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Kwang Offlane (Hang Out With Your Kwang Out)

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Hello fellow Monolithians, and welcome to my Kwang Offlaner build. This build utilizes a mix of CRIT and LIFESTEAL. Which I named Hang Out With Your Kwang Out after a buddy and I were joking on Comms. In case your new or you just haven't noticed Paragon has completely changed and we are actually out of that dreadful health and armor META. Therefor this build is for Kwang as being played in the Offlane role, although the build works perfectly fine for jungling as well. Kwang is really good in both postions. Little bit about me, My IGN is Zadkiel_92  and I main Junglers and Fighters. I have Khaimera, Greystone, Grux, and Rampage all mastered and I am currently working on Kwang and Feng Mao. As I said this guide will be discussing what I have learned so far for Offlaning but the build itself will work for Jungling as well. Now lets get started


Here is a quick run through of the type of hero Kwang is. He is a Melee fighter who is considered a burst damage melee who gets most of his damage through rapidly spamming his abilities. Kwang also has extremely high sustain due to his passive lifesteal ability. Through high sustain and bursty abilities, Kwang is perfectly viable for the Offlane role, which we will discuss offlaning in the roles section below. 

Kwang utilizes Corruption and Order as his card affinities. Although in this build I do not use Order at all.

Below is a link to a spread sheet of Kwang's BASE STATS from level 1 through 15 and it also shows the stats of the abiities from level up



This is Kwang's Basic Melee Attack. Dealing 58 Basic Damage. Scales higher with Power.

(RMB / R1) This is Kwang's AoE (Area of Effect) ability. Dealing a strong burst of damage in a circle around him and also applying a decent amount of Basic and Ability Armor for 2.5 seconds. This ability will work whether Kwang is holding his sword or not. When he is not holding his sword it deals AoE damage around where his sword has landed not around him but it still applies armor directly to Kwang. This ability is extremely useful for applying the final blow to a hero or for clearing lanes and jungle camps.

(Q / Square) With this ability Kwang throws his sword. When it lands, it deals 60|80|100|120  of ABILITY damage and tethers enemies to it for 1.75|2.25|2.75|3.25 seconds. The sword remains planted in the ground permanantly until the next Basic attack, the ability is Retriggered, or until Kwang Ults to the sword. Recalling the sword early will break the enemy tether. Use the tether for setting up easy ganks and for combo's like tether for an easy target for Steel's Ult or keeping people from blinking out of Gideons ult. Also, place the sword at the base of your tower prior to backing so that you can ult back to your sword if it is under attack. 

(E / Circle) This is Kwang's Passive: This is an Aura that gives him lifesteal at 8|10.33|12.67|15 to himself and 5|6.67|8.33|10 to all allies in a large radius around him (2000u Range). This aura is also 30% as effective for AOE damaging abilites. With this Passive Kwang is able to sustain on lane without backing for an extended amount of time, healing a little with every basic attack and ability hit. This is also why this build revolves around Lifesteal and Damage. Lifesteal actually increases with the more damage output you deal.

(R / Triangle) Kwang spins his blade around him in an AoE, dealing 220|320|420 ABILITY Damage and applying a --400 movement speed slow  for 2 seconds. If his sword has been thrown and is still out in the world, Kwang will teleport to it before he attacks. This is why I stress leaving your sword prior to backing to base in case you have to make a hasty return to tower. Also, the teleport ability is very good for escaping enemies as well as back dooring the core to end the game, Just place you sword, back to base, Regen up and Ult! I prefer to use his ult as a strong initiation due to the slowing portion of the ability. So when your jungler is coming to gank offlane be sure to throw your  sword to trap  them and ult in to slow them and diminish their health. Make sure to position yourself while they are slowed to minimize their chance of escaping you.

Abilities upgrade priority

Since I am this is a quide for Offlaning I will now discuss my ability upgrade priority for Kwang to serve for sustainment purposes. If you are jungling this may differ a slight bit.

