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Solid Fey

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This guide may be out of date. The guide author did not update it for more than 6 month.
For the most up-to-date information please refer to the The Fey Build Guide
Guide Updated to Patch #: 


First and for most you are a support hero. Not a damage dealing Twin-blast or Murdock. So STAY OFF THE FRONT LINES cause you can't kill heros by yourself unless they are lvl1. Now saying all that you can solo a lane just have to watch your map and surroundings. Do to no true escape move. People will say you have Bumble Patch(slow), Untamed Growth(aoe), and Fly Trap(ultiment) use them to get away. Well I do in most case when I'm in a bad spot, but you using 2 or 3 moves just to get away. Which is no good. So avoid this by doing the following:

1: Don't play over aggressive and at their towers.

2: Don't chase enemy's, they are in most cases baiting you to a healthy khaimera or Grux

3: Have shadow wards up. Stagger them every 3 minutes.

4: Don't go running into a lost cause team fight.

5: Port back to base when you have no mana (be in a safe area when doing this like under a tower)

Start with




1st card 8 cp

Amp Crystal + Cast + Cast + [i.c:basic-mana]

2nd card 8cp

if your junglers are dumb and not getting harvesters. It will be replaced later with 2nd option later

Magus' KeyCastCastMinor Cast


Solaris ReactorCastCastMinor Cast

3rd and 4th card 11cp on both

depending on the other teams heros and what's been killing you. Build that first then build the other one next

Etherweave MeshBeta BarrierChronoMinor Barrier

Quantum CasingBeta GuardChronoMinor Guard

5th card 8 cp, 10cp, or 11cp

This solves all mana issues. I would upgrade this last. Depending what you do on the last card.

Infinity StreamFocused ShockMinor Shock

6th card 12cp or 14cp

choose the one that counters the other team. Now here your next choose more damage or more survivability. So 3 Major Cast or 2 Major Cast and an Alpha

Venom ShellMajor CastMajor CastMajor Cast


Snakevine MeshMajor CastMajor CastMajor Cast


This is has been working quite well for me.

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