[OT10] Gideon, the Rift Mage (WIP)

Cards Sequence:
Starting Purchases
Energy Damage Cards
Key and Ward (If you want)


Mages/Casters, in most MOBAs, have an amazing ability to control the battle, taking on the middle lane. As Gideon, either solo or duo up in Mid Lane (if you have a friend who plays Feng Mao, I would suggest you double up Mid).

When to use potions and recall to base

Use potions when:

  • Your mana or health falls below 75% maximum AND there are enemies near you or engaging you. Having a higher health or mana means you can stay in the battle longer. There is no difference when using it with a lot of health or using it with little health, as they will improve your health and mana you either way.
  • There are no enemies near you and your health or mana is below 40%, using your potions will help you push your lane much more effectively.

Recall when:

  • You have 1 or 0 potions and your lane is secured, meaning your minions are pushed up, attacking under the tower or your opponents have recalled, too. Allow your health to regenerate while on the stairs to get a head start once your health is back. Be sure to be in Travel Mode when leaving base.
  • Your Core is being attacked or your Friendly Inhibitor is Under Siege (Love that voice).

Using your potions and recalling during these scenarios will give you a significant tactical advantage.


Infinity (Passive) 

DESCRIPTION: Gideon has bonus Energy Penetration

HOW TO USE EFFECTIVELY: Use cards that will give you a lot of Energy Damage. The Energy Penetration you need is already built into Gideon. When looking at his character, the key indicates all of his damaging abilities scale with Energy Damage.

Portal Blast (Primary Attack) 

DESCRIPTION: Low damage, medium range attack

HOW TO USE EFFECTIVELY: Even if you can’t kill your opponent, repeated Portal Blasts will easily take them down 25% to 50% from their maximum health.

Burden (Secondary Attack) 

DESCRIPTION: Gideon fires a projectile that links him to an enemy hero. As long as the two are linked, the enemy is slowed and takes damage over time.

HOW TO USE EFFECTIVELY: Use Burden before casting Cosmic Rift so they are left taking damage for longer. By slowing your enemy, you can land more attacks by using Torn Space to keep the link.


  • Slows the enemy down, allowing for an easier escape
  • By slowing the enemy down, using abilities to attack is much safer and easier
  • Low cooldown


  • Can easily miss or the enemy can dodge
  • Does not prevent enemy from using mobility spells
  • You have to get in close to use it

Cosmic Rift (Ability) 

DESCRIPTION: Gideon opens a rift in the sky dropping meteors at target location.

HOW TO USE EFFECTIVELY: Casting Cosmic Rift in the direction where your enemy is moving will cause them to walk into it, receiving damage. Cosmic Rift’s range is very large, allowing you to do damage to enemies while remaining untouchable. Your enemies may use mobility to escape, which can give you an advantage when following up with Torn Space and casting Black Hole to finish them off. Always be trying to hit your opponent.


  • High damage scaling
  • Large range and mid-sized Area of Effect (AoE)
  • Can prevent enemies from following you
  • Medium mana usage


  • Can be easily dodged
  • Medium-High cooldown
  • Low damage early game

Torn Space (Ability) 

DESCRIPTION: Gideon opens a portal at a targeted area, allowing him to quickly teleport somewhere else. Friendly Heroes can follow him through the portal for a short period of time.

HOW TO USE EFFECTIVELY: Torn Space is very helpful for getting yourself out of sticky situations – or putting an enemy in one. Use Torn Space to unleash your potential, getting close to engage them with all of your spells. If you see a teammate in damage, you can teleport away and your teammate can follow through for a short time, saving them. After saving your teammate, cast Cosmic Rift between you and the enemy to secure your teammate’s safety.


  • You teleport, so you can go through synthetic walls from enemies
  • Teammates can follow you through your portals
  • Really helpful for confusing enemies by teleporting behind them
  • Great for combo moves


  • Medium cooldown
  • Somewhat smaller range
  • Takes a moment to cast

Black Hole (Ultimate Ability) 

DESCRIPTION: Gideon opens his rift device, summoning a black hole overhead. Enemies within the area are pulled toward Gideon and take damage over time.

