Rampage – Me no Tank – Deal with it


Rampage – Not a Tank

Rampage was probably Designed as a Tank, as the LMB-Damage Scaling suggests.

It’s pretty low with a 0.365292 Ratio. So once again you have to abuse Paragons Crit and Attackspeed capabilities.

Overall Rampage would be pretty bad as a full tank, because there is absolutely no Reason to Attack him beside a Single Target Stun (unlike Steel). So you have to get Dangerous or everyone will just ignore the Shit out of you.

This Build will let you have

56% Crit Chance,

250% Crit Damage,

200+ Armor or Energy Armor or Both

+84,5 Attackspeed

Overall you can Skip the Tanky Items for even more Attackspeed. But Always think that living longer also grants you more Options to attack your Enemy.

Summary (TLDR)


  • Ton’s of Damage
  • Incredibly good escape and Engage
  • Can Take Tons of Damage thanks to 


  • Will never do the Damage a fully equipped Feng-Mao can do
  • Mediocre laning and pushing skills

Abilities Overview

 – Nice to have

 – Yeah let’s hit them

 – Great Engage, Great Escape, protip, you can stop it with activating it again and land where you actually want to land

 – Pretty long single target stun

 – Well yeah, nice to enhance your 

 – More damage, the less health you have, also giving you tons of health and resets your jump.

Abilities upgrade priority

 >  >  >  > 

Abilities Combos

Describe how to combo abilities to get maximum of them.

  1. Super Jump
  2. Full Panic Escape TIME
     +  >  > 

Early Game

Help with the buffs, go for ganks, try to get some kills and get harvesters.

Card Build

As I said before, getting super tanky isn’t that useful on Rampage, because you will get ignore. Solution -> Deal Damage, so people have to care about you.

Also keep in mind, you are not the only damage of your team, so it’s not your job to 1v5.

I didn’t play Rampage that often, because I find his playstyle not very Interesting, but these are the basics to win games with him. Feel free to ask questions, I will try to answer them as good as I can.

If you don’t own all the cards just try to create a similar build including Attack Speed, Crit, Crit Damage and Armor/Energy Armor.

Overall Playstyle

You got 2 Jobs.

Job 1: Jump into the face of the enemy Carry and act like a mad cat in their face.

Job 2: Make yourself a Number 1 Priority to get rid off for the Enemy Team. You can always escape. There is close to no reason (beside beeing oom) to die in a teamfight.

So when is your time to shine? I would say your job is to counter Initiiate or follow up the Initiiate of Steel or Dekker.

Scenario 1: Your Team get’s attacked. Enemy Steel jumps into your team and the enemy Carrys are preparing to unleash hell on your team. That’s exactly the time where you pee on their parade. You jump directly onto the enemy carry and start to attack them, try to use  to interrupt abilities, such as Muriel’s  or Murdock’s  or TwinBlasts .  You can also use  to get closer to an escaping enemy. Don’t use  too early, because you get more benefit from it, when you use it at lowhp.

Scenario 2: Your Team starts the fight for example with Dekker’s , jump in there and unleash hell. Remember that you can always escape and you have to do so, because a dead Rampage is usually worth nothing. (Of course there are Situations, where you have to sacrifice yourself to achieve a greater good, but usually you are worth more alive)

Always try to focus down the enemy Carries, and if you are not able to kill them, you at least will stop them from dealing damage to the rest of your team.

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