Abilities Build

This is just an Item build guide for now which i have been using, if i get more time i might add a detailed gameplay info bout Grux.

This build ends up at 40% crit, 211/250 Attackspeed and 150 phys. dmg, iirc need to check that next time 😛

Gameplay Information

The point of Lifesteal Grux is the amount of sustain u get, ofc u wont do shit against an fed adc that 2 shots you with crits but since building Grux as tank is useseless, Lifesteal on the other hand makes him a real threat. the only really dangerous champions will be Murdock/Twinblast/Grim.exe and a good Kallari. Feng Mao can be difficult if u can’t dodge his ulti but even if he hits, u can still win cuz of your amount of Lifesteal.

Its 76 Lifesteal with 2 hits per second, so 150 HP/Sec aslong as u keep hitting something. If u get slowed or knocked out of position u can either try to get to minions and keep healing yourself and wait for charge/grab to be back off CD or run away 😛

Rampage/Steel/Muriel/Dekker/Sevarog all those champs that are not really doing high dmg with Autoattacks are fun, u wont even be loosing HP at all on a 1vs1 duel 😀

Iggy&scorch turrets wont be an issue either and u can mostly stand still in howitzer ulti if u got minions to hit.

People tend to overextend to kill Grux and they will fail cuz u just heal up faster than most champions can kill you.

Hope this helps to understand this gameplay of Grux.

Let me know what u think bout this build, any kind of feedback is appreciated 🙂

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