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This guide may be out of date. The guide author did not update it for more than 6 month.
For the most up-to-date information please refer to the Muriel Build Guide
Guide Updated to Patch #: 

Background Of Me

Welcome to my guide on Muriel fellow Paragon Players. To start things out, let me tell you a little bit about my MOBA background. I started out by playing LoL for about a day and didnt really enjoy it much. This was about 3-6 years ago not quite sure. But, about a year ago I started playing a MOBA on the iPad called VainGlory. I just recently started steaming it on Twitch-(SmokeyJayTV). Come check me out. In my opinion I have a pretty good understanding on how MOBA games function. I mainly like to Main Lane/Support in most games. But in paragon I find Supporting to be the most fun. Now to talk about my paragon background. I purchased the Paragon Beta the day it released and have been grinding it hard core ever since. 



Deck Overview

Starting Items:

Abilities Overview

Basic Stats

(Numbers in bold represent how much each increases per level)

Base Health500 (+67.4)

Health Regen1.25 (+0.2)

Base Mana280 (+68)

Mana Regen1.3 (+0.27)

Basic Attack Armor8 (+1)

Ability Armor20 (+0.75)

Base Attack Time1.2 (1.2 at max level)

Attack Speed100 (+0)

LMB/R2 - Orb

"Basic ranged attack dealing Basic Attack Damage.”

  • Basic Attack Damage: 50
  • Damage Increase Per Level: 1.6
  • Power Scaling: 0.3

I don't have much to say about this ability. Early game it is quite easy to last hit compared to other heroes. But, as the game progresses, you will find out that her damage doesn't do much. I do suggest that in any situation that you spam your basic attack. It might not be a lot but anything helps.

RMD/R1 - Alacrity

“Skill shot orb that applies a Shield and a Movement Speed Boost to the first allied hero that touches it. The speed boost lasts 3 seconds"

  • Mana Cost: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 (+10)
  • Movement Speed Increase: 150 / 175 / 200 / 225 (+25)
  • Duration: 2 seconds (shield lasts for 3 seconds / speed boost lasts 2 seconds)
  • Cooldown: 10
  • Shield: 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 (+50)

This is Muriel’s Bread and Butter. The ability is awesome for saving teammates at clutch moments. I haven’t found the exact range of the ability but I do know that it travels a distance of about two turrets. Also, this ability helps build confidence in you our allies because they know you have their back. You need to think about your situation before using Boots though. It has a long cool down early game, so I suggest using it last minute to escape. If you find yourself in a sticky situation, it’s a good idea to throw it on the ground to gain a speed boost. Once the buff is on you, it’s important that you hug the walls around you and try to get into travel mode. 

Q/Square - Serenity

“Muriel fires a projectile that stops if it hits an enemy, dealing Ability Damage and Appling a Slow if it hits a Hero.”

  • Ability Damage: 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 (+20)
  • Mana Cost: 90 / 105 / 120 / 135 (+15)
  • Movement Speed Slow: 200 / 250 / 300 / 350 (+50)
  • Power Scaling: 0.6
  • Cooldown: 9
  • Slow Duration: 3 seconds

Drain helps your teammates/yourself get out of sticky situations by slowing down enemies. Also, I use it to help push the lane along with the Orb ability. This combo does a lot of AoE damage because Drain goes through all minions. I don’t suggest maxing out this ability, instead just put 4 points. This will reduce the cooldown and increase the amount of damage it does. If any mele enemy is sticking to your teammate, this ability is great at helping them escape. This slow will help give your abilities enough time to cooldown.

E/Circle - Consecrated Ground

“Muriel deploys an AOE bubble that applies a Shield to allies and deals Ability Damage to enemies touching it when it pops.”

