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Aurora Deck - Sneaky

A deck for Aurora to enable sneaky, stealth plays and surprise initiations. Works well against teams with lack of map control. Featuring Shadow Dancer, One of the Tribe and Unbroken Spirit. The deck is based on Growth and Death affinities and relies on Vitality and Agility as the main Attributes.

This article focused solely on the Aurora Deck. It assumes you are familiar with the specifics of playing this Hero and if you aren't then you might be willing to read through Aurora Guide. It describes the details of Aurora's abilities and his play-style in general.

Cards in the Deck



  • 1 Level - None.
  • 7 Level - Fast Travel.


  • 1 Level - Healing Towers.
  • 7 Level - Mana Reactor.
  • 13 Level - Damage Return.
  • 19 Level - Reflexive Purify.


  • 1 Level - Auto Mana Potion or Onslaught.

Final build

First Card

Starting with Vitality and investing into it for the entire early-game.

First Pick

Mid Game

Now with some sustain switch to investing into Intellect a little. The goal here is to get map awareness with Finder of Playthings.

And finally the card. Shadow Dancer. Now you can be more aggressive and look for setting up some good surprises for your opponents.

Switch back to investing into Vitality and then switch to Agility to get Unbroken Spirit.

Late Game

And the final change — One of the Tribe. Empower your damage when with your team.

Final Aurora Deck

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