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 Kallari Build Guide

Cards Sequence:
Early Game
Mid Game
End Game
Cherry On Top

This guide was not updated since Aug-24 and does not reflect current state of the game. look for updated Kallari Build Guides like this one.

For Those Of You Who Don’t Like Reading (Cliff Notes)


“The build is developed so that you can have early and late surprise ganks. You’re very quick and can get out of most situations after level 3.”

I understand the build leaves you squishy, but you should almost never be seen or caught. They won’t want to focus you because they’ll end up burning their abilities on someone who can get away every single time. Especially when you get kills, your stealth will reactivate and you’re free to escape clean again (hoping there is no other Kallari present). Currently there is almost no way to catch you and finish you unless it’s another Kallari.

Also understand that you are an executioner, not a carry. You’re movement and kills can and will sway any battle because of the fear the enemy has for Kallari. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Kallari has carry capabilities but that is not what she is for. If you are against a formidable team that will not be an option.


There is no set ability combo. You have your E  and your R . Use them as necessary. For example if you R first save that E for the last hit long distance kill.

I will outline certain key strokes that will help in many situations though.

Double Jump + Daggerfall (RMBx2 + LMB) is kill secure heaven. Most people aren’t expecting it at all, especially because it happens so fast.

“Quality skill shots will yield quality results”

Position Yourself

“Prepare for the other team to make the poor move, then engage.” Use R to secure kills when further engagement is not imminent.

This video will illustrate beginner placement.

Enter, Then Exit

Jump Escape: RMBx2 + Q (This will literally put you out of view from close proximity Heroes then when you come back down you’ll be invisible)

Make use of your RMB to quick exit a threatening area. This allows for safer engagements.

This video will illustrate such an occurrence.

Sprint Is Your Friend

Utilize Sprint so that you not only catch up to the enemy, but time your enemies Sprint well enough and you’ll secure a kill because of their ignorance.

An example below is how to wait until your enemy has primed their Sprint, and attack immediately upon activation.


Keep your distance until level 3. Start ganking or completing fights at 5.

If you and your lane partner can work an enemy down that has pushed too far ahead, you’ll almost always get the kill because of high damage output of your E.

The video below will illustrate beginning game team counter. Focus on the use of Sprint for positioning and securing those kills with E.


You should be a shadow on the map and show up all over keeping the enemy at bay. They will be so worried about your presence they will not take actions they otherwise would.

DO NOT be afraid to consistently using sprint in order to catch up with enemies, many will be running from you and can catch them in their sprint with your E. Just be cautious of your surroundings.

Here is a good illustration for Kallari vs Kallari counters. New players may have a poor time playing against her, so here are some tips. This is also an excellent example on positioning strategies.


At this point you can two shot most heroes that are not tanks (possibly even a lacking CXP Grux).

Find idiots who tend to find themselves alone and eat up.

Most people question but below this video illustrates a mid/late (36 Minutes) game push by the enemy, and a counter offensive from Kallari.

“Because of ignorant “tunnel vision prone” opponents, the use of Sprint to position yourself for initiating engagements is vital for counter-offensives. Do your best to line up your Ultimate to dissuade them from pushing.”


“The general question or concern is that Kallari can’t handle hero’s solo very well. Well if those late game carries build to carry, they will be vulnerable. If you’ve “made” them choose cards for sustainability (ie. health, armor) you’ve done your job and made your ranged carries be able to counter better.”


Do NOT waste your R on kill steals. If they are going to die let them die by your hand or another, it will not matter in terms of progress, XP, and CXP.

(I’m always pulling my hair out when I see a Murdock use their R against someone who is about to die, just to gain the kill on the scoreboard)

Use your E for securing kills and R only for initiating engagement or securing a kill (whether you be 1v1 or not). Do not kill an “already dead” hero with R. You will always need it especially if the other team is formidable.

“Think of your R as a secret weapon, almost impossible to dodge and when it hits, it devastates.”

EXAMPLE: No matter how much you “carry” you can’t carry a bad team to victory…


Own that jungle while moving around the map if you do not have a jungle or they do not rely on it anymore.

Your R ability is great for killing jungles right before going back to base, it generally will have cooled down before any action happens.

Obviously as a jungle be aware of surrounding battles taking place, your presence is undoubtedly advantageous. A simple E to bring a target lower in health would work last minute.

The below illustrates Kallari’s maneuverability in the game, and her ability to kill secure.


Preferably lane with a ranged hero or a tank like Steel. Their ability to harass and possibly push enemies towards your lines will help you secure your kills.

I will be posting more example videos soon for different techniques and strategies. I will also be updating the cards as the game progresses.

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