Mirror Rampage

Rampage Deck that gives new meaning to the word “Tank”

There are a couple extra cards in the top photo that I find comfortable to use for any circumstances where I may have to switch out a card or two, but you can just ignore those and see the base cards.

Build Advantages and Disadvantages

Strengths: Can beat most anyone in a 1v1. Not weak to things that would normally shred a tank to pieces. Usually benefits more from being Stunned or Rooted than from not being Stunned or Rooted. Very high durability.

Weaknesses: Running low on mana in Early and Mid game. Gold farming through Mid-Game. Due to mana issues, Boulder Throw and Pounce will need to be used sparingly throughout a large portion of the game.

Abilities Overview

Rampage, like many other heroes, received changes to his stats and abilities in the v42 (New Dawn) update. I do not know yet what exactly the stat changes are. When the Rampage Build Guide is updated with new and improved information about him in the v42 Patch, I’ll post it here.

Abilities upgrade priority

Upgrade King of the Jungle first. After that, upgrade Pounce. From there on out, whenever possible, get King of the Jungle. Of course, whenever Enraged is available, upgrade that. Whenever you can’t upgrade King of the Jungle or Enraged, you should take Boulder Throw. So, you should upgrade Pounce once at level 2, and then leave it be until you’ve upgraded everything else.

The reason to upgrade King of the Jungle is for the reduced cooldown and, more importantly, the extra healing. Enrage should obviously be taken whenever, because it’s your Ultimate. The reason you upgrade Pounce once, and then leave it be, is for the escape factor, so you can jump over any ledges that enemies would have to go around, of which these ledges are plenty in the jungle. You upgrade Boulder Throw before Pounce for the extra stun time.

Card Build

Once this site has the cards fully uploaded, I’ll start adding card photos here. For now, though, it’ll just be text.

Keep in mind that this is in no way a full deck. This is the essentials of the deck, and you should add cards as you need them. Mostly those cards you add will be for circumstantial situations, such as adding extra Ability Armor cards for a team carrying 3 or 4 casters.

Affinity – Chaos and Growth

Coinmaster – 1 Vitality. Gain 8 gold every 10 seconds. Becomes 16 gold if you are out of combat.

Use in the deck: This is your starting card if you decide to go Jungling. The extra gold is small, but better than nothing. If you need to replace this or Demolitionist, replace this first.

Demolitionist – 1 Agility. Deal 12 extra damage to non-heroes, 8 if ranged. You aren’t ranged, so you get the full 12 damage. It’s not a huge buff, but it’s still a decent increase in damage.

Use in the deck: This is your starting card if you go laning, to allow you to get last hits better.

Flame of Zechin – 2000 Gold. Gives 7 Attack Speed. Card Cost is decreased by 500 for each Attribute Point you have. Active Ability: Deal 500 True Damage to a neutral or enemy minion. Damage increases by 150 with each use. 25 Mana Cost, 45 Second Cooldown. (True Damage ignores all armor).

Use in the deck: This card you should keep through the midgame. The main usage for this is to one shot Green Buffs for much faster and safer farming, but it can also be used circumstantially in things such as instant killing a river buff while being chased, so you can get enough mana to leap a ledge, or to take out Super Minions if one of your inhibitors went down early. It’s rather cheap, and after 4 Attribute Points it’s actually free, so you can add it and remove it as needed.

Thorned Yomi -2 Agility, 6 Vitality. 10 Power, 31 Basic Armor. Active Ability: Return 65% of Damage Taken for 4 seconds. 75 Mana Cost, 30 Second Cooldown.

Use in the deck: 4 seconds is a lot more time than one might think. 65% of Damage being returned is also amazing, especially against Assassins or Damage Carries (Like Twinblast, Murdock, etc.), which usually value damage over health, and will practically commit suicide when you flip this on. 30 second cooldown isn’t very long, but it does mean you’ll usually only get one shot at using it per fight, so you should save it for the enemy telegraphing a powerful attack, or, if they are a Damage Carry or Assassin, you can just flip it on. If they attack you, they’ll receive massive damage, and if they don’t attack you, they lose out on 4 seconds of damage. It’s a win/win in either situation there. Also, the passive 31 extra basic armor isn’t shabby.

Unbroken Spirit – 3 Agility, 9 Vitality. 13 Power, 480 Health, 36 Ability Armor. Passive Ability: Heal for 3% Max Health per second for 4 Seconds after being hit by Hard Crowd Control. This effect may stack.

Use in the deck: 480 Health and 36 Ability Armor speak for themselves, but the real winner here is the healing. Whenever Hard Crowd Control is applied to you (Hard Crowd Control includes things like Stun or Root that negate your movement speed, and I think even things like Silence too), you heal for 12% of your Max Health over 4 seconds. You may think “Oh, hey, I’m stunned though, it’s not like I’m doing anything worthwhile”, but think about all the abilities out there that stun you for durations such as 0.5 seconds, or things that have knockback or knockup. Grux’s Ultimate will stun you for half a second, and give you 12% of your Max Health back. Howtizer’s land mine that does knockback. Narbashes Thunk. Etc. It’s a staple here, and will let you survive and thrive on what would normally be the worst thing in the game: Inability to do anything.

Unstable Cyborg – 4 Agility, 8 Vitality. 17 Power, 47 Basic Armor. Passive Ability: 20% Chance to deal 125 Ability Damage to all nearby Enemies when taking Damage. 0.4 Second Cooldown.

Use in the deck: 47 Basic Armor alone is a lot, and then you add in the passive. 20% Chance to deal 125 Ability Damage in an AoE, with a cooldown of less than half a second. This is especially useful against low damage, high attack speed abilities, like DoT effects, Phase’s Energy Lance, Twinblast’s Rapid Fire, etc. This, combined with Thorned Yomi and Unbroken Spirit, can allow you dish out tons of damage without even pressing a button. But you’ll probably want to press a button anyway.


Agility Gems:

Slot 1: Improved Killing Blows. Gain 5 Bonus Gold when killing an Enemy Minion.

Use in deck: Just some extra gold throughout the match. It’s not much, but it’s something.

Slot 2: Wealth. Earn 5% increased gold.

Use in deck: Just some more extra gold. Helps you farm extra gold. 5% extra isn’t much either, but still, it’s a better than nothing.

Vitality Gems:

Slot 1: Quick Exit. Gain 350 Move Speed for 8 Second when leaving spawn.

Use in deck: Helps you get around faster after returning for healing/card buying. A lot faster.

Slot 2: Damage Reduction. Reduce Basic Damage taken by 10%.

Use in deck: 10% damage reduction from basic attacks. That’s it. Just helps with longevity.

Slot 3: Damage Return. 2.2 Health Regen. Return 10% of Basic Damage Taken.

Use in deck: A little extra healing out in the field, along with passive constant damage reflection. Combine with the Damage Reduction from before to make it a dangerous proposition for Damage Carries to attack you.

Slot 4: Improved Health Regen. 60 Health, 6 Basic Armor. Heal for 0.2% Max Health every second. Increases by 0.2% every second while out of combat. Stacks up to 6 times.

Use in deck: A little more health and armor, and the healing is invaluable during those periods of quiet traveling while you wait for the next hero or minion to come forth and fight you.


There really isn’t much to say about the gameplay. Just farm away until you get Unstable Cyborg, Unbroken Spirit, and Thorned Yomi. Mainly, just keep Pounce and Boulder Throw use to a minimum, to conserve mana, and use Flame of Zechin on the Green Buff. I will post more in this section later.

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