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Zinx Deck - Militia

A deck utilizing Zinx's unique Mana Gegen in order to give her what she lacks — damage. This deck can be used for Solo or Mid Lane. The deck is based on Knowledge and Chaos affinities and relies on Agility and Intellect as the main Attributes.

This article focused solely on the Zinx Deck. It assumes you are familiar with the specifics of playing this Hero and if you aren't then you might be willing to read through Zinx Guide. It describes the details of Zinx's abilities and his play-style in general.

Cards in the Deck



  • 1 Level - Auto Health Potion.
  • 7 Level - Ruthless.
  • 13 Level - Lifesteal.
  • 19 Level - Piercing Basic.


  • 1 Level - None.
  • 7 Level - Deadly Mana.
  • 13 Level - Mana Fountain.

Final build

First Card

Advanced Evolution is a safe pick to start with.

First Pick

Rejuvenator will help you a lot to safely get to your level 5. And you will probably want to stick with this card for quite a while.

Get all the three attributes upgraded to 1 and some filler cards. Next you will have to decide which way to go with this flexible deck. You are either:

  • Rushing towards O.P.D. Militia and investing into Agility. This will give you Damage boost but delay your Mana Fountain gem so you will suffer not only from lack of HP but also from lack of Mana.
  • Safely investing into Vitality and spells protection — Arcane Dancer. More reliable but less impactful build.
  • Evolve Intellect to get Thaumaturge earlier. It will not give HP but will be a strong basis for transitioning into Late Game.

Let's focus on the last option.

Mid Game

This way you can keep buying Rejuvenator for quite a while helping you survive in bad situations. Then invest into Agility for Militia

Late Game

And now you can add some survivability. Just don't forget to upgrade Intellect to 13.

Later on you can switch back to damage with Heavy Hitter and then Shatter Golem. And finish with Corrosive Walker.

Final Zinx Deck

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