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field CCommander

Become the tide of battle and an unstoppable, and hilariously annoying, force of f***age

lol the build name is a pun, hahaha I’m funny.


If you look at this guide for a build that’s one thing, if you look at this guide for strategy that’s another, but always remember … I’m a funny guy J

4/12/2016 – This post contains few links to videos at the moment, these will be coming as soon as I dig through my clips and make them.  Sadly I can’t do that with school at the moment, but they will be here in the near future to show off combos, tricks, and tips.

4/12/2016 – This post was written for Dekker during Early Access and as such will be updated with changes that I see fit over time in conjunction with if/how/when Dekker is changed if that so occurs, either outside of, or within, Early Access, closed/open beta, and/or full game release.  Cheers

Summary (TLDR)



Strong battlefield presence

Strong team fight support

Mixes well in small team fights


Movement boost, AoE slow, skill shot stun:  Such a versatile kit!

Free escape move with ultimate (if scrub)


Somewhat squishy (to be expected)

Low lane clear potential early game

Low 1v1 potential

Ultimate can be canceled

Ultimate can SCREW teammates over in the blink of an eye

High skill cap to be truly successful


Whatup, I’m Alytrinix and welcome to my ultimate Dekker guide.  Dekker is personally my favorite support in the game, yes more so than Muriel, and if done correctly she can be an intimidating presence on the field.  With a single combo she can influence the tide of a fight, stop a gank, or make a smooth get away.  Her ultimate alone can allow your melee fighters to focus a single target while making ranged useless if cast correctly, but with great power comes great responsibility.  If done incorrectly her ultimate will wipe your team faster than you can say “Sorry, I f***ed up.”  Her versatile kit allows her to move through enemies with easy to reach a specific target or completely control the battlefield.  You are the tide of battle, you are the one that allows someone to live or die, you are …. the field CCommander.

Add me in game if you want, I may or may not accept all invites, but hey if my gaming crew isn’t on I’ll jump in with ya 😀

IGN:  Alytrinix

Abilities Overview

         “When Dekker uses an ability, she shares some of the mana used to cast the ability with nearby allies.

Holy. Living. Poop. On. A. Stick. Batman.  Dekker shares mana with her teammates when casting an ability.  SAY WHAT!!?!?  Your passive allows your teammates to fight to their hearts content, making friendly gideons cream while pushing a lane.  Oh you need a lil mana?  Lemme just pop Rocket Boots and a slow bubble on this next wave of creeps and WABAM, you’ve got 30% more mana than you did and that lane can get pushed that much harder.  Oh you need to get out of this team fight and you’re boost jump is off CD, but you’re out of mana?  Lemme slow and stun your attacker and WABAM you just got out of a fight and I laughed while that Murdock that was trying to kill you was just robbed.  This passive is amazing, stay near your teammates and make it count.

          “Dekker fires a medium damage energy blast from her staff.

Energy Damage:  49.95/56.19/62.44

Energy Scaling:  0.375

Coodown: 1.5

Your standard basic attack, nothing too special or spectacular with it.  Go out there and shoot s*** tiger.

        “Dekker creates a bubble at a target location. Enemies within the bubble are slowed. After a time the bubble will pop, dealing more damage the longer it is active. The bubble can be detonated early by re-activating the ability.”

Energy Damage: 60/90/120/150/180

Energy Damage Scaling: 0.25

Mana Cost: 56/60.5/65/69.5/74

Cooldown: 17/16/15/14/13

Ya know the Snoop Dogg song “Peaches and Cream”?  How about how well peanut butter and chocolate go together?  Pizza and pop?  Well Slow Bubble and Stasis Bomb are your one – two combo, your bread and butter, your peaches and cream.

Slow Bubble is your area slow that explodes to deal damage.  It can be canceled early to do the damage early if your placement is poor.  But that does Slow Bubble no justice.  This spell is BAE.  Its area is obscenely large and you can cast it with STUPID LONG range.  It will be the spell that helps give you lane clear mid and late game, and the spell that will start 90% of your combos in competitive play.  Late in game this spell also can hit decently hard for a support mage so never underestimate how good your Slow Bubble is.  Bubble is BAE.

