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Grux Deck

The famous Deathcrawler deck, that became famous after a Grux kit re-work in v44. Destroy your enemies with an insane Basic Damage in one Chop. The deck is based on Growth and Chaos affinities and relies on Agility and Vitality as the main Attributes.

This article focused solely on the Grux Deck. It assumes you are familiar with the specifics of playing this Hero and if you aren't then you might be willing to read through Grux Guide. It describes the details of Grux's abilities and his play-style in general.

Cards in the Deck



  • 1 Level - Auto Health Potion.
  • 7 Level - Ruthless.
  • 13 Level - Lifesteal.
  • 19 Level - Piercing Basic.
  • 25 Level - Critical Hits.


  • 1 Level - Quick Exit.

Final build

First Card

Speed up your Jungling during the very beginning of a match. Drop one point into Vitality and then focus on Agility attribute. 

First Pick

Get more tanky while increasing your attack and movement speed. This will help you to perform ganks more effectively and will increase your DPS and survivability.

Keep investing into Agility.

Mid Game

Assuming you are performing successful ganks and killing your opponents, get yourself a movement speed boost with both Power and attack speed bonuses. Growth Totem is an investment into future.

Keep investing into Agility. You are going after Deathcrawler

Late Game

Growth Totem did his job well. Now it's time to get some counter to incoming damage — Thorned Yomi. Then follow it up with One of the Tribe which will finalize the deck build for Grux.

Final Grux Deck

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