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Kill-snare Killari (UNIQUE)

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This guide may be out of date. The guide author did not update it for more than 6 month.
For the most up-to-date information please refer to the Kallari Build Guide
Guide Updated to Patch #: 

Summary : A very clever build. I totally hope players can appreciate this setup as much as i do. 

**This guide will only need minor modifications. I do use this current deck and will NOT be releasing a new video/updating this guide until AFTER Monolith drops-there would be no point in pre-emptively releasing material that will all soon change. Thank you for your patience** Crucial snare will be altered, among other things pertaining to this fantastic deck. Video coming soon**

IGN:Skarlet-rogue (lvl.7 Kallari)
Division: Gold

Hello all!
Kallari is one of my main's(next to Sevvy) so I have a very effective build and have been wanting to share. It's...truly amazing-and i get into detail why, here.

Key points
-This build will allow players to secure kills more
-This build will allow you to get away in the most dire circumstance
-This build allow's for less-demanding mechanical gameplay. 
      -In other words, you can play slightly sloppier or make mistakes and still score      kills(sometimes more!) and even avoid certain death in some cases.
-The Snare/The Spike--->read below


R > E >RMB > Q


*to be completed*

Please read on below for deck build and details on "The Snare"

***(Be sure to check out other Hero-Gameplay guides by Skarlet-Rose)***

Abilities Combos

        *to be completed*




          *to be completed*
Early Game

Mid Game

-Mid-late game, if there is no one to assassinate you should be pushing vacant lanes instead of farming jungle camps. Grab red or black buff if you need-but Kallari's ability to retreat safely means you should be aggressively pushing vacant lanes--and using death sentence on enemies in your towers.

Late Game
          *to be completed*

Card Build



The Warlord

3 points: Vampiric Elixir+Mana Potion+Strike Token


Next 3 points:
-grab tokens of your choice; Barrier Token/Guard Token/Health Token/Strike TokenI use any i think will be best in that match-but i usually get at least another strike token because of the next step.

Grab Stalker's Siphon+Lesser Drain+Minor Kinetic+Lesser Drain (or whatever you have/need) but i suggest comboing this with your elixir for strong regen early game if you're gonna hit at least green buff. 

Next 3 points: Sorcerer's Ward leave it alone until end-game

Next 3-6 pointsDiscard Stalker's Siphon and grab Adamant Edge+Minor Strike+Minor Strike+Minor Strike

Discard ANY token and acquire Crucial Snare on next level up, then discard both your Vampiric Elixir and Strike Token and pick up 3 pt cards whenever you can-leaving your mana potion last as well as the upgrades on crucial snare.

continue to discard tokens to make room for items and level them as you go.
For the next points
Windcarver Blade+Minor Strike+Kinetic+Major Kinetic (Get strike first..)

NOW: ditch the (temporary)6 point-Adamant Edge+Minor Strike+Minor Strike+Minor Strike or Lesser Health and go with WHAT YOU FEEL will help you most by now.
12 points Thirstfang+Strike+Strike+Concentrated Drain
the next 12 points:
Voidsteel Dagger+Major Strike+Major Strike+Major Strike

Finally, Fracturing Spike+Focused Pierce+Advanced Spark+Focused Pierce OR another Focused Pierce

ALL of our bonus upgrade cards are now complete

Upgrade Crucial Snare with Minor Pierce+Minor Pierce-2 points= 6 total
and Sorcerer's Ward=(2)Greater Drain OR (1)Major Strike and 1 greater drain.  6 points=9 total

You can totally choose to ditch the ward or the snare and spend the points on something like Backstabber
or Traitor's Touch but at your own discretion

Final Build:

(temp.)6 points 
Adamant Edge+Minor Strike+Minor Strike+Minor Strike or Lesser Health

9 points Sorcerer's Ward=Greater Drain+Greater Drain OR Major Strike+Greater Drain
12 points Thirstfang+Strike+Strike+Concentrated Drain
9 points Windcarver Blade+Minor Kinetic+Strike+Major Kinetic
12 points Voidsteel Dagger+Major Strike+Major Strike+Major Strike
12 points Fracturing Spike+Focused Pierce+Advanced Spark+Focused Pierce
6 points Crucial Snare+Minor Pierce+Minor Pierce

approx. values
Shadowalk: 480 dmg(before armor reduction)
Ultimate: dmg 
Dagger: dmg
Attack: 152.4/attack

Health: 1150
Health LPH: 20-35

Mana: 535

And swap out Sorcerer's Ward Traitor's Touch or Backstabber if you feel your team has enough wards and don't have to de-ward yourself (which is rare), but honestly i find that wards are too essential.

***(Be sure to check out other Hero-Gameplay guides by Skarlet-Rose)***


The Snare
-Since Kallari's last buff, she gained a new affinity-Intellect.
-This opened up the possibilities of using intellect cards to Kallari's advantage.
-Not only is Fracturing Spike a great piercing card with mana regen-the 13 phys. damage is a nice bonus when it is completed, which makes Kallari an absolute menace late game with physical penetration.. Congrats-you can now sincerely mess anyone up with no hope of them getting away-even tanks.
-The best card in this deck by far is Crucial Snare-not only does it give us early physical penetration AND cooldown-the active is notable.
     -This will alow you to; 1. Totally lockdown any attack-damage-carry. 
                                            -this is especially useful when catching a murdock, sparrow, Grimexe
                                             or twinblast deep in your lane and out of position.
                                            - If you happen to miss landing your dagger-you can bet the enemy                                                   will want to vengefully shoot you in reciprocation for ambushing him-                                                use your snare to catch him off-guard and close the gap
                                        2. Get away when you totally mess up, or miss landing your dagger, or  
                                             simply get ambushed by a deathball-gank(which unsuspectingly    happens-and your invis  backflip won't always save you from a good team.