Placement of this spell is key!  You want to aim your bubble so that the epicenter is directly at the feet of your target when it is placed.  Inversely, in a team fight this spell can be placed to slow an entire group, or target a specific person.  The choice is yours, you’re the one commanding the fight, you’re the one influencing the entire motion of the ocean.

You want that Gideon to retreat and coax the rest of the group to charge?  Drop a Slow Bubble over the rest of the enemy team except for the Gideon and basic him once or twice, then pull back.  None of his teammates can get to you while super slowed and you put a lil damage on their Gideon.  You can use this spell in numerous ways, just use it once and you’ll watch as the enemy retreats from the bubble afraid of where you’ll place your next CC.

         “Dekker throws out a projectile that bounces along the ground, damaging any minions it passes through. The bomb will explode upon reaching max range or directly colliding with an object, terrain or enemy hero. If the projectile hits an enemy Hero, they are stunned based on how far the projectile traveled before hitting.”

Energy Damage: 75/105/135/165/195

Energy Damage Scaling: 0.75

Mana Cost: 52/56/60/64/68

Cooldown: 20

The single most infuriatingly, hilarious, spell in the game in my opinion.  A slow firing, slow travel speed projectile that stuns on impact, that increases the stun duration for the distance travelled.  WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH, say WHAT!?!?!?!?  You didn’t know that the stun increased? Well lemme tell you something son, it’s friggin DOPE.

If shot at someone directly up in your chili it will only stun them for a fraction of a second, but if you hit someone with Stasis bomb at max range they will be stunned for up to 2.5 seconds.  2.5 SECONDS.  One more time, 2.5 SECONDS.

Skill shooting this bouncing ball of f***age and hitting your target from downrange, will leave them exposed more than long enough for any carry or assassin to come up and OBLITERATE them while they hopelessly flail and take a knee.  Nothing is more satisfying then hitting this from the rear line of a team fight and watching as your team DEVOURS whomever you hit.

Not only does this bouncing ball of f***age turn you into an annoying, distant twat, but it also can ruin people’s skills if shot correctly.  If you see someone casting a channeled skill and you don’t want to get hit by, just lob a stasis bomb at them and watch the fury in their eyes grow.

List of Known Canceled moves by Stasis Bomb (As of Early Access)

1. Muriel’s ult (Can be shot at the correct moment to cost her the mana and CD, but prevent her from taking off)

2. Feng Mao’s ult (Can be shot at the correct moment to cost him the mana and CD, but prevent him from doing any damage)

3. Rampage’s ult (Can be shot at the correct moment to cost him the mana and CD, but prevent him from changing size and gaining the 1500 health)




I am in the process of testing every spell in the game against Stasis Bomb, once I have concrete evidence and have 100% guaranteed that Stasis Bomb cancels an ability I will add it to the list.  Videos will be posted at the bottom with timing for each hit to maximize your battlefield prowess.

“Dekker ignites her rocket boots launching her into the air and giving nearby allies a quick movement speed boost.”

Movement Speed:  150/185/220

Mana Cost: 52/56/60

Cooldown: 15/14/13

Rocket Boots are your only mobility enhancing skill, a jump with some extra movement speed for allies in the vicinity.  I mainly use this skill passively to remove myself from unwanted situations or to hop onto a ledge to initiate a fight for my carry.  Self-explanatory and straight forward.  Impossible to mess up.  It’s just there.

          “Dekker erects a Containment Fence at a target location, trapping both allies and enemies inside. Allies can shoot through the fence but enemies cannot. Allies within the fence are granted a shield.

Shield: 250/500/750

Mana Cost: 100

Cooldown: 100/90/80

Duration: 5

Containment Fence is without a doubt, the only ultimate that can ruin the flow of the game ENTIRELY if you use it wrong.  Rather than going into details of how this spell works and why it’s good, I’m gonna list some situations that make your ultimate amazing.  If you accidentally trap someone then you can tap R or Triangle to cancel your ult and have the walls drop immediately.

