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Murdock 1800 Crit Writen version

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This guide may be out of date. The guide author did not update it for more than 6 month.
For the most up-to-date information please refer to the Murdock Build Guide
Cards Sequence: 
Starter : 1
Starter : 2
Early Game : Item 1
Early Game : Item 2
Mid Game : Item 3
Mid Game : Item 4 => Sell Harvester's Key
Late Game : Item 5 => Sell Mana Potion
Late Game : Item 6 => Sell Health Potion
Prime Card

This guide was released on this site by George, you can found the tutorial by Gamers Fitness Group here :

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Hey i know this isent your guide but i was wondering what the crit numbers are for this build after the murdock nerf last weekend?

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How are you getting enough ember to make this work? I barely get high enough when the other team beats me....

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Hey thanks so much for converting this from the video much appreciated

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I hope this works

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