Murdock Aggressive Carry

Summary (TLDR)

As far as Murdock goes, he can be an unstoppable force if played well, or can be a complete wash out. You need to keep him at least at the level of the opposing team and even if your team gets pushed back to inhibitors early, a Murdock with this build is able to turn the match around late game for the win. This build focuses almost entirely on turning Murdock into the overpowered damage bringer that he has the potential to become, with very little focus on building him defensively. Just a forewarning, this build is extremely aggressive and as such, it requires a decent amount of map awareness and skill at the game to pull off. You don’t want to miss shots in a fight, that will inevitably lead to your demise. Furthermore, you may find yourself going about one for one in kills and deaths early game, you might even die a bit more than you get kills until you get your second equipment card built. However, if you have the skill to pull it off this build consistently wins matches with a 2.0 KD or greater.

Abilities Overview

AA – Murdock’s auto-attack is his main asset. Early game his fire rate is too low to be much good, but as the game progresses and  your damage rises you’ll notice Murdock on the winning side encounters more frequently.

Buckshot – Use buckshot mostly to clear minions, although it has a fair amount of potential late game if you can slip it in between AA shots, as a damage boost to your fight.

Static Lock – Static lock is useful for prevent ganks and for escape purposes, however due to the high mana cost and low damage it does, I almost never use it, at least in early game.

Shielding Shot – As the only defensive aspect of this build, it’s important to upgrade shielding shot and to become good at using it effectively. It can be used to push enemies into bad situations or friendly towers, but I would save it for escaping. It is extremely effective at escaping from melee heros especially if used very intentionally. Never use it while stunned, wait until you’re free to move then use it and retreat. Also, if at all possible for characters like Feng, Grux, and Steel, wait until they use their catch up moves before using it to make your getaway.

Devastating Blast – Murdocks Ult is mostly useful to pick off enemies that somehow managed to escape your high DPS storm of attacks. Make sure to lead your opponents when using it as it takes several moments to warm up. It is able to pierce solids and enemies, and has extremely far range, and as such you should make sure to maintain constant map awareness, as from the middle of center lane you can hit just about anywhere on the map with the laser blast. Use it to pick off enemies in other lanes that are running low on health.

Abilities upgrade priority

R > LMB > Q > RMB > E

Early Game

Early game it’s extremely important you do well, if you lose momentum and get under leveled, it will be extremely hard to recover until end game as Murdock. First thing you should do is upgrade your shield shot, for a potential escape if things get rough in the initial clash of the two teams and start your build with the health pot and Madstone gem. Yes, I know, no mana, how ever will you survive. Honestly, as long as you don’t use Static Lock much, and you save your shielding shot for important times you shouldn’t have much issue with your lack of mana. The goal for this phase is essentially to survive, and use mana sparingly enough that you dont need to return to the tower until you have 6 CP to spend (CP lvl 9).

To accomplish this, start by calling a group into the red buff jungle. Take out the “Alpha Contents” that spawn first (if you can try to get the last hits), then take down red buff (take this unless there’s a grux, feng, or kalari), this should leave you at about CP lvl 6, and at this point you’re going to want to run to mid lane. Depending on the enemy tactics, you should do your best to hold mid lane, farming the minions. It’s annoying for your teammates, but with your low fire rate you’re better off waiting until a minion has very low health before hitting with an auto attack or buckshot, you really need the CP and it’s the only way to get decent last hits with Murdock. When you hit CP lvl 9 you can make a quick hop to the core to throw some major kinetics on your madstone. These will give you a fire rate advantage on any other Murdock later on, and will help you get last hits on minions.

Basically you rinse and repeat this until you hit hero lvl 5, and get your Ult.

Mid Game

Now that you have your ult, you have to start paying attention to other lanes. Play a little defensively in this stage, it’s a bad time to die, and you also want to continue farming any wave of minions you run into. However you can pick off any low health enemies with your laser blast, and don’t be afraid to gank, just be aware that your speed is very low, and your only escape move relies upon your back being towards the direction you want to run. After you get the agoran scepter built you can take down just about anyone except maybe a decent Steel in a straight fight.

You may also want to start watching the lanes and helping to push whichever tower is closest to falling, but at this point in the build the enemy team might have more momentum than your team, it’s more important that you delay them taking towers until you get into your late game phase than it is that you push towers. Keep this strategy up until you reach around level 12 or 13, which is when Murdock starts to push his way to the head of the pack.

CP is still very important so shoot for last hits, and take return trips to the core every time you have 6 free points to spend.

Late Game

At this point, you should be able to 4-5 aa hit any non-tank, so you need to start thinking mad kills. The more enemies you knock out for the count of the respawn timer the more your team can push towers and advance. Run between the lanes, keeping mid as your home base, ganking and finishing off any enemies. Be aware that you can still take out full health hero’s solo with only a fraction of your health, and also that any fight you start at this point, you should probably not try running away. You have a better chance of surviving an encounter if you push all the way through it. Run towards fights where your team is outnumbered, not away, and I promise you’ll win more than you lose. Take down red buff and take it whenever it pops up, and call your team to push lanes, finishing off the defenders as they show up. By the time your build is finished, you should be able to 2-3 hit just about any non-tank, and take down a tank in 4 or 5. Use this ridiculous damage to kill any enemies you encounter and push to core.

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