TwinBlast – The most defensive Carry


TwinBlast – The most defensive Ranger

TwinBlast is the only Ranger that has an Escape Skill, that makes him very versatile in either chasing or running away. Overall try to keep your  to escape fishy situations.

Working on a new Guide which seems to work better in early game. Will release it as soon as I  have tested it enough and can have multiple card builds.

Summary (TLDR)


  • Good Damageoutput
  • Good Escape
  • Not dependant on his Ultimate


  • Squishy
  • Less Damageoutput than Sparrow and Murdock thanks to his  Scaling

Abilities Overview

 -> Gives you Attackspeed, no need to explain.

 -> Your worst Ability, doesn’t deal significant Damage. Use it as a slow, don’t even try to use it for farming.

 -> Decent Damageoutput, slight AoE. Overall okay. Only downside: You can’t use  while having it active.

 -> Your Bread and Butter, no need to explain.

 -> This is what makes you different than any other Ranger. You can run away from bad Situations or escape ganks.

Abilities upgrade priority

 >   >  >  > 

Early Game

Farm and try to participate in Kills. Also getting an early Redbuff can help.

Mid Game

You are starting to deal damage, try to stay within Teamfights and get them Points

Late Game

Now you are the Damage that will win your Team the game, you deal tons of damage with very high attack speed.

Card Build

Damage > Crit enhance > Crit Chance > Attack Speed > Utility (like health)

Overall your  starts with a bad Scaling, so it isn’t important to get damage early on.

I was wrong, Damage first gives you tons a really big advantage in the early game. Your Attackspeed makes up for the loss of Scaling.

About Me

I’m a 23 year old Student, living in Austria.

I have played every moba that was invented in the last 10 years and got some experience that way.

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