Drongo Deck


A simple and straightforward deck for Drongo. Just kill them all with pure damage empowered by crits and survive with Lifesteal. The deck is based on Death and Chaos affinities and relies on Agility and Vitality as the main Attributes.

This article focused solely on the Drongo Deck. It assumes you are familiar with the specifics of playing this Hero and if you aren’t then you might be willing to read through Drongo Guide. It describes the details of Drongo’s abilities and his play-style in general.


The final equipment looks like this


Any carry needs to land last-hits all the early game, Cull the Weak is the Card for this. Standard for almost all the carries and Drongo is not an exception from this rule. Keep building Agility.


Nitroboost will not only allow you to navigate the map faster but will also give you DPS boost by increasing your attack speed. Guard Piercer will eliminate some Basic Armor from your opponents allowing you to deal more damage.

Remember Drongo deals Basic Damage not only with his Pistol Shot but also with Rad Rounds. So Basic Penetration is twice as important for him

Keep upgrading Agility to get access to the Cards with stats faster leading to that power spike every Carry needs. If you have an opportunity to get back to base prior to having enough Agility for Heavy Hitter, then you can just add Demolitionist and combine based on your amount of stare Agility points.


Keeping in mind how important Basic Penetration is for Drongo the next deck you equip will be at 13 Agility

and then

From this point you are waiting for Shatter Golem. You will have to drop your movement speed boost for some time though.

And return back the movement speed.


Now when you have 25 Agility here is your equipped deck. Pressure Hunter will help you against Heroes investing into Vitalyty a lot (Tanks and some Supports)

Now your next target is Vampiric Blade to increase your sustain by Lifesteal.


In case the game is running long you may want to replace Penetration with Damage Bonus of such a big amount.

Can be useful in rare situations where you are laning alone. This is a rare occasion but still may happen in certain team compositions.

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