Sparrow loves to crit (Paragon Update 25.1)


Hi there !!!

I hear people shouting everywhere “Sparrow is weak !!! need up !!!” Well, this is true there is no escape on her, and his Right mouse spell is weak..

Okay ! but don’t forget you can’t damage like a monster and have a lot of escape ^^ 

 Lets start with her passive :

Here you could say ! Wow that’s great ! 

Bonus damage on hit ! i will build attack speed ! FATAL ERROR

For the moment Crits are much more powerful than attack speed on sparrow trust me or just test it 🙂

That don’t mean you don’t need it ^^ Just don’t focus on attack speed and waste all your Card XP on it 🙂

Be accurate don’t fail hits on target and win the fight with only 2 or 3 arrows, that is the objective.

Too much attack speed will slow your damage strike power.

 The RMB spell : 

I see two situations :

  • ​First you need to catch an enemy using the travel mode
  • Second you need to finish an enemy with 50hp no more cause you won’t kill him with this spell xD

 The Q spell : 

This spell is the most important, it’s helping you a lot to depush lanes, kill creeps and for sure damage enemies in aera effect.. 🙂

I personaly up this one first.

 The E spell : 

Important too !! 😉 up just after your Q, really effective if your accuracy is good !! :p work on it

 The R spell : 

Beast mode ultimate ! Pierce all your enemies activate your E and let’s dance in a shower of arrows.

This spell is powerfull in jungle with small jungle corridor. Do not waste your ulti for a single player if you can.

Skill order if someone attack :

First launch your Q  stay in your area effect if you are against a CAC else launch it on the distance enemy and fast click on E  then R 


Do not forget !!!! You have no escape so use wards !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first item with 2 shadow wards will be your friends.

Keep in mind

Buy crit cause it’s better than attack speed for the moment on ADC

Buy attack speed when you have at least 25% crit chance

Another important thing !

Sparrow gains 0 attack speed per level, she requires 265 attack speed to reach the maximum attacks per second of 2.5.

TwinBlast only needs 120 Increased attack speed from cards to get the max of 2,5. 

Murdock I don’t know since new patch ^^

So it will cost you a lot as SPARROW to have great attack speed, you will spend a lot of points !! for minimal result

Surprise your enemy with high damage crits = Less chance for him to escape

Do not try RAMBO like actions ! 1vs5 ! just be careful and wound enemies behind your tanks 🙂

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