  1. Containment fence can cover an entire intersection of jungle paths or completely block a single path.
  2. Use it to lock your target in place while someone comes to get them while preventing them from escaping.
  3. Use it to lock you target in place while you run away.
  4. Use it intelligently to lock specific targets, or prevent ranged from hitting your melee compatriots while they devour the poor soul you trapped inside.
  5. Use it to trap your under leveled stupid map spamming carry in a bubble with the enemy Murdock.  CAGE MATCH MOTHA F***A.

Through practice and trying different scenarios you’ll find your niche on how to use this ability well.  But remember, WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY.  No one likes the Dekker who is bad at her ulti and traps people at the wrong time or traps the wrong person entirely, but everyone loves a Dekker who can ulti well.

Abilities upgrade priority

E > Q > R > LMB > RMB

Circle > Square > Triangle > R2 > R1

Slow Bubble is BAE, Stasis Bomb makes you a team fighter, Containment Fence gives you field control, Energy Orb gives you a presence, and Rocket Boots is your utility escape.

I know, people say you shouldn’t upgrade her basic because she is a support mage first and foremost, but when played with a deck style like mine there is a distinct reason that it is left in the dust.  Trust me on this one, or feel free to change it up a bit, the choice is yours.

Abilities Combos

Being a support mage at heart you don’t have a lot of combos that you can pull out of your sleeve.  However, you still have a sick NASTY combo that is hysterical to pull off and harass with.

  1. Early Game
    E –> Q –> LMB
  2. Mid Game (offensive)
    R –> E –> Q –> LMB
  3. Mid Game (defensive)
    R –> E –> Q –> LMB

Card Build

Agora Deck Builder Link:

Foreword:       This deck seems WEIRD at first glance, a support mage that goes damage half way through the build, what the f***!?!?!?! LISTEN, you don’t like something about the deck then change it, I will never know or care, or even give a flying fart is space.  This is how I build her to do some DISGUSTING plays and I’ll explain the reasoning behind every item as I go through.

Below is the list of the items that are put into the build, at the end of this section I will detail the exact order in which I build them in because I do not fully upgrade some items immediately.

With that being said, here we go:

Overview of Items

First Item:

Magis Key


1x 3 cost Advanced Mana

2x 2 cost Mana

Why I choose this piece:

You are first and foremost a support in a game where the proper support at the right times can change the game.  Period. Magis Key gives you the 3 second harvester time placement which is obscene.

At 3 minutes your main goal is getting inner harvester on your side, at 6 minutes your main goal is getting outer harvester on your side, and at 9 minutes you better DAM WELL BE WAITING at orb prime harvester with your jungler in the invis pool for back up.  There are no if’s and’s or but’s allowed, you want to know the meta in this game for a support, it’s that RIGHT THERE.

Doing this allows your jungler to spend those precious 9 seconds getting XP and CP, ganking someone who’s over extended, or helping push a lane.  Learn to love the key, live it, learn it, love it. Period.

Why I choose these upgrades:

As the beautiful buttocked support you are you will need a plethora of mana.  Throwing mana in here gives you that starting pool that will carry throughout the match.  Pretty straight forward.

Second Item:

Lord’s Ward


3x 3 cost Advanced Chrono


I severely hope that I do not need to reiterate that you are first and foremost a support, for Christ’s sake please understand that.  It’s health, it’s mana, it’s CRD, and it’s 2 wards, this is the dream piece for any support so grab it faster than a heavy set cop grabs donuts after a drug bust.  Just like your first piece, warding is meta.  Period.  Know your corners and how to not get ganked, protect your ass, place the ward on enemy camps to always steal their red or blue.  The possibilities are literally endless.



Why I choose these upgrades:

Being support you need the CDR to pump out field control spells like a Donald Trump pumps out rhetoric of hate and idiocy.  3 Advanced Chrono (3 cost) will give you a fat 25% CDR on one item, SICK.  With that much CDR you can cast Slow Bubble and Stasis Bomb at incredible speed during a fight, allowing you to initiate and follow through.


