A Paragon Deck is a predefined set of cards and gems your Hero can use and unlock during a match. A Deck defines your playstyle, your strong and weak points and shall perfectly fit a Hero you are playing. Although there are a lot of ways to build a deck in Paragon, here are the most frequently used and the most effective ones.

Zinx Paragon Hero

Zinx Deck - Trade HP

High Health Regen, AoE Damage, Slow and Blight. What else you you need with such a shielded Hero like Zinx? A focused spell draining Health of your opponents from the distance.

Phase Paragon Hero

Phase Deck

A high Health Regen, map control and a focused shield for your carry. The deck provides all the standard tools for a Support player to carry your ADC into the late game.

Morigesh Paragon Hero

Morigesh Deck

Ability damage, show and an ambush from the Shadow plane. A 3-in-1 deck to nuke your enemies.

Revenant Paragon Hero

Revenant Deck

A well-known Deathcrawler deck for Revenant. Abusing his fixed fire-rate to make powerful basic attacks.

Kallari Paragon Hero

Kallari Deck

This is a simple Kallari Deck with a devastating basic attack in the late game.

Khaimera Paragon Hero

Khaimera Deck

A standard frequently used deck for Khaimera with strong early and late game. Anti Crowd Control and some AoE damage options are provided.

Aurora Paragon Hero

Aurora Deck - Offlane

A simple deck for Aurora in the Offlane empowering her play-style with an additional AoE damage and an extra Slow / Root in the late game.

Aurora Paragon Hero

Aurora Deck - Curse 'Em

The main idea of this deck is to synergize with Aurora's Ultimate Hoarfrost and provide increased AoE damage to all enemies around or to a targeted one.

Gideon Paragon Hero

Gideon Deck

The most frequently used deck for Gideon. Provides Crowd Control with Silence or Slow and Blight auras.

Drongo Paragon Hero

Drongo Deck

A simple and straightforward deck for Drongo. Just kill them all with pure damage empowered by crits and survive with Lifesteal.