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Abilities Build


Steel is a very interesting character in Paragon and a lot of fun to play if done correctly. Not to mention that this build allows for a lot of versatility and improvisation, letting you counter your enemies as they build their own decks. His ult and charge are basically his bread and butter. With insane engage, he can be quite literally and unstoppable force and immovable object. With even minimal communication, or teammates that actually know what they’re doing simply using your ult can set up countless kills. I myself have gone games with over 30 assists and main Steel because of it.

Abilities Overview

R.I.P. to one of my favorite passives in the game

His basic attack is…well, basic. Punch , 45 dmg every 1.35 seconds wit 30% of damage applied to additional targets hit. To say the least, it has .8 dmg scaling which is higher than that of any other of his abilities. Punch is slow, but can startle an enemy player and make them back off. Mainly a scare tactic because you will not do a lot of damage but you can really take a beating. I’ve gotten right next to a twinblast and spent the next solid few minutes just punching him to death.

Charge  is one of my favorite abilities in the game. Farthest mobility attack of any melee character and maxed out does terrifying damage for a tanky character. Use this like you’re a linebacker in American football and sack the crap out of the enemy carry. I can’t count how many times my opponent just focuses whoever I lane with, i get into travel speed and run right behind them and knock them into my carries face for a kill. Max this out first, the damage scaling is crazy.

Force shield now reveals enemies in the shadow plane who get slowed by its ability. (Anti-Kallari!)

Force Shield , what to say about this beautiful ability. A massive deployable wall that blocks ALL projectiles?! Guess what, it also slows enemies. With Mana Cost: 50.4/53.33/56.25/59.18, and Cooldown: 23.8/22.8/21.8/20.8, this ability can shut down your opponents single handed if they are all ranged. Toss it down right on the far side of a tower and you’re free to deal dmg to the tower.

Expect variation in scaling of defense stats. Going from 3 upgrade points to 4

Shield block  is your last resort. In most cases force shield will be your go to for defense but when that’s down use this and get between your enemy and your carry. With Physical & Energy Armor granted: 25/40/55/70, but also Mana Cost: 46.8/49.4/52/54.6 the mana cost makes it not so worth it. Enough said…

Finally, basically the best ability in Paragon, Shield Slam . This is insane, as only his 3rd option for damage the developers gave him quite the move. Physical Damage: 280/350/420 and Cooldown: 100/90/80. This can chunk enemies without armor and if you’re being greedy (which you shouldn’t be) can kill steal quite easily. Bait out their escape, for example twinblasts jet boots. Then go in for the kill! This ability has a knock up and short stun, so while they cant move, quickly get behind them and combo with a charge to knock a stunned enemy right into your team. Throw up a force shield so no enemies want to attack and you’re good to go.

“Side note” – just deploying force shield is great cc. NO enemies want to walk through it because of the slow and if positioned well that stops them from advancing.

Early Game

Okay to start, almost always begin with charge, you can set up a 1st blood easier than you think. Before you even buy consumables check your enemy team composition. If they have a lot of phyical damage buy guard token, energy? Barrier. Go back to base right when you have 3 and can buy pendulum. Get another 3 and finish off the item. I do this every game, the little boost for tank right off the bat is amazing and having a 6 cost is a great early starter.

Mid Game

Mid game you’re only gonna wanna be tanky for right now. Buy up on tempered plate or tuned barrier to counter your enemies. Then and only then you’re gonna wanna get either your divine shield if your finding yourself being stunned often, or burst engine mainly for the mana regen. You’re gonna want to max charge 1st, your ult, then force shield, and shield block only when you have to.

Late Game

Late game your gonna wanna buy either mind flow or rally the troops. I have a tendency to pick mind flow, the bonus cdr it crazy. Though if you have a lot of ranged allies rally the troops. The bonus attack speed is a great active. Pop it while grouped, ult the enemy and watch his health vanish as your team melts them.


Stay out of the jungle for the most part. You won’t have the damage to clear effectively with this build. Use it for shortcuts and MAYBE killing an overconfident enemy jungler that’s invading your side.


Figure out who is your teams carry and stick with them. You’re job is to get that person as many kills as possible while keeping them alive in the process.


With the removal of travel mode, ganks should be seen as a last resort. Now more than ever you are going to want to think of yourself as a support character. Recall will allow for interesting laning rotations, but stick with your adc/apc.

Gank only when necessary, like I’ve said you have potential to set up kills. If an enemy is overpushing their lane, get behind them with a teammate keeping their attention and ult their sorry butts. Knocking enemies into your own tower does more damage than any other thing you can do. If you charge them into tower fire, then ult. Congrats! Unless they are as tanky as you, you got a kill. (HIGHLY EFFECTIVE)

Please leave any questions or comments below, I will respond at my earliest opportunity. I love feedback and will be constantly updating my build as time goes on. (Up-vote if you feel this guide was helpful!)

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