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Guide Updated to Patch #: 

Abilities Overview

Link zinx is an all new play style the focuses on sticking with the enemy as you link them with Sorrvukk Initiate.. this build focuses on being tanky while dealing damage until your opponent dies... The link has no time limit as long as it exist it will continue to damage you and your opponent until the link is either broken by distance or either one of you dies... :UPDATE (recently found out that is can be cancelled if you linked someone and they stun you)..

Abilities upgrade priority

Prioritize Maxing RMB ability then follow E ability.. Q is hardly used in this build as it is mana heavy since you only have less than 1000 mana late game.. 

Abilities Combos

  1. Early Game
    Just Use E to assist ganks and RMB for farming, Q will be maxed once RMB and E are done... 

  2. Mid Game (offensive)
    Just use The link on the opponent and stun them with E.. Do not use RMB.. Just keep chasing them till they die.. Dont forget to Use R...

  3. Late game.. Just Run them down... 

Early Game

First you get your RMB ability and farm using the first item which is Cull the weak.. mostly you want to use RMB ability once on each wave then last hit the minions from a distance, avoid harassment.. You have 2 choices which gems you want to upgrade next.. either you want mana potion or healing towers... upgrade your intellect gems to a max of only 3 while the rest focuses on Vitality... your first Item will be Vengeance Mire then later will be sold for  Sorrvukk Initiate...

Mid Game

Now you have sold Vengeance Mire for Surrvokk Initiate.. As I tested this item this has a very long distance about the same max distance as phase link... during this time you want to initiate duels with the enemy carry but avoid getting 2v1 as this time your mana isnt large enough and your health also... but you can 1v1 anyone with just only Sorrvukk Initiate.. When you duel avoid getting hit with attacks.. you dont really need to hit your opponent to deal damage just keep the link while moving around avoiding damage because you heal the damage that is deal to you by the item but your opponent receives full damage of it... 

Gems will be all vitality this time as your next item will be Vital Waters for more healing... With this item you will be very unkillable even a full combo of a Countess will deal little damage to you.. 

Late Game

Your have choices what you want.. If your opponent likes to take you on with attacks get NUMBING ROGUE.. 

If they run away from you get Plague Lord Mallek

If you feel like you need damage when your link is down in those 30 seconds get Blood Damage Aura.. 

Dont forget to troll your opponent..

PS: this is my first guide would appreciate your feedback.... :)

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@boyguy, I have updated the top image. Note you have to use the image link, not the imgur page link.

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Thank you :)

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Have you considered cropping the image a little bit more? You could take off a little extra room from both the top/bottom and the sides. As it is, I can't read the image text on my laptop very well.

Also, why not use Highwayman over Coinmaster? Highwaymaster gets you 75 gold for hitting an enemy hero, with a 15 second cooldown, and Coinmaster gives you 8 gold (16 gold if out of combat) every 10 seconds. With Coinmaster, in less than 15 hits on an enemy hero you can be making a gold profit (So around 200-225 seconds minimum to be making a profit, but more realistically around 300), wihle Coinmaster would take ~800-1000 seconds to regenerate it all and start making a profit. I get that Coinmaster will give an attribute point too, but Highwayman will start giving you back a net gain roughly 3x as fast.

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Correction in the comment above. I made multiple typos. I meant Highwayman when I said Highwaymaster, and when I said "With Coinmaster, in less than 15 hits on an enemy hero", I meant Highwayman and not Coinmaster.

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I see.. I only added the coinmaster since you need to get vitality gems and its just there.. but I would consider testing out the highway.. :)

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