First 5 upgrades are typically the most crucial so here

  1. Gift of the Heavens I start with his passive due to the fact that early game you will be laning against 2 enemies by yourself so the more sustain the better
  2. Light of the Heavens After that I choose his AoE ability to assist in clearing minions as fast as possible. The goal is to keep your tower longer than the enemy offlaner.
  3. Judgement of the Heavens By now your jungler should be making his way to you so go ahead and unlock Kwang's tether so that you can set up  you jungler for an easy gank by locking down the enemy carry. Also, this ability works well for if they push into you tower. You can force aggro onto the carry so the tower targets him and tether his in place.
  4. Gift of the Heavens then I upgrade his passive again just to keep up my sustainability as long as possible.
  5. Fury of the Heavens And of course as my fifth unlock I grab Kwang's Ultimate ability.




As mentioned above we will be going over playing Kwang in the Offlane position, which is on the left lane of the map. The map below has your offlane highlighted in PINK and the enemy offlane highlighted in GREY.

The objective for offlane is simple... Keep your tower as long as possible and defend your Tier 1 tower longer that the enemy offlaner can. If your Duo lane is able to take down the enemy offlane first before you lose your T1 then that allows your support to start rotating and gives your team the headstart. However, you will lose your T1 at some point simply because it is extremely difficult to lane against 2 enemies by yourself. So when your T1 falls do not get discouraged because now it gives you the ability to farm up in the jungle and also gives you the chance to start rotating to mid. As kwang it is fairly easy to push your lane up so once your T1 falls just be sure to keep an eye on your lane and keep it pushed in the right direction.

The white camp circled in RED belongs to you not the jungler! (Though it is good to share)! so grab it every chance you get without letting them take your T1. I prefer to keep it at around 2-3 minions so that it is easy and fast to take. When the enemy duo goes for their gold buff this presents the perfect opportunity to run back and grab this white camp. However anytime the duo backs to base and you cant steal it, don't hesitate to take their Gold buff. This will give you extra farm and keep them from having it. Use Kwang's sword throw ability to snag the last hit on gold buff as well while they are taking it. 

Keep in mind that as the offlaner you will be facing off usually against some sort of support (steel, narbash, fey, ect...) and the enemy carry (Murdock, twinblast, ect...) Facing off 2v1 allows you to level faster, so remember that you will probably hit level 6 way before the enemies even hit level 5. I actually have had multiple occasions where I hit 7 before they hit 5, so don't be afraid to spam your ult and AoE to kill the carry if the opportunity presents itself.


  • Defend T1 as long as possible preferably until your duo can take the enemy offlane T1.
  • Farm up with the offlane white camp
  • Harass the enemy carry so that your jungler can come in and score an easy kill.
  • Steal gold buff every chance you get
  • Keep your lane pushed after you lose your T1 and seize every opportunity to damage the enemy duo's T1 without dying every chance you get.



Early Game

Okay so the countdown ends and the game begins. First thing you do is purchase your Health Potion and Healer Token. These two items combined with your passive will allow you to sustain against the enemy duo for an extended period of time. Now, I know your thinking, well why not start with wards! Well if you do you will not last past the first 2 minutes of the game without dying and you don't need to worry about being ganked because A. you will be in your tower the entire time and not fighting minions in the middle of the lane B. You will use you mini map and pay attention to your surroundings :D. So the match starts and its 1 minute now and minions come running down the lane, however you are not going to the middle of the lane and fighting lane minions, becasue you want to be at your tower for 2 reasons. 1. You cant be ganked as easy while sitting in your tower and 2. it  gives your jungler full lane extention to gank and reduces the enemies chance to get back to their tower as fast. Instead of rushing straight to your lane you are going to let them push the first wave of minions so that the enemy duo is at your tower. You can accomplish this and keep up your CxP (Card experience) by attacking the Offlane white camp (Which is circled in RED on the map above) that spawns at 1:20sec. There will 2 minions spawn, attack them, kill them, and hop on your lane to start defending. The white camp will drop your health down a third but dont waste your health pots until necessary because your healer token and passive can heal you back up pretty quick.

When you hit level 3 you should start calling for help to have your jungler come and gank. Securing an early kill on the carry will ensure that he stays fairly low on level and xp. Don't forget to use Judgement of the Heavens to tether the enemy carry in place when your jungler comes to gank.

Early game focus is simple. Protect your T1 as best you can until your duo lane can take the enemy T1. If you have a jungler that prefers to focus on ganking your lane then you may even be able to push out from the safety of your tower and attempt to push your lane. But the main concern for the first 10-15 minutes is farming up and keeping your T1.

Frequently use the White camp discussed above to keep ahead of the Enemy duo in CxP and hero level.  

