/ELO/KDA during the game and giving other people a hard time.  It doesn’t help win games, don’t get in arguments when you are losing because typing in chat doesn’t win games.  Its NO FUN playing with the Gold league player that does nothing but talk down to the silver/bronze guys, that’s crap

The main thing is play as a team.  Help each other.  At the end of the game the only stat that really matters is W/L.  If you didn’t get a single kill but you were there for every team fight and helped your team to the best of your abilities you wont hear any complaints at the end of the game.  No matter how good you are if you don’t play as a team you wont win.  Id rather have 4 bronze players that play as a team and help each other than have 4 gold players that think they know it all and I never see them.

Anyways that’s it for now guys, if you guys like my style and wanna play add me “Stabbysantaa”.  I don’t play much during the week but Friday nights I play a lot.  I am looking for more cool people to play with.

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