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Has your game been ruined by a Sparrow? Want to turn that frown upside down? Here is a deck & guide that will help you ruin an enemy team. Yes, ruin.

So, what’s the big deal? Well, I have been playing around with the Lady now for a couple of weeks, and feel like I am getting to know her and more importantly, how to play her effectively.

For the purposes of this guide I am going to assume that you already have played Paragon a fair bit, and have knowledge of the Paragon / MOBA terminology, as well as some idea of how to play as a team.

We all know the Sparrow basics – massive damage, great crit, low movement, and vulnerable to fighters/assassins. An adapted style (I usually tend to go with fighters/junglers) taught me a lot about how to use this character to her full potential:

Sparrow can lane alone (albeit with a bit of help at the beginning to get the upper hand with regard to CXP). Use this knowledge to push empty lanes fast (basic & powers were pretty much made for this) and create pressure on the enemy. If there are multiple enemy heroes – stay clear especially at the beginning of the game. Stay clear of higher level fighters (if you are unlucky at the beginning) – they will annihilate you, especially seasoned Grux & Countess players. Gideon, despite being a caster, is also a constant torment. Be careful.

Sparrow can be a hero assassin. I have hardly ever seen other players getting monster streaks in games I played, and I don’t understand why. I don’t know if it is a confidence issue that players have, but trust in her damage dealing capabilities: a lot of the time, you will kill an enemy hero before they kill you.


Now I have a choice of the following. I tend to beef up on D if the game needs it, but if it looks like we are steam rolling it, I will stack on the dame. Luckily, I have access to the Thorned Greenweave and the Spiked Bone Plate, providing me with an extra complement of energy or physical armour, whilst not neglecting on the damage passive. I say complement, because the Offensive Manoevres card give the hero a bonus 44 armour against both types of basic attack.


Both above are for DAMAGE whilst getting a bit of ARMOUR on. Don’t always use but can come in handy to have in your deck if suffering from a particular damage type. Where there are four upgrades, don’t worry, it is merely to give you an idea of how to balance the item depending on how the game is flowing.

And finally I have this puppy.


I also have a Blink Charm on my deck as well as a few upgrades to fill out the 40. To be honest, I have never actually equipped the blink charm. I have regretted it more than once, but often get carried away with building the core of the deck.

Obviously, I do not recommend linking upgrades – this can prove quite irritating later on. However, on inspection of my deck, it is seems that I have linked pretty much everything bar the superfluous upgrades. Unless you know your character and card inside out, link the duce out of them. Just saves time. And confusion.

Ultimately, it is up to you to figure out what is more important depending on your style of play & each individual game requires a different approach. This is a deck that works for me, especially in the coop mode. Recently have been put off p2p with Sparrow because players have wised up to her tactics… And there’s no escaping a Khaimera (or and now Countess…), even with a blink charm…


Get the Brawler’s key first and DO NOT upgrade it with all Major Strikes. You will fall behind in the time it takes you to acquire 12 CXP and travel back & forth. Get 3, jungle a bit, place 2 harvesters, you should now have 6. Go back, fully upgrade your Brawler’s key and head back to the fight. You will have the ‘completed card advantage’. Use it. Then go for your windcarver, or offensive manoevres or whatever in whatever order suits you 🙂

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you not to upgrade with 3 point upgrades all the time. First it is a questing of maths: you have 6 slots, and 60 points (max) to spend. IF you want to get maximum efficiency, you need to work out a combo that works for you with upgrades.

A quick note on his article; I am not a big fan of wards, and as George so rightly point out, the deck has little escape ability. I rely on my jungler for wards and protection, and if this is not forthcoming, I ‘demerde’ myself, as they say here in the Alps. I usually play with a good mate; I take up harvester duties and he does wards. But I realise not everyone will have that luxury…

Whatever, you get the idea. Optimize your decks – for all characters – it take a bit of time and calculator power, but it is well worth the results.

I’ve now shared my Lady’s deck with you. She’s feeling shy and naked and must now retreat back to Agora. See how this works for you (those new to the game) and feel free to start a discussion for improvements / ideas / counters below!!


Happy gaming y’all

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