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Drongo Build Guide

Updated on Sep-12: Decks were re-worked.

Table of Contents

  1. TL;DR
  2. Overview
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
  3. Abilities Analysis
  4. Deck Considerations
  5. Drongo Deck #1
  6. Gameplay
    1. Early Game
    2. Mid Game
    3. Late Game
    4. Tips and Tricks
  7. Heroes Synergy

TL;DR on Drongo

Though living in the chem wastes of Omeda has affected his mind, it has only made him more fearless and given him a keen sense for blowing things up.

Drongo, the master of the scrapyard has a tool for every situation. Though living in the Chem Wastes of Omeda has affected his mind it has only made him more fearless, and given him a keen sense for blowing things up.

Rad Rounds will load Drongo's revolver with uranium-tipped bullets. Landing basic attacks will apply stacking radiation to your target. After a short delay the radiation will burst dealing damage based on how many uranium slugs you've put into your target. Keep in mind, there is a short reload time before you can use Rad Rounds, so lock-n-load before engaging an enemy.

Old Rusty is Drongo's trusty boomerang that deals damage and slows enemies hit. Much like a boomerang, Old Rusty will return after being thrown dealing damage to enemies hit on the way out and the way back. You can even direct Rusty by looking in the direction you want it to return from.

Gag Grenade will cause Drongo to chuck a tear-gas grenade to a target location. When it explodes it creates a silence field, meaning enemies can not cast abilities while in the gas. A well placed Gag Grenade can swing a fight in your favor.

And finally your ultimate is Shrapnel Cannon. Drongo unleashes his cannon full of shrapnel dealing a huge burst of damage in front of him. The blast is so powerful that it sends Drongo flying backward. Enemies caught in the blast will have their armor shred and if they are close enough will be knocked back. Shrapnel Cannon can be used to deal damage or to disengage fights.

When playing Drongo try to keep enemies at arm's length while you melt away their health with Rad Rounds. Old Rusty will slow enemies making it easier to line up your shots. Old Rusty can also be used to slow enemies caught within a Gag Grenade making it difficult to enemies to fight back. If you don't keep a safe distance from your enemies, you'll be send to the scrapyard.

Get ready to let the shrapnel fly as Drongo.

Lore of Drongo

  • Owns the largest collection of things on Omeda
  • Loved by his imaginary friends and respected by his imaginary enemies
  • Consumes a wide range of proteins

Drongo Overview

Drongo's Strengths

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Drongo's Weaknesses

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Drongo's Abilities Analysis

- Pistol Shot (Basic Attack)

Drongo Pistol Shot guide

Ranged basic attack dealing Basic Damage.

    - "Old Rusty" (Alternate Ability)

    Drongo old rusty guide

    Drongo throws his trusty boomerang, dealing Ability Damage and slowing enemies hit. The boomerang will deal damage and briefly slow enemies on the way out and when it returns to him.

      How it works. Old Rusty is not an ordinary skill shot since it has some pretty interesting mechanics. Once thrown the boomerang will follow your direction of view allowing you to aim and hit your target once more. It applies Slow effect for a short period of time which makes it a good tool to stick to your target or peel for yourself or your ally. Damage and Slow effect can be applied two times to the same target (on the way out and on the way back). If you manage to hit a single target twice then the Slow effect will be prolonged (not stacked).

      Controlling the boomerang. Old Rusty is a quick-cast ability. The boomerang flies out as soon as you hit the ability button. Its travel direction is split into three phases

      1. Way out - it flies in a straight line in the direction of your sight at the moment of activation. Even iа you change the direction of your sight it will not affect the boomerang during this phase.
      2. Before way back - the boomerang aligns with your current direction of sight. Even if you do a 180 degree turn it will appear at your sight before flying back to you.
      3. Way back - again flying in a straight line no matter where you are looking at.

      Range. The boomerang has a long range of 1800 units which is nearly x1.5 of the basic attack range. It can be useful to finish an escaping enemy or put pressure on a Hero hiding under their Tower.

      Interactions with other abilities.

      • "Old Rusty" is a projectile and therefore can be affected by Yin's Quelling Gale and Steel's Bulwark.
      • Despite long animation of the ability it does not prevent you from executing any other abilities or basic attacks.

