Kallari. Time to slice some cheese


THIS GUIDE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Made the card layout first so you can have something to play with. Will update with the explanations later.

PS : Keep in mind this guide is very early development, i’ve been playing her almost exclusively and i’m a new player. I do have LoL background for over 4-5 years.

I’m aware there are some flaws ( no penetration ), but the cards i play with are the cards I have, (which.. i dont have alot of), and will cater to most new players with basic cards.

Summary (TLDR)

Kallari is a burst ability focused character. When your abilities are on CD, you’re pretty much stuck out of the fight until they come back up, or else you’ll get focused HARD.

Your goal is to get in, burst someone down, Double jump (stealth if needed), wait out a couple of seconds, go back in. With this build, it’s not rare that I cast my ult twice in a team fight, even 3 times in extended ones / chases.

To do this, we max out the cooldown reduction to make sure this can happen as often as possible.

Strength :

Very bursty, low CD playstyle

Hard hitting

Clear waves very easily with a 20-30 ish second ult CDR late game

Abilities Overview

Jump through all the hero abilities and describe on using them properly.

Abilities upgrade priority

R > LMB > E > RMB > Q

Abilities Combos

Describe how to combo abilities to get maximum of them.

  1. Early Game
    RMB → Q → LMB, LMB, LMB
  2. Mid Game (offensive)
    W → Q → R
  3. Mid Game (defensive)
    RMB → Q → W
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