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Crunch Build Guide

Table of Contents

  1. TL;DR
  2. Overview
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
  3. Abilities Analysis
  4. Deck Considerations
  5. Deck Build #1
  6. Gameplay
    1. Early Game
    2. Mid Game
    3. Late Game
    4. Tips and Tricks
  7. Heroes Synergy

TL;DR on Crunch

Crunch is a melee fighter with a unique combo system. Utilizing each of his abilities Crunch is capable of fluidly chaining combos together to quickly scrap his opponents.

Focus on buying cards increasing your power, attack speed and mana.

Forward Crunch will launch crunch forward stopping on the first enemy hero hit dealing damage.

Left Crunch is a left hook the deals increased cleave damage

Right Crunch will slow enemies hit.

And finally your ultimate is Re-Crunch. Re-crunch repeats the last ability used opening up more possible combos. Re-crunch also has two passive components. First: landing basic attacks will shave time off your active cooldowns. Second: every third ability used will be empowered. When empowered

  • Forward Crunch will drag enemies the full distance of the charge.
  • Left Crunch will deal a whopping 100% cleave damage
  • Right Crunch will knockup enemies

Chaining abilities together can create fluid combos that can easily crush your opponents. However missing an ability will break your combo causing Crunch to stagger. Landing abilities is the only thing that will allow you to quickly continue chaining combos together.

  • If you're looking for a hard engage try using Forward Crunch, Left Crunch then Right Crunch. This will get you into the fight and allow you to send enemies flying with a powerful uppercut.
  • For maximum carnage try Right Crunch, Left Crunch then Re-Crunch. This will allow you to cleave twice dealing a huge burst of damage

With 24 possible combos Crunch has an answer to any and all problems standing in his way.

Every third ability used is empowered - there is visual indication of an empowered ability. When you see Crunche's arms glow red then expect next ability to be empowered.

Playing Crunch you have to keep that 3-step combo mindset. You have to have to clearly understand which ability you want to have empowered and execute according to that plan.

Lore of Crunch

  • Shots to his harddrive have corrupted most memories. Not sure which ones are real.
  • Feigns inactivity when being graffitied. Likes the attention.
  • Once KO'd a Gorzop, a Demonox and a Giga-Tanker with a single uppercut.

Crunch Overview

Crunch's Strengths

  1. Versatility
  2. Good burst damage.

Crunch's Weaknesses

  1. Massive hit-box. Dodging bullets? Forget it.

Crunch's Abilities Analysis

- Punch (Basic Attack)

Melee basic attack dealing Basic Damage.

    - Forward Crunch (Alternate Ability)

    Dash forward 1250 units, dealing Ability Damage, stopping upon hitting an enemy hero.
    Empowered: Dash 1500 units, pushing enemy heroes on contact. In other words Crunch drags enemies the full distance of the charge.

      Initiation and escape tool. Combined with Re-Crunch can do a lot of troubles you your enemy since it can help you to initiate a fight from far away or to make an unexpected escape. In this aspect Forward Crunch is similar to Shinbi's Rushing Beat.

      Forward Crunch locks your camera in position of movement until your dash is finished. You may loose vision of your opponents while dashing.

      Can potentially be used to displace an enemy into an allied tower's range or for wave clear however it does not do much damage being again mostly a movement tool.

      If possible during a fight try to get behind your enemy and make an Empowered Forward Crunch to isolate him from his team for a quick and inevitable execution.

      When Empowered Forward Crunch works similar to Steel's Shield Bash.

      - Left Crunch (Primary Ability)

      Deals Ability Damage to enemies with bonus Cleave rating.
      Empowered: Deals 25% bonus Ability Damage with bonus Cleave rating.

        When maxed out deals the same damage to any enemy in range (cleave 100%). A huge helper for a close combat or for clearing minions (both lane and jungle). Scales pretty well.

        - Right Crunch (Secondary Ability)

        Deals Ability Damage and applies a Slow.
        Empowered: Deals 25% bonus Ability Damage and knocks up enemies instead of slowing them.

          Not an outstanding damage-dealing ability but it helps you to keep your enemies close. When empowered disables your enemies in the very same way as Steel does with his Shield Slam. Empowered Right Crunch is an AOE ability so it can deliver a knockup to multiple grouped enemies at once. It can be very useful when you are diving an enemy team and disabling a couple of opponents at once. Another case is when you are defending your tower or inhibitor and an enemy receives focus fire from the structure. With an empowered Right Crunch you will prevent them from getting away and will potentially secure a kill.

          As for the combo with other abilities it's good to go like

          1. Forward CrunchRight CrunchRe-Crunch
          2. Forward Crunch > Left Crunch > Right Crunch

          Both ways you are initiating from the distance and finishing up with a knockup.

          - Re-Crunch (Ultimate Ability)

          Instantly repeat the last ability used.
          Passive: active cooldown reduction (CDR) on all abilities for every Basic attack landed.
          Passive: Every third ability used will be Empowered if used within 10 seconds.

            Since it copies your last ability Re-Crunch can be very versatile. E.g. combined with Forward Crunch it can give you an escape ability no any other Hero has.

            Crunche's arms start glowing right after using a second ability meaning the next one is going to be empowered.

            "Empowered" passive has a cooldown of about 10 seconds. So if you are not fighting Crunch is going to get out from his Empowered mode and you will have to count to three all over again.

            Crunch's Deck Considerations

            Core Cards for Crunch

            Amplification Engineer

            Amplification Engineer is a perfect Card for such a hero like Crunch. His ability to execute a lot of abilities in a short period of time will proc this card a lot of time which will be a huge DPS adder to every enemy around.

            But you will have to invest into Intellect.

            Explore Amplification Engineer

            Crunch Deck Build #1

            Explore Deck

            Gameplay with Crunch

            Early Game

            Crunch can be a pretty good solo laner or a jungler. Your 1st goal is to get to level 5 to unlock Ultimate. It will open CDR during a fight and of course empowered abilities.

            IT is recommended to open up with unlocking Forward Crunch first to be on a safe side during laning. If jungling Left Crunch is the way to go.

            Your mana pool early game is going to be low so save your abilities for a gank or an escape.

            Mid Game

            Always keep in mind what ability you want to have empowered. When you start fighting make sure you will be able to stick to your opponent to deliver a complete combo. Watch out for opponents with CC who can brake your combo.

            While in the Jungle use Shadow Curtains to perform a perfect engagement with your Forward Crunch.

            Late Game

            You are now not only big but strong as well. Get into a fight, body block enemies and Crunch them forward from behind into your team for focus fire. Do it like Steel does his Shield Bash.

            More description is coming soon...

            Tips and Tricks with Crunch

            • Put basic attacks in between of abilities when doing a combo. It will do higher DPS since recovery frames after abilities does not prevent from landing a Punch.

            Heroes Synergy (Coming soon)

            Crunch and Dekker

            Name goes here

            Description goes here. Description goes here. Description goes here. Description goes here. Description goes here. Description goes here. Description goes here.

            Description goes here. Description goes here. Description goes here.

            Crunch Updates

            v38.3 (Mar-13 2017)


            • Attack speed gain per level increased to 2.0 from 1.4
            • Base damage gain per level reduced to 0.8 from 1

            v38.0 (Feb-21 2017)

            Right Crunch / Empowered Right Crunch

            • Split abilities into different targeting modes.
            • Quality of life improvement to match primary targeting.
            • Slightly increased the length of the Empowered Right Crunch.

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