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TL;DR on Dekker

Dekker is a ranged Support who uses her abilities to disrupt enemy movement. Using her abilities, she can split an enemy team allowing her teammates to isolate targets.

Focus on cards that increase your Mana and lower your cooldowns.

Early game, Dekker is a lane bully allowing her to punish her enemies.

Stasis Bomb allows Dekker to stun an target while Slow Bubble allows her to slow enemy movement in a large area.

Dekker’s Ultimate, Containment Fence, allows her to create an area that allies and enemies can’t leave.

Your Rocket Boots will allow you to escape if you find yourself in a bad spot.

A well placed Containment Fence could separate enemies from their allies, allowing your team to go in with the upper hand. Use your abilities to stun and slow enemies down so your damage dealers can get in position to finish the job.

Lore of Dekker

Coming soon.

Dekker Overview

Dekker’s Strengths

  1. Strong battlefield control and CC capabilities

Dekker’s Weaknesses

  1. Weak at wave clear

Dekker’s Abilities Analysis

 – Energy Orb (Basic Attack)

Ranged basic attack dealing Basic Damage.

  • Base damage is 48 and increases by 1.6 each Hero level up to 70.4 at level 15.
  • Attack speed remains flat with Hero level.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 30%.

 – Rocket Boots (Alternate Ability)

Directional leap that launches Dekker high into the air.

  • Cost remains constant 50 Mana at all ability levels.
  • Base cooldown is 16 seconds and decreases by 2 each ability level down to 10 seconds at level 4.

An instant ability for navigating the team-fights and traversing terrain.

Airborne. Even though Rocket Boots ability is similar to Rampage‘s Pounce, Dekker can trigger Rocket Boots while airborne (e.g. after a jump or when falling from a ledge). It can help you to use terrain to your advantage when being chased. For example making a jump + Boots will get you to the Gold Buff pit from the River. If you got used to Wukong‘s Staff of Legend in his evasive stance then you will find Rocket Boots very similar.

Anti Slow. Rocket Boots ability does not give you any speed boosts but once activated it will ignore all Slow effects until you land. It is especially useful if you find yourself in range of Gideon‘s Black Hole.

 – Stasis Bomb (Primary Ability)

Bouncing bomb that deals Ability Damage and stuns in an area for a short period of time. The bomb will deal reduced damage to any enemy minions it passes through.

  • Base damage is 75 and increases by 45 each ability level up to 210 at level 4.
  • Base stun effect is 0.7 seconds and increases by 0.4 each ability level up to 1.9 seconds at level 4.
  • Base cost is 90 Mana and increases by 15 each ability level up to 135 Mana at level 4.
  • Cooldown remains constant 14 seconds at all ability levels.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 62.5%.

Stasis Bomb does AOE Stun and is capable of disabling multiple enemies at once if they are standing close enough like in the video below.

 – Slow Bubble (Secondary Ability)

AOE bubble that applies Slow to enemies and deals Ability Damage once it pops. Re-triggering the ability will cause the bubble to pop early, for less damage.

  • Base damage is 25 and increases by 18.75 each ability level up to 81.25 at level 4.
  • Base slow effect is 125 and increases by 60 each ability level up to 305 at level 4.
  • Base cost is 80 Mana and increases by 10 each ability level up to 110 Mana at level 4.
  • Base cooldown is 18 seconds and decreases by 2 each ability level down to 12 seconds at level 4.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 50%.

Coming soon.

 – Containment Fence (Ultimate Ability)

Circular energy fence that lasts for a short period of time. Blocks enemy projectiles, but not friendly ones. For enemies it works like a wall they can’t pass through. Reactivating the ability will cancel the fence early.

  • Base Ability duration is 3 seconds and increases by 1 each ability level up to 5 seconds at level 3.
  • Base cost is 140 Mana and increases by 40 each ability level up to 220 Mana at level 3.
  • Base cooldown is 170 seconds and decreases by 40 each ability level down to 90 seconds at level 3.

Containment Fence does not block melee attacks.

Keep in mind that Containment Fence blocks only projectiles. I.e. all ranged attacks, all projectile-like abilities including Slow Grenades of Howitzer or Gadget‘s Sticky Mine. But it won’t block AOE abilities that aren’t related to projectiles. It won’t protect from melee attacks through the Fence which is especially important for the case of Yin.

On a special note, the following abilities are able to hit or work through the Fence:

A comprehensive description is coming soon. Meanwhile here is an example of how Dekker can use her Fence to deny some devastating ultimates like Feast of Countess.

Dekker’s Deck Considerations

Coming soon.

Core Cards for Dekker

Coming soon.

Dekker Build #1

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Starter Hand

Lord’s Ward

Early Pick

Health Potion Shepard’s Phial Health Token

Lord’s Ward ← Divine Health

Tempered Plate ← Minor Guard Minor Guard Minor Guard

Tuned Barrier ← Minor Barrier Minor Barrier Barrier

Lord’s Ward ← Advanced Mana

Satori Cloak

Final hand

Tuned Barrier ← Divine Barrier Divine Barrier Divine Barrier

Tempered Plate ←  Divine Guard

Eldermage Amulet ← Lesser Health Lesser Health Lesser Health

Lord’s Ward ← Divine Health Advanced Mana Perfect Mana

Satori Cloak

Pendulum of Lords ← Advanced Chrono ? ? (6 points)

Dekker Build #2 (Coming soon)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Starter Hand

Early Pick

Final hand

Gameplay with Dekker

Early Game

Coming soon.

Mid Game

Coming soon

Late Game

Coming soon

Tips and Tricks with Dekker

  • Coming soon

Heroes Synergy (Coming soon)

Dekker and Dekker

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Dekker and Steel

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