A Paragon Deck is a predefined set of cards and gems your Hero can use and unlock during a match. A Deck defines your playstyle, your strong and weak points and shall perfectly fit a Hero you are playing. Although there are a lot of ways to build a deck in Paragon, here are the most frequently used and the most effective ones.

Khaimera Deck

A standard frequently used deck for Khaimera with strong early and late game. Anti Crowd Control and some AoE damage options are provided.

Gideon Deck Done Quick v44.1 – FilipeS21

A deck done quick by FilipeS21 on v44.1. 13 wins of 20 matches. KDA 2.74

Revenant Deck

A well-known Deathcrawler deck for Revenant. Abusing his fixed fire-rate to make powerful basic attacks.

Terra Deck – Tanky Damage

A deck for Terra focusing on damage output. Risky early to mid game but rewarding in the late game.

Aurora Deck – Sneaky

A deck for Aurora to enable sneaky, stealth plays and surprise initiations. Works well against teams with lack of map control. Featuring Shadow Dancer, One of the Tribe and Unbroken Spirit.

Aurora Deck – Support

A deck for Aurora playing Support role. A lot of survivability and protection to Crowd Control.

Iggy and Scorch Deck

A deck for Iggy and Scorch focusing on his damage rather than slowing enemies. Consecutive hits of your turrets will inflict increasing damage.

Zinx Deck – Militia

A deck utilizing Zinx’s unique Mana Gegen in order to give her what she lacks — damage. This deck can be used for Solo or Mid Lane.

Drongo Deck – Trapper

A deck for Drongo featuring Trapper so that no prey can escape. Gives not only DPS boost but is also a good synergy to your Old Rusty.


Shinbi Deck – Amplified

Shinbi is a Hero dealing damage with abilities in close range. Amplification Engineer is a card exactly for such Heroes.

Terra Deck

A standard and reliable offlaner deck for Terra. Unstoppable, unbroken and possessed.

Terra Deck – Tanky Jungler

A deck for Terra playing in the Jungle. Balances tankiness in the early and mid game with damage in the late game.


Lt. Belica Deck

This deck will work well for both roles Lt. Belica can fill — Mid Lane and Support. It balances Ability damage, Utility, map awareness tools and disruption of enemies.

Serath Deck

A jungler deck for Serath with focus on single target isolation and Slow. Lifesteal or anti-CC are the options for the late game.

Murdock Deck – Trapper

A carry deck with high damage (especially when grouped with team) and an ability to lock-down your target.

Dekker Deck

A deck for Dekker focused on healing and supporting your carry at the beginning and on team inspiration and enemy disruption in the late game.

Yin Deck

A carry deck for Yin focused on dealing maximum damage with basic attacks especially against enemies investing into Vitality

Crunch Deck

An Unbroken-Thorned-Zone jungle deck for Crunch. A high risk and high impact deck for a combo-based Hero meant to punch enemy’s face non-stop.

The Fey Deck

Adeck for the Fey playing as an aggressive support with focus on Health Regen and Ability damage to a single target.

Muriel Deck

A support deck for Murial with AoE stasis and map control and enemy disruption.

Narbash Deck – Aggressive

This deck is not a pure support one. It has no wards, but in return it allows Narbash to be aggressive and deliver a lot of damage to his enemies.

Gadget Deck

A straightforward caster deck for Gadget focusing on ability damage with a Silence card as a counter to the most dangerous enemies.

Feng Mao Deck

An all-around offlaner deck for Feng Mao. Protection from Crowd Control, a debuff against enemy carries and a damage bonus when grouped with your team.

Gideon Deck

The most frequently used deck for Gideon. Provides Crowd Control with Silence or Slow and Blight auras.

Countess Deck

A deck for Countess focused not only on dealing damage but also on stealth approach and disabling your target prior to assassination.


Khaimera Deck – Gank, Slow, Curse

A deck for Khaimera focused on ganking and slowing enemies down. Prevents opponents from self-healing with Lifesteal.

Riktor Deck – Support

A support deck for Riktor with focus on applying debuffs on enemy team.

Sevarog Deck – Tank

Full tank build for Sevarog. Protection from Crowd Control, high health pool and an option for a huge damage output with One of the Tribe card.

Wraith Deck

A brief details about the deck. Visible on the deck lists.

Steel Deck

A tanky support deck for Steel. A huge Health Pool in the late game with some protection from Crowd Control.

Kwang Deck

A reliable offlaner deck with a focus on damage and lifesteal.

Wukong Deck

A deck for a split-pushing offlane Wukong with high damage and sustain in the late game.

Sparrow Deck

An all-around deck for Sparrow with a balance between high Basic Damage, sustain and protection from Crowd Control.

Revenant Deck – Offlaner

Revenant is a Hero capable of playing in the Offlane. Here is a deck for him with a focus on Health Regen and a burst Basic Damage.

Murdock Deck

A standard Carry deck for Murdock. Heavy hits and some lifesteal for sustain.

Greystone Deck – Thunderstone

A very straightforward deck for an offlane solo pusher Greystone.

Revenant Deck – One of the Tribe

A low mobility but hit-like-a-truck deck for a Revenant player sticking to their teammates.

TwinBlast Deck

A balanced deck with both damage and sustain from shielding and therefore not affected by Blight.

Kallari Deck Done Quick – v44

An anti-ward, high DPS Kallari deck for a patient player.

Phase Deck Done Quick – v44 Mausebär

An effective anti AoE damage deck. Utilizes a well-known Possessed Spry-Kin and add Domain of Stillness to counter impactful area-of-effect ultimates.

Countess Deck Done Quick – v44.1 – hjjjhnhggnhgb

A deck done quick by hjjjhnhggnhgb on v44.1. Ultimate amplified by all the three cards.


Shinbi Deck – Glass Cannon

A Carry-like deck for Shinbi. Mallenk Gnasher and Apex Predator will boost your damage output but you’ll be very vulnerable for Crowd Control.

Rampage Deck

High sustain, protection from CC-heavy compositions, ability to stick to target in addition to Rumble. Versatile and reliable deck for the big guy.

Grux Deck

The famous Deathcrawler deck, that became famous after a Grux kit re-work in v44. Destroy your enemies with an insane Basic Damage in one Chop.

Shinbi Deck

A standard and yet flexible deck for Shinbi. Has something to respond with to an early pressure and strong cards for a long match. CC-heavy compositions will not be a problem in the Late Game either.

Zinx Deck – Trade HP

High Health Regen, AoE Damage, Slow and Blight. What else you you need with such a shielded Hero like Zinx? A focused spell draining Health of your opponents from the distance.

Phase Deck

A high Health Regen, map control and a focused shield for your carry. The deck provides all the standard tools for a Support player to carry your ADC into the late game.

Morigesh Deck

Ability damage, show and an ambush from the Shadow plane. A 3-in-1 deck to nuke your enemies.

Iggy and Scorch Deck – Slow and Push

This deck is mostly for an Iggy playing in the Offlane. It empowers his abilities with a Slow effect and offers a lot of push potential in the late game. Vision is included to enable more safe overextension in the beginning of a match.

Aurora Deck – Curse ‘Em

The main idea of this deck is to synergize with Aurora’s Ultimate Hoarfrost and provide increased AoE damage to all enemies around or to a targeted one.

Drongo Deck

A simple and straightforward deck for Drongo. Just kill them all with pure damage empowered by crits and survive with Lifesteal.

Aurora Deck – Offlane

A simple deck for Aurora in the Offlane empowering her play-style with an additional AoE damage and an extra Slow / Root in the late game.

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