Sev, The Fallen Angel of Jungles


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“Once more into the Fray,

Into the last good fight I’ll ever know,

Live and die on this day,

Live and die, on this day.”  – Jon Treloar

You’re here because you need help to get a kickass Sevarog.

I’m here to give you that help.

Use this as a stepping stone to reach new heights, and send your enemies to the deepest reaches of hell.


This build is gonna make Sevarog, The Jungle King, a serious force to be reckoned with.  What’s better than dealing a lot of damage, or being hella tanky?  ​Dealing a lot of damage AND being hella tanky.  And that’s just how we’re gonna end this guide.  Your end game stats (If you follow this card for card) are gonna look just about like this:

  • 197 Physical Damage (Say whaaatt?!)
  • 147.1 Attack Speed (Just keep swinging.)
  • 16 Physical Pen (Just ignore that really)
  • 3,860 Health (Yeah, You’re reading that right)
  • 10 Lifesteal (You laugh now, but just wait.)
  • 187.6 Physical AND Energy Armor (Tell me that doesn’t give you a half chub.)

Cards Used


Abilities Overview

IMO; This is how shit should go down;

Abilities upgrade priority


Q > E >R > RMB

Square > Circle > Triangle > R1

(Paragon’s currently down for maintenance, and I don’t remember when he can upgrade his abilities, so here’s to level 5, just keep reading and figure everything else out. Will fix this once Paragon is back up.)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


Probably my favorite move that Sevarog has, not only does it have the chance to hit hard as hell, but by getting it to that point, you also look like a total fucking badass.  Whenever possible, make sure your kills (Minion or Hero) are finished off by your Siphon.  By doing so, you’re not only getting XP and Amber, but you’re gaining soul stacks.  Soul stacks can be seen to the bottom left of the Siphon button on your HUD.  Every soul stack tier, Siphon gains an additonal +25 Physical Damage to Siphon.  The tiers are 20/40/60/80, so by capping it out at 80, Your Siphon now does an extra 100 physical damage from the description.  ALSO, (the best part), as you gain soul tiers, keep an eye on your shoulders.  I won’t post any pics or tell any spoilers, but you should totally get to 80 and check out how much of a sexy badass you become.


One of the best stuns (imo), not only does it do an initial stun and a short slow period, but it has range.  You can’t beat that, I mean c’mon.  Very useful if someone’s trying to run to/from you or an ally, or even if you’re trying to get that last little hit on the bastard that barely slipped out of you’re fingers.  It’s absolutely amazing, and never forget that you have it at your disposal.

 Phantom Rush

Phantom Rush is interesting not only because it’s an excellent engagement or retreat, but because you go right through enemies, at a decent speed I might add.  No pesky minions to get under your feet when you’re screaming bloody murder trying to haul ass away from someone you probably shouldn’t have been tangling with in the first place, or vice versa.

 Colossal Blow

I really only use this in extreme cases, like when there’s a team battle on an inhibitor, (friendly or foe), when ruining someone’s day by slamming them into a friendly tower and seeing them get zapped into Amber, or by using it on a wave of minions/Super minions while you’re pushing or defending.  It’s amazing when you have an Ult that’s just as good at offense as it is as defense.

Abilities Combos

Personally this totally depends on how comfortable you are with your character at the moment and what the situation is, but NEVER LEAD WITH YOUR SIPHON. EVER. So here’s an example or two to help out:

Engaging an enemy and not being noticed:  You have the element of surprise.  DON’T WASTE IT BY BEING STUPID.  Don’t use your Phantom Rush to charge in, you may need that for this next part.  So obviously if it’s a character like Sparrow or Lt. Belica, you won’t have much of a problem just laying the beat down on them since they don’t have any escape moves.  Just hold R2 (LMB) and let nature do it’s thing.  For anyone with an escape move, do the exact same thing, but expect them to try to run away.  Be ready to drop a Subjugate on them to stop them cold, then Phantom Rush to catch up and continue the beat down.  Are they close to your tower?  Colossal Blow into your tower, Subjugate to hold them their, and beat the heaven out of them, (Get it? Cause you’re like.. nevermind.)  but this also works if you knock them into a group of friendlies, although you might wanna make sure their paying attention to you before doing so.