  • Ability Damage: 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 (+40)
  • Mana Cost: 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 (+20)
  • Shield: 100 / 175 / 250 / 325 (+75)
  • Cast Range: 1750 (I will make a video to represent distance and strategies when using it)
  • Power Scaling: 0.8
  • Shield Duration: 5 seconds

  This AoE Shield will save you and your team numerous times. Once you're stacked up on CDR, the combo of Boots and AoE Shield will be unstoppable. The cooldown of one of the spells will be done while the other one is active. This will help make it easier to support all 4 teammates in a team fight. You can also use this ability to help clear lane with Drain ability. If you are caught by enemy mele heroes, its a good idea to cast AoE Orb yourself for a large shield. Then cast boots to give yourself a speed buff. Make sure to wait for the shield to ware off of your teammate before applying another one. This way you will have maximum efficiency with your cooldowns and shield buffs.

R/Triangle - Reversal of Fortune

“Muriel flies to a targeted ally anywhere on the map. The ally instantly receives a Shield. Enemy heroes are slowed as Muriel lands.”

  • Movement Speed Slow: 400
  • Mana Cost: 150 / 200 / 250 (+50)
  • Shield: 350 / 600 / 850 (+250)
  • Movement Speed Slow Duration: 2
  • Shield Duration: 4 seconds

This is the most OP ability in the game in my opinion. You have the ability to spawn on any teammate at any time no matter what. You can use this spell to place the prime orb in the circle in a matter of seconds by having a teammate stand there while you guys kill the minion (Patch notes stated this was patched, I've still done it). To use this most efficiently, you need to have strong map awareness. You always need to keep a eye on all of your teammates health. Once they are being attacked and have reached about 1/4th health, that's when I usually cast this ability. Unless my teammates are facing a Kallari/Grux. I do this because the enemy becomes over confident thinking that they will get the kill. Then, I swoop in saving the day and creating a distraction. Once you are in late game, this ability helps change the outcome in team fights. All teammates that are within the circle of the Ultimate, receive a decent size shield. Also, once you stack on CDR it only takes about 50 seconds to cool down. At this point in the game, your team should not be dying no matter what. You have the ability to rotate from lane to lane.

Check out my current vid :) (Outdated

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For those who have read this I want to give you my appreciation. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. It is still in the making, so please understand that there will be some errors. 

P.S.- Feel Free to leave any suggestions/comments



Smokey Jay

George's picture

@SmokeyJay, I'll live an early comment (since the guide is in progress) - you can add a heading image with Muriel to this guide.

Looking forward to read this guide when it's completed.

I use Circlet Of Health as well and I keep it not upgraded till the late game since this card has no MAXED bonus. Do you do the same?

MysteryPayne1's picture

@George No, I usually buy Circle of Health as my second or first card and max it out with level 2 mana cards ASAP. Unless i have mana regen but that would be a totally different build in a different scenario. 

PassDaHookah's picture

Great guide bro keep up the work :) 



George's picture

@SmokeyJay, yes that's exactly what I mean. What's the purpose of maxing out the Circlet Of Health if you aren't getting any bonus from it? Would not it be better to buy let's say Pendulum earlier and have it maxed faster to gain bonus?

MysteryPayne1's picture

@George, It depends on who I'm laning with. For example: If I'm with a gideon i'd buy Cirlce of Health as my first card to help him regen health quicker. Then i would max out my mana because you need your sustain early game. Then id buy lords key/ any cool down reduction equipment. But if im soloing or laning with someone who has less damage, I'd buy lords key first.

George's picture

@SmokeyJay, agree. Makes a perfect sense. Though I personally prefer a bit different build but it should be a separate guide not here in comments :)

BTW I like the picture. Perfectly fits the place. I'd only recommend moving that to imgur in case game-insider disables hot-linking suddenly.

Booker's picture

Should your first 2 packs have chrono and mana as upgrades rather than basic chrono and basic mana, otherwise they are six point decks and not 9 point decks as you state

MysteryPayne1's picture

@Booker (not verified), Wow great point bro, I need to change that, Basic is correct for the 9 points

MysteryPayne1's picture

@George, Alright I'll do it when I get the spare time :)

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I have a question. Do you value Lord Ward over a few things? I mean lane vision is nice. Of course if you tend to lane with murdock fine. But Do you not fear ganks?