Since travel mode's buff in the latest patch-this 34% reduction of movement speed is even more significant. 34% of 450(ranger/caster movement attack speed) and 472.5(fighter movement attack speed) is 297 and 311.85 .This gives us a huge advantage that is most-apparent in-game. (tip: you move 15% faster when not attacking) Combined with Kallari's movement buff in stealth mode, I cannot express how useful this is to locking down ADC's faster and increases your chance of survival and closes distance for the kill.

I cannot express how many crucial moments this saved my life from enemy crowd-control, or even just a second or two to flip and go invisible after securing a risky-kill.(Go-low-health-Kallari!!)
It also totally ensares enemies in your assault when done correctly-they hardly stand a chance.
Finally-it allows plenty of wiggle-room in Kallari's demanding gameplay, and allows you to be even more deadly when your game is on!!

***(Be sure to check out other Hero-Gameplay guides by Skarlet-Rose)***

-more complex on monolith- to be developed-

Jungling isn't practical with Kallari until at least level 3 (invis and backflip), and less vulnerable to deathball ganks in the jungle.
*this is where most Kallari users make the mistake of heading into jungle right away.*
-If or when you do head to the jungle-try to have a siphon tucked into your deck.

-more complex on monolith- to be developed-

-Mid-late game, if there is no one to assassinate you should be pushing vacant lanes instead of farming jungle camps. Grab red or black buff if you need-but Kallari's ability to retreat safely means you should be aggressively pushing vacant lanes--and using death sentence on enemies in your towers.

*to be completed*


  1. Q:Does this build do enough damage?
    A: This build does tons of damage. pierces armor. 
    We  have Adamant EdgeWindcarver Blade that is health so we're not soooo squishy, attackspeed to deliver the damage on both cards, then it really stacks with Voidsteel Dagger, by this time we have Crucial Snare already so we have penetration already, and as mentioned Fracturing Spike carries 12 additional power to the endgame whilst bringing heavy pen. from both the spike and the snare, which will decimate any armour on the team.

    After extensive testing i have perfected this deck to full functionality. You can choose to have less damage for more health on adamant edge-but i wouldn't suggest it as we have the snare to help us stay alive.

    A: Luckily-Fracturing spike Fracturing Spike has mana regen as a passive, and now crucial snare as wellCrucial Snare-so if there is a serious lack in armour amongst the enemy team, you can choose to swap a concentrated pierce out for an advanced spark or two.
    However i find that kallari is more of a striker than an ability user-and you should be saving mana for kills and escapes only-unless you're in the jungle of course.
    The good news is now, you can also viably swap out fracturing spike for Steelcutter Gem OR Burst-Engine OR Muta-Gem.
    Whichever you believe will benefit YOUR gameplay.

    ***(Be sure to check out other Hero-Gameplay guides by Skarlet-Rose)***

GagballBill 1's picture

Interesting Deck so far.

Using "Crucial shield" is a great idea, it really saved my butt quite a few times while i tried your deck.

I still have to get used to it, but it already feels pretty good :)

Thank you for sharing it!

Skarlet-Rose's picture

@GagballBill 1- It pleases me greatly that you tried it and see the benefits!

Granted-it won't save you or be effective in every single situation, but this is the learning curve of using it. I know rangers are always caught off guard when they slow down from vengefully hitting me. (sometimes with the dagger slow it seems a bit unfair haha)
-Ontop of that you get a nice cooldown ;)

You are most welcome!! i still use it-i'm happy to hear other's might/will!! :D

GagballBill 1's picture

@Skarlet-Rose, Yep, this build works really well.

I just tried it again in two matches - and this time not drunk. It worked even better. When Kallari's playstyle was changed, I really had a hard time to find a Deck which was useful, but at the same time fun to play.

And I have to admit, before "Intellect" was added, I couldn't see any reason left why to play here. I must admit that I didn't even took the time to check new possibilities, because I thought I was done with playing her again.

I guess this guide brought me back to her ;)

Even if, for me personally, a bit difficult to play without Mana. I think I simply don't have the patience to play it exactly as you do ;)

The results of this deck are still very nice and I'm happy to play her again in a way she's kind of supposed to be played, I guess.

Skarlet-Rose's picture

@GagballBill 1
That is actually glorius that you have decided to come back!!-Kallari needs to start winning some matches :p

Oh i do definitely do have to keep an eye on my mana! I hit blue buff if no caster on my team needs it for this reason-even late game, takes only a few seconds. 

You know- There is enough penetration on this deck that one could easily swap out voidsteel dagger for burst engine or fountain spike, or even steelcutter gem.
And mix in your preference of mana in that way.
All those have something for kallari while including mana-if you have any of them. :)

Honestly my biggest flaw is forgetting to use the snare-i have died a few times or lost a kill and wondered if things would have been different or not. :p

I'll admit too-i didnt think too see anything deeper by adding intellect to kallari(makes sense-you have to be pretty brainy/crafty to play her) I think shockwave could work too but that's too many cxp for me, and i like Crucial snare's cooldown.

This is excellent, hope you have fun! :D

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