Kallari, the master of the early game control


This guide may be out of date. The guide author did not update it for more than 6 month.
For the most up-to-date information please refer to the Kallari Build Guide

Cards Sequence:
Starter items
1st back (3)
2nd back (6)
mid-late game, dps oriented
mid-late game, greedness overload


Key points:

-Killing machine

-High risk/high reward style

-Toons of fun murdering


-Insane kill potential

-Decent poke

-Great mobility allows to gank from behind easily

-Easy to get out with stealth (resets on kills) or double jump

-Strong early-mid game


-Easy to get killed when: Out of mana, out of escape mecanics CDR, Hard CC+Burst

-Weak late game againts bruisers and insane 1k hits ADC

-Easy to get behind on LVL if early game fails


Q: Stealth, weak skill, since it’s realy noisy and good players can spot/chase you on stealth, usefull in caotic teamfights to get in and out, also to chase enemies with the speed bonus, and to avoid a bit of fighting for a 2-3 sec, for example when feng mao shields up

E: Throwing knife, great damage and range, fast projectile speed but small hitbox, worthless dot, usefull for clearing jungle, REALY HIGH CDR and MANA cost.

R: Death sentence, deals more or les 500-1000-(1200-2000 depending on late game buils), on lvl 1-2-3, your main killing tool, MUST use always when out of CDR, note that it has low range and it’s quite hard to land, need practice (can be used on mid air to add +style points), repeat, MUST use always when out of CDR, easy to set up for a kill or force a back (if you plan on backing to buy, you can use it to clear big minion waves or jungle camps)

LMB: autoatack, nothink special, learn to chase and bodyblock when ouf of skills or mana

RMB: Double jump, great mobility jump, only use 2 jumps when needed, since each one costs mana (you should only build 75 mana + mana potions)

Abilities upgrade priority

R > E > LMB >RMB > Q


  1. knife+death sentence, use first knife if you get them from behind (you can maybe save ultimate if your knife damage+auto+team help is enought)
  2. knife+death sentence, use first death sentence on caotic fights, since you can have 2 outcomes, you just kill them with your insane damage ultimate, or you suck and miss (maybe u hit another unwanted target), so in that case you still have knife up to swap focus, or just don’t waste your mana on it before missing your ultimate
  3. Air Strike, Double jump+knife+death sentence: just that, double jump then knife and/or death sentence to get an air kill, looks cooler.


Weak pre lvl 5 (must back with 3 points to buy)

Start on red camp, ASK FOR HELP, then do 2 small camps, you should be out of potions now and lvl 3 or close, you have 3 options:

-Look for an easy gank on a greed enemy or strong lane

-Cover any lane left alone, or even go to one to soak

Just that, before backing use your key on one of your back harvesters.

On 1st back MUST BUY fountain spike, why?, well, you need that +75 mana to be able to use all your 4 skills on a early game fight, without it, your base mana pool is not enought.

Then go to your blue buff jungle and put down the harvest, do the 2 small camps, you should be lvl 5 or close (go to soak on a lane to get lvl 5), LOOK FOR KILLS ASAP, your ultimate is ready, and your bloodthirst too.

Now roam doing jungle (not blue buff, you can’t alone) and going for a kill when you have your ultimate. Try to back to get your 3 2cost damage cards on your fountain spike, It gives you an insane powerspike, now you can go to blue and to get a harvest on a map side or center


Roam, roam, roam, roam, and keep roaming, avoid big teamfights, just look for easy targets and get you and your team feed, try to get objectives from your kills (towers, enemy jungle, OP buff)


You suck hard, surrender

Not joking, realy, just surrender

Try to instakill enemy carrys, CAUTION: they can melt you now!


I made a build with basic cards since the game is fresh and loot of people is short on cards, I think it works great and it’s pretty straight forward, build raw damage since your 80% source of damage comes from skills, (CDR on assassins it’s not needed, 1st you need to be able to kill from 100 to 0, then maybe, you can think about killing more times)

As soon as you can, try to get in your deck an armor penetration card, since you will need it on some games were all the enemies stack toons of armor


Try to go from behind, don’t go in with steal if you can avoid, better to go in sprinting and jump to get to mele range.

Never bother arround, knife+death sentence= dead enemy, then keep jungling till ultimate is up again.

If the lane you are ganking has realiable CC, wait for it to land your skills

Always go for weak and nonmobility targets.

Thats all, i’m about 12h or so on killari right now, but i’m a moba veteran and always an assassin main, so I think all my points are on line. English is not my

native language, so feel free to correct me and sorry for all the mistakes.

Submit all your questions down below, will try to answer them ASAP.

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