With your first 2 items fully built you have all of the utility to actively seek out team fights with your compatriots and effectively initiate or sustain, as well as control the entire field of battle as you do it.  Do not be a pansy wimp with spaghetti shorts waiting for your Sparrow or Kallari or even Rampage/Steel to initiate, drop a slow bubble, stun someone, and Rocket boots out to basic attack while your team follows through.  These two items give you the kit you need to wreck, the rest of the build is to take you from Staff Sergeant of the troops to a God dam Field CCommander.

Third Item:

Agoran Scepter


3x 3 cost Major Cast

Why I choose this piece:

If you comment on how I go straight to Agoran Scepter without crit chance then please just turn off your computer, go to the nearest homeless man, and blow him.  There’s a rhyme and reason for everything, just read why.

Every item you’ve built up to here, as well as all the gameplay you’ve participated in, has given your enemy the sense that you are going super support.  They have become complacent with your presence on the battlefield, you have done nothing but harass and CC, you are not their target.

In one item you will make them ever REGRET not focusing you and preventing you from having more CP than them.  That item is Agoran Scepter with 3 major casts (3 cost) in it.  Your damage will SKYROCKET in the matter of 1 item and your slow bubble/stasis bomb combo will roughly double to triple in damage.  This rapid change will destabilize their team’s rigidity in a fight when you first team fight after building this item, because the spells that they have written off as just area control for the first portion of the game now needeto be severely avoided.

But that won’t happen now will it, because you’re not a piece of shit Dekker and you can actually hit ALL your spells, you’ll control the whole fight, and make it so your team ROLLS OVER THEM.  Get good, don’t be a scrub, kick some ass.

Why I choose these upgrades:

Damage, damage, damage.  You only have 7.6 damage at the moment from your Magis Key and these will exponentially throw your damage through the roof and give you a horrifying presence in fights.

Fourth Item:

Brightsteel Plate


1x Zealous Wound (4 cost)

          1x Celestial Guard (4 cost)

          1x Wound (2 cost)

Why I choose this piece:

Short and sweet here, armor and crit, makes your late game sustain heavy and your agora scepter pack a whallop.

Why I chose these upgrades:


Fourth Item:

Golden Veil


1x Zealous Wound (4 cost)

          1x Celestial Barrier (4 cost)

          1x Wound (2 cost)

Why I choose this piece:

Short and sweet here, armor and crit, makes your late game sustain heavy and your agora scepter pack a whallop.

Why I chose these upgrades:


Order of Items

  1. Magis Key
  2. Lord’s Ward
  3. Advanced Mana in Magis Key
  4. Advanced Chrono in Lord’s Ward
  5. Advanced Chrono in Lord’s Ward
  6. Advanced Chrono in Lord’s Ward
  7. Mana in Magis Key
  8. Mana in Magis Key
  9. Agoran Scepter
  10. Major Cast in Agoran Scepter
  11. Major Cast in Agoran Scepter
  12. Major Cast in Agoran Scepter
  13. Brightsteel Plate
  14. Golden Veil
  15. Zealous Wound in Brightsteel Plate
  16. Zealous Wound in Golden Veil
  17. Celestial Guard in Brightseel Plate
  18. Celestial Barrier in Golden Veil
  19. Wound in Brightsteel Plate
  20. Wound in Golden Veil

Doing this will put you at exactly 60/60 CP and ready to rock, roll, and ream some butthole.

This deck only uses 20/40 cards, allowing you to be flexible so if you want to try something in the deck feel free.  This build allows for some flexibility to choose a different niche within your support role.  Health, health regen, mana, or mana regen are good places to jump off at or more armor is a viable option, explorer if you don’t like the build.

Side Deck Set-up

Coming Soon 🙂

Early Game

As a support your main focus in the early game is to harass the enemy as much as possible without draining all of your mana.  Focus on freezing your lane and last hitting while keeping your enemy at bay.  Staying alive and keeping your mana up is number 2 priority.  Number 2 Alytrinix?  What happened to #1?