HOW TO USE EFFECTIVELY: Unlike Cosmic Rift, Black Hole’s AoE is based on Gideon’s location. Black Hole can work as both a finisher and a way to pull running enemies back towards your teammates. Using Torn Space to get up close to your enemy and then casting Black Hole is an effective move. However, if your enemies have their mobility available, they can escape. Prevent this by making them waste their mobility by casting Burden and Cosmic Rift in succession. Be careful when casting Black Hole, as it will leave you defenseless and open for attack, making you an easy target.


  • Can do serious damage early on
  • A fairly large range
  • Prevents enemies with mobility cooldowns from escaping by pulling them in


  • Enemies can still attack you while you are casting
  • The duration of a low-level cast is too short to be able to kill them at full health, even while attacking them while they are retreating
  • The range of the cast is centered around you
  • At a later level, two enemies can kill you while you are casting… easily.

Early Game

Always, always, always buy your cards as fast as possible. You will get to lane faster and be able to control the game earlier.


Once Mid, get to the center as fast as possible, being able to control the lane from the start will give you a huge tactical advantage. Utilize your Cosmic Rift by casting in front of them while they are advancing towards your lane. Since the range of Cosmic Rift is so large, you will be using this spell… a lot. Best case scenario: They take significant damage early. Worst case scenario: They back away from your lane and hang out far or under their tower. Assert dominance early and they will be scared later.

Vs. Melee

If the enemy you are against is not ranged, you will have a serious advantage over them, as repetitive Portal Blasts (primary) will do significant damage. Play as far away as you can from them, and if they attempt to get close, use Torn Space to get away quickly. Torn Space will also allow teammates to follow you. To utilize Cosmic Rift, use Burden to slow them down and cast Cosmic Rift behind them to prevent them from running away or receive damage while running.

Vs. Ranged

If the enemy you are against is ranged, utilize your Cosmic Rift’s range to the best of your ability. If you consistently hit them, by the time your mana is low, their health will be low as well. Cosmic Rift’s range will allow you to attack range opponents outside of their basic attack range. Using Burden (secondary) with Cosmic Rift will cause your opponents to become serious annoyed with and/or scared of you.


If you are outnumbered 1 to 2, you must play far away and carefully, no matter the circumstances. Request help from teammates and hope that they push down the center of the lane, making it easier to do a little damage. Stay behind minion lines or under tower.


If you the opponent is outnumbered 1 to 2, it is okay to have a little fun with the enemy. With your teammate ready to help, you can teleport behind them and Cosmic Rift over yourself. This will either do significant damage to them while they hurt you a little or have them run away into the arms of your teammate. There is no escaping them.

Mid Game

Mid game, by my standards, is indicated once you unlock your ultimate ability.



Build as much Energy Damage as you can. Gideon has built in Energy Penetration, so that won’t be a problem. If you are dying a lot, build armor or health cards. Don’t hesitate to use weak upgrade cards on your passive as they will give you a tactical advantage.

Late Game

This is usually defined after 30-40 minutes have passed and you have maxed out one or two abilities. Your ultimate ability should be level 2 at this point.


Group pushes are easy. Target the most heavily damaged lane, group up, and push. ONLY PUSH IF YOU ARE WINNING OVERALL!

Group defending is a bit more difficult. Never go in with a mobility and keep your enemies at bay. If any of your teammates die, you will be at a serious disadvantage.

Inhibitor/Core Attack

Never attack the Inhibitor by yourself. Attacking the Inhibitor will alert enemies of your presence and you will be shut down. If you are being overwhelmed, nobody will be there to help you.

THE INHIBITOR WILL REGENERATE! YES! IT WILL! If you have a failed attempt at destroying their inhibitor, it will have regenerated enough health that your attacks would have been rendered useless. Make sure to take it down with one push. You cannot attack the core when no inhibitors are destroyed, meaning if an inhibitor regenerates you will not be able to defeat the enemy

Destroying an enemy inhibitor will cause Super Minions to spawn three at a time. Super minions are significantly hard to kill and will make destroying the core very easy.


Do energy damage at hurt the enemy with Cosmic Rift. Also buy Energy Damage cards. Hit hard. Become a Paragon Legend.

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