      - Gag Grenade (Primary Ability)

      Drongo gag grenade guide

      Throw a tear gas grenade to a target location, and upon exploding it creates a silence field. Enemies will not be able to use abilities when inside the gas.

        Silence. Silence will not only prevent enemy heroes from casting any abilities. It will also interrupt any channel ability. Like Gideon's Black Hole (he should probably be pretty close to the ground, which is a rare case) or Narbash'es Crash Bang Boom!. Silence will also interrupt any ability charging. For example GRIM.exe's G.T.F.O before the Orb is launched.

        Similarities. Gag Grenade applies the same effect as Riktor's Shock Therapy and the Sleeper Agent card.

        - Rad Rounds (Secondary Ability)

        Drongo rad rounds guide

        Drongo loads several Uranium bullets that Irradiate any targets hit for a short period of time. Each time a target is hit, a stack is added and the duration is reset. After that short period of time, the target takes Basic Damage based on amount of stacks of Radiation, and partial Basic Damage for each stack less.

          How it works. Rad Rounds is an empowering modifier to Drongo's basic attacks. Upon activation there is a short wind up time before you will be able to start shooting. With the modifier Drongo will be applying radiation stacks until the ability duration or a set amount of shots is expired. Whichever happens first. Damage is applied after 2 seconds. Each subsequent hit will reset this timer.

          The main purpose of this ability is to deal a spike of damage in a deceptive way.

          Note that Rad Rounds ability applies Basic Damage.

          Radiation can be applied to... any target in the game:

          • Enemy minions or structures
          • Jungle minions
          • River, Gold, Raptors and Prime Guardian

          However, only enemy Heroes will have indication of Radiation timer. Minions (enemy or neutral) will not have this indication.

          Missing a shot will waste a stack, so you have to line up your shots. Old Rusty can help you in this. Slow your opponents to make it easier for you to aim.

          - Shrapnel Cannon (Ultimate Ability)

          Drongo shrapnel cannon guide

          Drongo unleashes his cannon full of shrapnel, dealing a huge burst in front of him which shreds armor and knocks back close enemies. The blast is so powerful that Drongo himself is knocked back by the ability.

            Shrapnel Cannon is a kind of a combo. It's Murdock's Buckshot combined with Howitzer's Land Mine.

            Can be used for

            • Dealing damage (obviously)
            • Disengaging a fight
            • Traversing terrain.

            Drongo's Deck Considerations

            Drongo scales very well with Power. Consider him as an anti-mage carry.

            Core Cards for Drongo

            Coming soon.

            Drongo Deck Build #1

            Explore Deck

            Gameplay with Drongo

            Early Game

            Early game Drongo is supposed to be on the safe lane with his Support. Doing the last-hitting things and looking for an opportunity to harass the enemy offlaner. Boomerang is a safe opening while Rad Rounds will be an option for early aggression. It's unlikely that you will need your 'nade early.

            Do not waste boomerang for cleaning a lane. Save it to slow your opponents down should they choose to gank you. Activate Rad Rounds as soon as you see your opposing offlaner has overextended.

            Mid Game

            As soon as you have your ultimate you can start becoming more aggressive. Now you have a pretty reliable tool to peel for yourself. When approaching a fight try to open with your Rad Rounds. In case your opponents pull back use Old Rusty to keep them in range. If they choose to close the gap, respond with Shrapnel Cannon and keep shooting at your enemies without a good portion of Basic Armor.

            Keep farming and growing your power to carry your team into the late game.

            Late Game

            Drongo is a great Hero to counter casters. Crunch for example is countered very well by the Gag Grenade. Not even talking about mages with channel abilities. So when a big fight is coming try not only to pick off an opposing carry but also look for enemy casters starting something big and impactful (Crash Bang Boom!, Skewer, Hoarfrost and so on). If you see an enemy in your face try to drop the grenade at your feet. This will possibly save you from something like Cull or Feast

            Tips and Tricks with Drongo

            • Coming soon

            Heroes Synergy (Coming soon)

            Drongo and Dekker

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