Number 1 is harvesters.  3-6-9, ingrain that in your head, have your thoughts be only 3-6-9.  You better eat, sleep, s*** 3-6-9.  3 minutes you’re at the closet harvester to your base, 6 minutes you’re at outside harvester.  The second you get outside harvester you make sure your lane is clear then GO HOME.  When you get back get back to your lane, but you BETTER DAM WELL BE AT ORB PRIME INVIS POOL IN THE JUNGLE WITH YOUR JUNGLER AT 8:50.  BECAUSE AT 9 MINUTES YOU’RE GETTING ORB PRIME HARVESTER, NO IF’S AND’S OR BUT’S FOO.

If your team is half competent then someone else has gotten the harvesters on the opposite side of the map and your team just secured 5/7 harvesters.  Your passive CP and XP now more than doubles the other team and you can move swiftly and powerfully into mid game.  And your jungler will be very, very happy.

Mid Game

Mid game begins when you’ve got your second item fully built and you have your mana pool and your CDR.  Your priorities are to continue holding your lane, but your map awareness is to JUMP THROUGH THE ROOF. You need to be constantly communicating to help all of your teammates push accordingly.  Work and communicate with your jungler to maximize ganks and if need be follow them around the map.

Nothing makes a jungle gank most effective like an initiating Dekker that acts like a helpless fish on a hook then immediately turns around, slows and stuns whomever you’re f**ing and then laughs as your jungler devours the slowed and stunned morsel in front of you.

Late Game

SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT.  All you do is support.  There’s a team fight across the map? Get there, slow someone, stun em as they run, trap someone who tries to interlope.  You control the whole battlefield, don’t let yourself be influenced by someone trying something cheeky.  Ulti the ranged carries so they can’t damage you while you attack the melees.  Slow the Kallari during a gank, stun the Sevarog trying to Colossal Blow you.  CC like a champion, harass anything and everything.  Give your teammates morsels on gilded CC platters and laugh as they melt when your carries focus fire.  You’re entire existence is to be a nuisance.  And by participating in these fights and slowing and stunning your damage will begin to add up in tandem with your teammates seeing as you built crit and damage, as well as armor and support.

If played correctly you control the entire field of play and influence where people move and how everything plays out.  You’re a dam field CCommander, be one.


As a support you really shouldn’t be in jungle too much other than to move between lanes and grabbing camps as you go through after ganks.  Blue camp is heavenly, but sometimes there will be other characters whom need it more, it’s all situational.  Your abilities tend to excel in the jungle as there is no side strafing out of Slow Bubble and your ulti can effectively close entire portions of the jungle off if you use it in the correct spots.

The only time you should be outwardly focused on being in the jungle is at 3-6-9 minutes when harvesters are your tunnel vision.  Other than that do not worry about severe jungling, you are support after all.


Early and mid game you are not strong a wave clear, but late game you have quite a bit of it.  Learn to use Slow Bubble on an entire wave, walk up to the first melee minion then cast Stasis Bomb at your feet.  Once you’re 12+ and have your third item that combo will clear a good portion of the minion wave and allow you to quickly basic the rest of the wave.

When in lane you should not focus on trying to push a tower, rather freeze the lane outside of your tower, rack in the XP and CP, and harass any enemy that tries to gank or push you.  You outrange a good portion of the current heroes and all of your abilities are CC based.

2 minutes of trying to take a lane with you protecting the tower, if done correctly, should utterly demoralize their push and force them to another part of the map.  If that happens then read below.


 As Dekker, for the sweet love of GOD, DO NOT TRY TO GANK ALONE.  Let me say that one more time so that it gets absorbed into everyone that just scoffed a lil.  DO. NOT. TRY. TO. GANK. ALONE.

You may get damage and crit in the build, but you are not built for super damage, you are not a carry, you are not an assassin, you are support.  With that in mind, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DOOOOOOOOO HELP YOUR JUNGLER OR ASSASSIN GANK.

Some assassins and mages do not have strong abilities to initiate, and you have an entire kit of harassing CC’s, if you are not initiating for your mages and assassin’s then you have failed as support.  Plain and simple. Don’t be a piece of s*** Dekker and sit back.

For ganks you are the one who should jump in, do Slow Bubble, pick someone to stun, then pull back as your ganking partner eats.  You are the New York chef serving Filet Mignon to your ganking partner, garnish that shit with some basics after you set it on fire with some CC. Be support, have some fun.

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