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I never before make any guide so please be placable. My english isn’t my strong side but i really want share my expierence with you.

About Muriel

Muriel is a ranged support who uses her abilities to shield her allies. Her Ultimate allows her to fly to target ally allowing her to change the flow of battle.

Early game, she can shield her allies with Consecrated Ground to keep them alive or to deal AoE damage to enemies. Serenity allows her to slow down enemy Heroes. Muriel’s greatest strength is her global map presence. Once she has her Ultimate, Reversal of Fortune, she can fly over to her team and swing the fight in her favor.

Late game, Muriel becomes a pure support Hero. Alacrity will speed up your allies to get in or out of combat. And make sure to layer your shields to keep your Damage Dealers alive.

Abilities Overview

Passive –  Restoration

“Muriel grants bonus health regen aura to nearby shielded allies. The health regen aura applies to any ally with a shield from any source.”

Health Regen: 14 Health per Second

  i think it’s really strong passive. it gives you and your team  nice sustain on line. It work with any shields like feng’s or steel’s.

W – Consecrated Ground

“Muriel summons a large energy bubble that applies a shield to friendly heroes within. At the end of the ability, the bubble collapses, damaging enemy heroes in it.’

Energy Damage: 60/90/120/150/180

Energy Damage Scaling: 0.25

Shield: 100/152/204/256/308

Shield Duration: 5

Duration: 2

Mana Cost: 56/60.5/65/69.5/74

Cooldown: 18/17/16/15/14

2nd best spell on Muriel. Damage and shield in one spell. even better its AOE. So you can protect more than 1 ally and hit more than 1 enemy in the same time. energry scalling is low so even we try build energy we still dont hurt alot. Damage per lvl grow so early game that spell could do  some damage on enemy but lategame use it only to shield your ally.

LMB/R2 –  Orb

“Long range, low damage attack.”

Energy Damage: 49.95/56.19/62.44 (+37.5% Energy Damage)

Range: Unknown

Attack speed: 1.5

nice basic power. low missile speed. nothnig special, just AA.

RMD/R1 –  Alacrity

“Fires an orb toward your reticle. If Muriel or an ally pick up the orb, they are shielded and gain a burst of movement speed.”

Cooldown: 15 seconds (9 seconds at 40% CDR)

Mana Cost: 52/56/60
Shield:  180/410/640

Shield Duration (On hero): 2 seconds
Shield Duration (On ground): 8 seconds
Move Speed Increase:

Move Speed Duration: 2 seconds
Range: Pretty ridiculous

this ability is like “save my day”  really big ( like 3 times autoattack) range. You can save your teammates from far and extra move speed – hell yea.

Q/Square –  Serenity

“Muriel fires out a projectile in a line that passes through all enemies hit. Any enemies hit are slowed and take damage. Stops at heroes.”

Energy Damage: 75/105/135/165/195 (+75% Energy Damage)
Slow Duration: 4 seconds

Slow Amount: -100/-130/-160/-190/-220
Range: ?
Cooldown: 15 seconds (9 seconds at 40% CDR)
Mana Cost: 52/56/60/64/68

Bigger range than AA but low dmg. As Muriel you wont build power so its only source of CC. Max it before ORB.

R/Triangle –  Reversal of Fortune

“Muriel targets an ally anywhere on the map. After a short delay, she grants the ally a shield and flies across the map to their location. Once Muriel arrives, enemy heroes get knocked up into the air.”

Shield:  450/575/700
Shield Duration: 4 seconds (no AOE anymore;/)
Cooldown: 130/120/110
Mana Cost: 100
Knock-up Duration: 1.5 – 2 seconds (Not certain)

   that is that thing what’s make you so hated. It give you global pressence and double shield for ally. first when you launch ability, second when you landing. second shield is AOE so it will shield ally close to your target. additional effect is knock up enemy when landing. knock up interrupt some  ablilies like Twinblast ulti. remember that. using this ablility you can save your teammates or just power up engage or just run out from dangerous situation. alot ways to use, choice waisly

Early Game

Standard kit for start: Health Potion Mana Potion and Scout’s Ward.

Stay close team. in current meta you move in group between lanes early  and try to catch FB.  first back should be after you get 9 points. at first shopping buy Lord’s WardCirclet Of Health and Offensive Maneuvers. i know most of players want upgrade first item before buy second. Why didnt we do that? answer is simple. we dont need that. my first 3 items works w/o fully upgrade and those passives are crucial early game. Your second question should be : why we pick something like Offensive Maneuvers? it doesnt match to muriel. Crit chance why? just look at a passive. 44 energy and physical armor for only 3 points. it works only vs basic attacks but at this time most of game you will play against more than 2 auto attack carry, so just dodge abilities and all will be fine 🙂 As muriel you will be alot time at front of line, so you will have many opportunities to AA enemy. Extra double hit ? why not:).Sadly in early stage of game Muriel has mana issue. We wont buy mana becouse lategame problem is gone.  i prefer to buy one 2-points mana card becouse we need fully upgrade ours Pendulum of Lords but you can replace it by HP card. Early you can catch blue buff to fix ours mana problem.


At this point you should have fully upgraded  Lord’s Ward. Now sell Scout’s Ward and buy next CDR item. my choice is Pendulum of Lords but you can buy anything you feel will be better. Goal is to reach 40% CDR. its most imprortant thing. After 40% CDR at last you can start buid your sustain. first determine main source of dmg and pick correct item. fully upgrade it and then sell Offensive Maneuvers and buy item against second dmg. if is poor (damage) you can buy some hp’s cards.

Alternative build way

Before upgrade  Lord’s Ward you can buy  Pendulum of Lords and upgrade it. if you feel mana is your biggest problem, this way is best for you.


Cooperate with your team. shield allies. dont try do dmg becouse you dont have:)  and push to victory.

GL and NEVER give up



11-05-2016 Skill description isn’t update after last patch. i will fix it soon. Some small fixes. Items links added.

14-05-2016 Skills description updated.

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