Mid Game

As the offlaner I prefer to think of Mid Game does not start until the moment you finally lose your T1 tower, or if your blessed, the moment you take their T1 tower. After, your Tower falls you can get a sense of relief because now you can push out your lane, Farm XP, Help Gank Mid Lane, and Find the perfect opportunity to take the enemy tower. In this phase of the game don't be afraid to poke lanes and attack those pesky Jungle Raptors to gain XP. If the Raptors are on your side then call for your junglers help so yall can split the XP and help him take the 3 raptors for a huge jump in experience. Grab the Gold Buff if possible to take the raptors. And if you have eyes on the enemy jungler then do your team a favor and take out as much of his jungle as you can. 

Late Game

Late Game as Kwang is simple. You are now should be close to full build and have insane burst damage when all your abilities are up so push you lane if not already done and make sure that you show up to team fights to help clean everything up. 

Most of what goes on in Monolith during the late game process is still a little skeptical because we are still learning what to do. And when to do it. But enough about this part of gameplay because most of it will change with every game you play, and lets get into the way I build Kwang!


Please not that this build uses LIFESTEAL and CRIT. The higher the damage output the higher the lifesteal gain because lifesteal scales off how much damage you deal.

Starter Items

As previously discussed I leave base spending my first 3 card points on a Health Potion and a Healer Token

First Back

Try and save up 3 card points prior to backing so you can pick up your Assassin's Ward (Dont worry about building anything into the ward... that comes later)

If you can't back with 3 CxP then pick up a Mana Potion and a Strike Token

I always add about 3 Strike Token to my deck since there are several times I back and have leftover points

Early Cards

After grabbing my Assassin's Ward I go into an early 6 point damage damage and crit card to get some quick damage, crit, and the fully upgrade bonus for it.

Build Spear of the Rifthunter with Minor Strike Minor Strike and a Minor Wound

After you get that early damage and crit you will be wanting to maximize the crit as soon as possible so the next thing I go for is a crit bonus

Build Blade of Agora with Minor Strike Minor Strike Minor Strike

Mid Game Cards

Next thing I prefer to do is get some Attack Speed going and since Thunder Cleaver is OverPowered like crazy now that is what we will be using. This card deals 50% CLEAVE DAMAGE (which is the smaller amount of damage you do to the minions or enemies that are nearby your primary target) and it can also CRIT and you gain LIFESTEAL.

Build Thunder Cleaver with  Kinetic Kinetic and a Minor Kinetic

After you max the Attack Speed card build a 8 point Power and Crit card

Build Riftmagus Scepter with Strike Strike and a Minor Wound

After the i get that next upgrade is damage and crit then it will be time to build some LIFESTEAL and add to you POWER.

Build Thirstfang with  Drain Drain and a Lesser Drain

Final Swap Out Cards

So far we have an Assassin's WardSpear of the RifthunterBlade of AgoraThunder Cleaver, Riftmagus Scepterand a Thirstfang. Now lets add significant POWER to the build. 

Add Major Strike Major Strike Major Strike to the Assassin's Ward

Now it's time to swap out that 6 Point Spear of the Rifthunter and add to your CRIT pool. So go ahead and discard the 6 point.

Build Spear of the Rifthunter with Major Wound Major Wound Major Wound

And that is the total build. The amount of stats you recieve from the cards are listed below.


  • POWER = 150
  • CRIT = 56%
  • CRIT BONUS =100%
  • LIFESTEAL = 20 from cards + 15 from Kwangs passive = 35 total


That is Full build for my Kwang Offlane. Once agian the build also works and hase been test for Jungling if you want to use it for that as well. Just recommend adding the card Stalker's Siphon if you plan to use if for jungling. If you have any questions please comment below or message me on Reddit @Zadkiel92 Also, Please feel free to message me or leave comments with anything you like about my build or anything you would like to see in future builds of mine. Also, if anyone reads this and would like to join in on an awesome community following Paragon please visit my man Covert_GTV on twitch at on Mondays-Thursdays from 8:30pm EST to 2am EST or on Saturdays and Sundays. If you want to get ahold of me then Covert knows how so tune in and check him out. We would love to have anyone join the stream Family known as the Tride and True Covert Crew! Thanks and hope you all enjoy my first Paragon Deck Build! Good Luck and Have Fun.

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