Zinx Deck – Trade HP


High Health Regen, AoE Damage, Slow and Blight. What else you you need with such a shielded Hero like Zinx? A focused spell draining Health of your opponents from the distance. The deck is based on Growth and Death affinities and relies on Vitality and Intellect as the main Attributes.

This article focused solely on the Zinx Deck. It assumes you are familiar with the specifics of playing this Hero and if you aren’t then you might be willing to read through Zinx Guide. It describes the details of Zinx’s abilities and his play-style in general.





  • 1 Level – Healing Towers.
  • 7 Level – Mana Reactor.
  • 13 Level – Damage Return.
  • 19 Level – none.
  • 26 Level – Reflexive Purify.


  • 1 Level – Auto Shield.
  • 7 Level – none.
  • 13 Level – Mana Fountain.

Final build




Your choice here depends on who are you laning against. Take Highwayman in case you expect no difficulty in poking your opponents every 15 seconds. Cull the Weak will be a safer choice which will also help you to kill enemy minions a little faster and therefore to keep your T1 tower safe.


During early game your main goal is to get to level 5 and unlock your Ultimate. Invest into Vitality to have a boost near your tower and as soon as you hit 3 equip Greenspring. Coinmaster is to be equipped if and when you have one more spare Vitality point.


And don’t forget to drop at least one point into Intellect to unlock the first Gem.


The next target is Sorvukk Initiate. It’s an expensive one so while investing into Vitality and Intellect you will be able to equip Finder of Playthings and then Vital Waters.


At any time if you feel you have not enough sustain, you can consider equipping Possessed Spry-Kin.


Keep investing into Vitality and Intellect prioritizing the former. Drop Coinmaster for Greenspring and then for Vital Waters


And when this is done you may go for multiple options

  • Awaken the Emeric for more lane control and HP regen
  • Withering Shadow in case you constantly find yourself in the middle of a fight
  • Plague Lord Mallenk for the most situations when non of the situations above is not the case.
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