Engaging an enemy while being noticed:  This is typically what you’ll be stuck with.  If they aren’t inside the tower, you can Subjugate and move up to start wailing on them, and if they try to escape, follow up with a Phantom Rush and maybe even Colossal Blow and send them flying right back where they were.  If they’re inside their tower, I personally don’t engage.  I just leave and go back into the jungle.  OR SO THEY THINK.  Give them a false sense of security, let them get about halfway away from their tower, then BOOM, GUESS WHO’S BACK?! (Just don’t get ganked, cause that’s usually when someone decides to come help out.)


This is going to serve as both the Card Build and Gameplay Guide, just because it’s so much easier to explain like that. So follow along.

Starting the match we’re gonna use our starting 3 CP to grab a Beastmaster’s Key so we can hit those wonderful Jungle minions just a little harder to start off, and get some Harvester’s going for everyone, BE A TEAM PLAYER.  Red/Blue Buff is readly just up to you, but jungle until you get your next card level. Then you’re gonna go back and get 2 Strike Tokens and 1 Health Token and go right back into the jungle.  You’ll do this and hopefully get another 6 CP fairly quickly, so then you can go back and get your Assassin’s Ward and 3 Lesser Drains. Now you’re doing a decent bit of damage, and you’ve got some lifesteal, so the only reason you leave the jungle now is if you die, you run out of mana, or someone needs your help THAT badly.  From here on out, the cards and upgrades are pretty much going to be per card level, so you should probably make sure you’re floating left/right jungle and helping the lanes if they need it.  Whenever possible, (I always wait until I have atleast 6 CP) go back and start your Spiked Boneplate, with it’s upgrades Greater Guard, Guard, and Strike, so you have some extra jungle survivability and a good damage jump.  Continue what you’ve been doing and go back to get Thorned Greenweave with it’s very similar upgrades Greater Barrier, Barrier, and Strike for better survivability against players, and another damage jump. (These 2 armor cards can be stacked if you have the cards or the need to. This is just for a generic team set up where it’s not more one than the other.)

So now we’re roughly 30min into the game, which in some games means you have about 5min left, so you can just tell this guide to shove off, because we aren’t even halfway there! (Just kidding, we’re about halfway there.)  So you’ll grab Windcarver Blade #1 with Major Strike, Strike, and Minor Strike which really turns out not too shabby, since you get fill the whole thing out with 9 CP instead of 10 with the awkward 2 points left over like the next one, Windcarver Blade #2, which consists of a Major Strike and 2 Strike.  By this point, Your damage, armors, and life steal are done, leaving online a small bit of attack speed, and a whopping 1800 Health, but you have 15 CP to go to get there, and your team is probably needing some help about now.  Work on pushing with your team and getting your last quarter of CP.

WE’RE IN THE FINAL STRETCH!  Well, you are, but I’m there in spirit.  Both teams are probably down to their inhibitors, if not less than 3.  Finish off your deck with Swiftcreek Heart with 2 Beta Health and a Greater Health and BOOYAH BABY, you are now essentially a god.  If Orb Prime has the misfortune of being alive, go show him what it’s like to be powerful, get that lovely Prime buff, (which, by the way, is 100% up to you. The Warlord damage boost is nice, but if you plan on tanking just a tad bit more than trying to do damage, then go the way I did and use The Centurion) and hopefully you’ll be able to end this match and get ready for the next one!

If something happened along the way and a teammate quit, or someone started raging, or you lost, don’t get discouraged, and certainly don’t throw out this deck or Sevarog.  Everyone has bad matches, because everyone has good matches.  Just do your best to work as a team, use strategy, and most of all; HAVE FUN.  You guys don’t understand how upsetting it is to be playing with my guys, and get into a match where there’s a guy just going completely apeshit because someone made a mistake, or didn’t do exactly what he said to.  Remember, IT’S A GAME.  YOU’RE TALKING TO REAL PEOPLE.  DON’T BE A TWAT.

In Conclusion

Sevarog is a heaping mass of dingy robes, precious metals, and all-around godless destruction.  Use him wisely, and wreak havoc upon the poor soul that runs across you.  I hope I managed to cover everything.  I would greatly appreciate any feedback on what I could do to improve the deck or the guide itself, seeing as I plan on making a few more.  I hope you all enjoy this deck as much as I do, and have fun out on the battlefield.  I look forward to seeing you there. 😉

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