Dreadborne's picture

Instead of Lord's key. Usualy there are alot more players running around with keys later in game.

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Let me explain why this build is bad - You are the games healer class, you should be healing, not focusing on damage. Q power is pointless and useless so dont waste points on it, it will maybe get you a kill but you should upgrade it once thats it. Your passive ability is to heal anyone with a shield on, so that means E and Right click are all you should focus on.

Your cards should all be about mana, mana regen and cool down, because with those you can spam HEALING which is what this hero is all about including her Ultimate. Sure, add some tank but thats it. To make best use of this character, you need to unlock many of the Growth and Order cards, I dont even use any general grey equipment. Healing Circle is a maybe, Lantern of Spring with energy pen is a joke.

To play muriel you stand behind one or more players at all times, you are never on the front lines and you are faster than all other characters with your Right Click power to flee danger.

George's picture

@Bad Alchemy, I'd pass it to @SmokeyJay to comment but let me remind that there are no bad or good builds unless they are ineffective in all ways. There are many ways for playing each specific heroes. Being different from your point of view does not make a build bad. Please keep that in mind. Otherwise you are loosing something in this game.

MysteryPayne1's picture

@Bad Alchemy, Not to burst your bubble bud but I'm level 9 with Muriel atm. I know what build works with her. My total level is 30. Therefore i know how the game works. If you dont build tank you will be complete crap late game. You won't last long enough to support your team. Also, my build doesn't consist of damage so please do some research before calling people out. Have a great day. Thanks for the criticism. 

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@Dreadborne (not verified), Yes, Instead of Lord's Key I would get Pendulum of Lord's Instead and make sure to stack CDR first. Those quick shields will save your teammates in early game fights.

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@Dreadborne (not verified), Also, Since Pendulum of Lord's is the last Card in this deck build. I suggest you build into a Health Card, any of your choice, and stack 12 points into that card.

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I like using a deck in this order for muriel:

1. Honor the Pure (Cost: 2 points) - It is an ORDER class card and has the same passive effect as circlet of health (4.2 health regen aura to nearby heros) with an additional 100max health and 75 max magica, i upgrade it with 3 perfect manas (or advanced mana etc.)

2. Circlet of health (Cost:3 points) - grants an additional 4.2 health regen aura to nearby heros, i upgrade it with the best max mana cards i have available.

3. Pendulum of Lords (Cost 3 points) - 5% CDR + 3 upgrades of advanced chrono = 27.5 CDR

4. Pendulum of Lords (Cost 3 points) - 5% CDR + 3 upgradesof advanced chrono = 27.5 CDR

5. Tempered Plate - Upgraded with phyiscial dmg barriers

6. Tuned Barrier - Upgraded with energy dmg barriers

I prefer this set up atm, because i play muriel behind my team mates, never rushing ahead, never lane-ing by myself, and i like to have a massive mana pool and CDR by mid game so i can utilize murial's universal map presence most effectively, the extra 8.4 health regen aura kicks ass when combining circlet of health and honor the pure, especially when i cast muriels speed buff/shield on a team mate because her passive massively boosts their heal throughout the duration. When it comes to end game, i prefer the phys/energy dmg barriers because everyone is hitting especially hard at that time and it helps muriel's sustainability when pushing the fight to the core. By lvl 15, i generally have 3000+ health, 2500+ mana and 55% CDR & ~250 worth of protection in the form of physical and energy dmg shields.

George's picture

@Treesniper119, Looks like it worth a separate Muriel guide to be created by you with this setup.

MysteryPayne1's picture

@Treesniper119 (not verified), Yeah bro i agree completely. The build you see above isn't my actual card build. It's for new players who don't have many cards unlocked yet. I'll make a more advanced guide down the line. Great guide though keep up the work.

SmokeyJay :)


Bad Alchemy's picture

@SmokeyJay "Also, my build doesn't consist of damage so please do some research before calling people out." Whey are there four instances of 'Q' power in your build?

