Support Gadget


Support Gadget

Summary (TLDR)

The purpose of this guide is to step away from Meta and help destroy threats as fast as possible. This is my 1st guide and Updates will come in the future as well as in game coverage on how to play this roll well. If you have any improvements, please feel free to add them in the comments section and I will review it and test it to see fit. Thank you in advance for taking tome to read this. Enjoy!

Key points:

1) POSITION! You should position yourself either near the Carry or behind the tank. It will take a bit of practice to get positioning down perfectly, but your main intent is to poke as much as possible with your Q while also applying slows with your RMB. Keep in mind that if your RMB bot collides with an enemy hero, it will auto-trigger.

2) Mind your surroundings. If there is a Kallari in the opposing team, make sure you place the ward behind your team. Most gank-focused heroes will position themselves behind the team so it is imperative you have vision around you at all times.

3) The poke should be focused around the Carries whenever possible. Poking a tank should never be a focus unless your carry can shred him fast. Be mindful of your mana/hp while poking.

4)  Engaging with your ult is easy. Use it to separate the entire team from the carry or vice versa while your team destroys everyone else. NEVER use this skill to “Kill Secure” unless it is absolutely necessary. Having your ult up at all times makes for safer team fights.


-High poke potential against standard lanes

-Can solo lane if build is tweaked a bit

-Highly mobile champ for entire team

-Long range for poke

-Decent Cooldowns on skills


-No heals or shields

-Very squishy early to mid game

-hard to snowball laner if too far behind

-has a learning curve if not familiar with support role

Abilities Overview

Her kit is semi simple. So, for entertainment purposes, I will help you with key combos.

To poke it is fairly simple. Use her Q when you have a chance. Remember that there is a delay with her Q so I recommend use when there are minimal minions. I usually try to aim a bit behind the enemy to assure that it will latch on target. Also, it is wise to remember that it can be attached to friendlies as well, so use this to your advantage on tank.

Her Speed Gate (E) will be mainly used as an escape and rarely as an engaged, although it is good either way. With this new patch, Speed gate kind of got nerfed, so I would just keep as an escape to be safe. Do not use this for damage (remember it speeds friendlies and do minimal damage to enemies) since we will not be putting skills on this until late game.

Her Ult was briefly explained but use it to separate the enemies. Once separated, your team will be able to pick off everyone one by one.

Abilities upgrade priority

Q > RMB > R>LMB > E

Abilities Combos

Describe how to combo abilities to get maximum of them.

  1. Early Game
    Q → RMB  (This will be your usual combo to poke as much as possible efficiently.)
  2. Mid Game (offensive)
    R → Q → RMB
  3. Mid Game (defensive)
    R → Q → RMB → E for engage or disengage.

Early Game

Fairly simple tactic, follow your team through jungle (if in a 5v5 team) and leech as much xp possible. Once separated into standard lanes, play aggressive as safe as possible while carry farms. This will help your carry while denying the enemy. Once you get your support items (Cards 1-2-3) you can start playing more defensive while you get your 4th and 5th cards. If team fights early, position yourself right behind tank to poke and then fall back a bit while your skills are on cooldown.

Mid Game

Similar to early game, but midgame you will be fairly weak so try to play somewhat defensive while poking when you get a clear window.

Late Game

This will be the fun part of the game. Position yourself near the carry and poke with him/her. by this point you will have armor sufficient enough to not get one shotted. REMEMBER to always ward behind during team fights so you wont get ganked.

Card Build

Standard starter build. I like to position my wards in the invisible area as far as possible without exposing it. Gives you vision of the area as well as ample time to know when a gank is coming.

Cards 1 and 2 are dependant on your carry. if you see that they are draining many rather rapid, then snag Mana circlet 1st and vice versa. The instant you have enough for Lords Ward, sell the scout one. You wont get much from upgrading these right away besides the individual stats from the upgrades so I recommend you not upgrade the circlets until later.

if you run out of mana fairly fast, I would rush for a few upgrades on circlet to help solve this issue AFTER upgrading Advanced Mana on Wellspring Staff. Thanks to Kizr, I have changed this a bit to add more DPS which will benefit with poking.

Your next item should be your survivability item. This is mainly due to the team composition you are going against. In the case that you are against a pretty balanced team, I would go defensive against the damage type that is carrying.  In the rare case that you die too fast and both types are slaughtering you, then sub Lord’s Ward for more armor.

Your last mod should be your CDR item. Why CDR last? Mainly because it is at this point when everything hits the fan and most teams go all in. This will help you spam as much and as fast as you can.

Once you get here and have upgraded your cards accordingly, now you can upgrade your support items. Good luck out there!

Jungling Phase

Remember to not last hit and to stay close in case you get ganked. Once this phase is done, you separate into your standard lanes, unless otherwise specified by your team shot caller.


Pretty standard and I wont go into much detail since I already have. Play safe and poke as much as possible.


You dont really gank as much, but a good support MAKES PLAYS! If you have a competant enough carry, you should go out and help make plays. After all, you have the potential to slam people to the ground.

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