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Khaimera Deck

A standard frequently used deck for Khaimera with strong early and late game. Anti Crowd Control and some AoE damage options are provided. The deck is based on Growth and Chaos affinities and relies on Agility and Vitality as the main Attributes.

This article focused solely on the Khaimera Deck. It assumes you are familiar with the specifics of playing this Hero and if you aren't then you might be willing to read through Khaimera Guide. It describes the details of Khaimera's abilities and his play-style in general.

Cards in the Deck

Final build


First Card

Depending on what you prefer early "a little bit of money boost" or "a little bit of damage". Let's say you prefer Coinmaster over Demolitionist. Then by the time you are killing the River Minion (of course you are there exactly when it spawns) you will have

  • ~120 Gold more
  • 1 Minion kill less
  • ~12 less damage per hit against minions.


First Pick

If you recall back early, pick some Jungle boost.

And then replace it with speed, damage and economy boosts. So your first three cards will look like this. Your DPS will increase and you'll be able navigate through the Jungle faster. This all will make you capable of doing your Jungle things more effectively and setup ganks a bit easier.

Mid Game

Here we are making investment into the late game. Both Tyrant and Growth Totem will make you stronger over time. Later on we will drop the first card but the second one it the card to stay till the end of the game.

Late Game

Late game is split into two options depending on amount of melee Heroes your opponents have. If they have many, then go with Cyborg and more AoE damage. Go with more DPS otherwise.


Final Khaimera Deck


h0lywo0d_mike's picture

this is so great 

GGTX1080's picture

Im fxcking OP with this tactic XD

r04dw4rri0r's picture

Gem suggestions?

George's picture

@r04dw4rri0r, will be available soon. In general you might be willing to focus on Vitality and Agility gems. Specifics will be added soon. I'm looking forward to have the most impactful balance changes to complete. So that it is not required to update decks every single week.

GrazewoundZero's picture

1. This deck build is listed as "Knowledge / Chaos", yet "Growth / Chaos" are used. 

2. Gem suggestions?

Thank you :D

George's picture

@GrazewoundZero, oops. It will be fixed. Gems will be added later in early Jan when this deck will be revised to align with the latest trends.

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