MysteryPayne1's picture

@Bad Alchemy (not verified), Because it's either place 4 into that ability or your basic attack. At least from the Drain ability you have the ability to slow them down and do a lot of damage. If you max basic it's not as helpful to the team.

callum's picture

@SmokeyJay, Hey man, where did you get the info that Muriel's E works the same as Steel? I've never seen it interact like that with anything.

MysteryPayne1's picture

@callum, When the game first released, enemy abilities wouldn't go through my bubble, only basic attacked. But, this current patch this doesn't seem to be in tact. I'll change the guide when I can. Sorry for the miscommunication.

SmokeyJay :)

Pixel Punch's picture

Great guide and comments - I never thought of using my Q as a support ability, I would alway just spam to get some sort of damage in lane or team fights. I will focus on that in my next games.

I'm low ELO (and still learning) but I focus on Lords Key first since most times the team don't get the concept of harvesting. I basically spend the game rotating trying to support and harvest. I build cool down and mana but never build shield which make me super squishy - but this forces me to have discipline to not get caught out of position.

I am trying to main support as Muriel. Looking forward to more discussion!

X_TheShizz_'s picture

@SmokeyJay I know you say you are going to make another guide soon for people with more cards but do you mind giving a quick rundown of what you build when you play her now?

Thanks :)

Feenyx's picture

@SmokeyJay My team uses the 2 lanes/2 junglers/1 support team described above. Is it best to split up my team on outside lanes or to have everybody push 1 side and count on the gankers to defend?

MysteryPayne1's picture

@Pixel Punch (not verified), thanks for the comment bro! The thing about playing Muriel, you need a 4-5 man team with coms. As you said, you have to rotate from side to side, that's what Muriel shouldn't be doing until she's level 5. Once you have your ULT, the game changes completely. Also, I only get harvester keys when I duo jungle. Hope I could help. 

SmokeyJay :)

MysteryPayne1's picture

@X_TheShizz_,  I will post you my build once I get a chance. But keep in mind I have a couple decks built for Muriel. I use different decks depending on the other team layout. So it definitely depends on the match up. You need to counter build as Muriel!

MysteryPayne1's picture

@Feenyx, With 2 Laners/2 Jungerls/1 Support, Your team will need to keep 1 laner on each outside lane. Your support should hold the Mid Lane solo, while your two junglers rotate from jungle to each lane. The junglers are going to be the backbone of your team because they need to rotate and gank lanes. The support is just there to occupy/defend mid lane. Now, once your team experiences team fights, make both outside lanes push rather than rotate. The enemy team will lose a turret each team fight if done correctly.

SmokeyJay :)

Abused 's picture

Im playing same build with rotation on def item to get 40%Cdr and shadow ward for first item and im waiting honor the pure to try it , btw i play a lot of games with you build but with this changes i think its better stay back and spam shield and just in case block with your body few hit to your adc srr for my english

MysteryPayne1's picture

@Abused (not verified), I hear ya about staying back and not taking any hits. But, I enjoy playing tanks in most MOBA games, so I like to play her a little tanky. It's really annoying when the enemy team can just 4 shot you..What ever works for you though bro go right ahead :) There's no wrong build really.

SmokeyJay :)

George's picture

@SmokeyJay, The guide was demoted from the front page to give some room for newly created guides to be noticed by the community. This guide sets a high quality standard for all other guide makers and it is visible not only by the guide itself but also by the amount of views, comments and positive rating which is now the highest among all the guides here.

Bart's picture

Hi awesome guide!! been using it for a few games now :) quick question does anyone know how to mount wih a 360 controller?

MysteryPayne1's picture

@Bart (not verified), thanks bro! I'm pretty sure it's the bottom/top trigger + A.

II ECH0 II's picture

@smokeyjay has Gift of the Rains been removed? I cannot find it anywhere within my deck builder!! 

