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In-depth guide is a work in progress (WIP).

Tl;dr of in-depth guide

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Who is Tripsyk, and why should I listen to you?

Tripsyk is the person who will turn your Muriel game into god-mode for your team.

But seriously, I’m a very competitive, analytical gamer who has competed professionally in a number of games. Here are my sheet credentials:

World of Warcraft arenas: Rank 1 2v2, Rank 4 3v3, Rank 2 5v5 as Holy Paladin.

League of Legends: Gold 4 ranking, #6 NA ranking for Anivia performance, #18 world for Anivia performance.

Heroes of the Storm: Rank 4 Hero League, Rank 10 Team League

I almost exclusively play Muriel in Paragon. My profile can be viewed here at .

What is a Muriel?

Muriel is a defense-oriented caster. In my opinion, she has above and beyond the best skill kit of any of the champions in Paragon. Played correctly, it isn’t uncommon to have 25+ assists per game and <3 deaths. She exceeds in the every phase of the game (early, middle, late game) due to her shields purely off of skill level. Since her skill kit is primarily defensive spells, she is best played in a support/utility role.

Base Stats and Stat Scaling

Health: 400 (+100 / level)

Mana: 200 (+25.8 / level)

Health Regen per second: 1 (+0.2 per second / level)

Mana Regen per second: 0.8 (+0.1032 per second / level)

Physical Armor: 6 (+0.6 / level)

Energy Armor: 6 (+0.6 / level)

Attack Speed: 100 (+1.4 / level)

Movement Speed: 400 (+0 / level)


Passive –  Restoration

Spell Description: “Muriel grants bonus health regen aura to nearby shielded allies. The health regen aura applies to any ally with a shield from any source.”

Health Regen: 14 Health per Second

Left-Click/R2 –  Orb

Spell Description: Long range, low damage attack.”

Energy Damage: 49.95/56.19/62.43 (Plus 37.5% Energy Damage)
Range: Standard auto attack range
Attack Speed: 1.5/1.48/1.46 seconds per attack

Right-Click/R1 –  Alacrity

Spell Description: “Fires an orb toward your reticle . If Muriel or an ally pick up the orb, they are shielded and gain a burst of movement speed.”

Shield: 135/310/465
Shield/Speed Duration on target hit: 2 seconds
Shield Duration (orb on ground): 8 seconds
Range: ~Four times the range of an auto attack.
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Mana Cost: 52/56/60
Movement Speed Bonus: 200/250/300 movement speed

Q/Square –  Serenity

Spell Description: “Muriel fires out a projectile in a line that passes through all enemies hit. Any enemies hit are slowed and take damage. Stops at heroes.”

Energy Damage: 75/105/135/165/195 (Plus 75% of Energy Damage)
Slow Duration: 3.5 seconds
Slow Penalty: -120 movement speed
Range: Slightly longer than an auto attack
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Mana Cost: 52/56/60/64/68

E/Circle –  Consecrated Ground

Spell Description: “Muriel creates an AoE bubble that applies a shield to friendly heroes. At the end of the ability, the bubble collapses, damaging enemy heroes in it.”

Energy Damage: 60/90/120/150/180 (Plus 25% of Energy Damage)
Shield: 100/152/204/256/308
Duration (On ground): 2 seconds
Shield Duration (On Allies): 5 seconds
Cooldown: 18/17/16/15/14 seconds
Mana Cost: 56/60.5/65/69.50/74

R/Triangle –  Reversal of Fortune

Spell Description: “Muriel targets an ally anywhere on the map. After a short delay she grants the ally a shield and will fly across the map to their location. Once Muriel arrives, she will knock enemies away and shield allies near her target.”

Shield: 450/575/700
Shield Duration: 3 seconds
Range: Anywhere on the map
Cooldown: 130/120/110 secpmds
Mana Cost: 100
Knock-Up Duration: 2 seconds

Strong Lane Partners


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Feng Mao

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The Game Guide

The Entire Game

Map Awareness

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Since Muriel’s ultimate allows her to travel across the map quickly, you should dedicate conscious effort to gather your teams harvesters. You are the best person to do this during the course of the game as the Jungler will eventually jungle less, and no other champion has the ability to teleport like Muriel  does.

Early Game

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Mid Game

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Late Game

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Ganking/Using Ultimate

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Card Build Explanation

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Muriel FAQ

Q: What role is Muriel typically played as?

A: Muriel is typically played in a support/utility role, since her energy scaling is not very great.

Q: What do Muriel’s skills and abilities scale with?

A: Here is a breakdown of how Muriel’s skills scale with equipment stats:

  • (Passive) Restoration – None
  • (Left Click) Orb – Damage scales with Energy Damage
  • (Right Click) Alacrity – None
  • (Q) Serenity – Damage scales with Energy Damage
  • (E) Consecrated Ground
    • Damage scales with Energy Damage
    • Shield scales with None
  • (R) Reversal of Fortune – None
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