Feenyx's picture

@SmokeyJay Have you ever tried a 9-9-9-10-10-13 deck setup? I like it better because when after you take your first 3 9-cost cards, you have to discard a starter item, giving you an extra card point to spend on your item.

ragingpuck's picture

This is a great guide.  It really helped me out when I started last week (I still suck but trying to learn more before diving into PvP). I do have a question for PvP as I haven't tried it yet- is it expected for supports to get wards or keys? In co-op I always get keys since wards pretty much aren't needed.

George's picture

@ragingpuck, as for me personally I'm looking at what teammates are taking. If I see 2 keys then I always take a ward. Map awareness is a must.

IKKIsama's picture

"Once you stack on CDR (Cooldown Rate), her ultimate refreshes just under a minute"

Not that with that build. Any Muriel should go for 40% CDR.

MysteryPayne1's picture

@IKKIsama (not verified), Once you're fully built and have the blue buff her Ultimate will fall just at around a minute.

MysteryPayne1's picture

@IKKIsama (not verified), Once you're fully built and have the blue buff her Ultimate will fall just at around a minute.

Armando G's picture

Amazing, thanks for this guide, @SmokeyJay

MysteryPayne1's picture



Please be come check it out soon,


MysteryPayne1's picture

@Armando G (not verified), Thanks bro! Going to make a lot of changes due to this patch, expect a entirely different Muriel.

S1lentN1nja's picture

hello there guys now I just started with this game
So I was wondering can u make like a guide of these CDR and these thing what is the full name of it I cant find a meening to those xD

B0rnTrouble's picture

I read your guide. Played some muriel games.

AND YES my team loves me and my shields. Thanks man great guide!

so far 4 game winning streak with muriel :)

MysteryPayne1's picture

@B0rnTrouble,  Nice BRO! Just updated to my current build. Still moving things around etc. But, I think I'm getting somewhere with this new meta. Ill be streaming quite often if you want to come check me out any time. 


rad619619's picture

Why do you grab Shaman's Drinks instead of standard Mana Potions at Level 1, and then switching to Shaman's Drinks at level 6? Hit the 40/40 card cap?

rad619619's picture

Oh, and are you sure your guide is updated to .32? You posted "don't put points into this ability" under the LMB ability... sounds pretty outdated to me :)

MysteryPayne1's picture

@rad619619, I typed the information on the abilities the day i released this guide. So, yes its possible some of that information is incorrect. But, the ability information such as CDR, MANA, DAMAGE, SHIELD should all be correct. I appreciate the fact that you pointed those out.

Now, referring to the Shaman's Drinks, yeah its a good idea to place Mana potions at level 1. In my deck I role with both of them. I should have introduced that and kinda assumed people knew to do that.

D4ybreak's picture

Hey man, thanks for the guide. 

I was wondering how you feel about "honor the pure". Since Muriel heals shielded allies this is a way to get extra shields up, power through some incoming damage, alternate with an extra cooldown and get some extra healing on your teammates. 

But I am not sure if the healing also happens on these shields, or only on ability shields.

The card also does not have a completion bonus so you don't need to invest extra points in upgrades. However health and mana is not to bad for Muriel I guess.

Any thoughts?

George's picture

@D4ybreak, well Muriel does not heal shielded allies since removal of all passive abilities.

D4ybreak's picture

Oh, in that case I guess my info is outdated. I wasn't sure. 


George's picture

@D4ybreak, That's OK :)

MysteryPayne1's picture

@D4ybreak, Did you recieve this information from my guide? The descriptions of the abilities may be out of dat. But, the statistics of the abilities are accurate (CDR, Mana, Damage, etc.).

-Currently under revision :/

WHYNOTBRO's picture

about to play my first game as muriel and try my best to fill out the deck with what i have. 

Saydian's picture

Any chance for an update?

MysteryPayne1's picture

@Saydian, going to start working on a updated version now. Even though phase is taking the spotlight, Muriel is still a great support.

George's picture

@ MysteryPayne1, Phase is about to be re-balanced.

MysteryPayne1's picture

@George, about damn time. She broke the game pretty much...even morigesh still neeeds a rework. Medic is probably going to be even more toxic. They said the last 4-5 characters to be released will change the gameplay dramatically.

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