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The Fey Build

Table of Contents

  1. TL;DR
  2. Overview
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
  3. Abilities Analysis
  4. Deck Considerations
  5. Deck Build #1
  6. Gameplay
    1. Early Game
    2. Mid Game
    3. Late Game
    4. Tips and Tricks
  7. Heroes Synergy
  8. The Fey Updates

TL;DR on The Fey

The Fey is a ranged support who brings dynamic utility to the battlefield. Using the power of nature itself, the Fey utilizes her powerful area control abilities to disrupt enemy movement.

Focus on buying cards that increase your Power and increase your Mana regen.

The Fey is a lane bully and very powerful early game. Harvest Nettles is a skillshot that will refund the mana cost if it hits an enemy hero. Land a basic attack and Harvest Nettles for a quick burst of damage in lane.

Untamed Growth will cause a plant to bloom at target location, dealing damage over time. Once the plant is fully grown it will deal an extra burst of damage, so place it in teamfights for maximum polination.

Bramble Patch will create a line of vines that slows enemy movement. This is especially effective in tight areas and can be used to block off the enemy's path.

And finally your Ultimate is Fly Trap. The Fey grows a massive plant that lashes out and drags enemies back to the plant. This is great for displacing enemies and setting up plays for your team. Look for opportunities to combo Ultimates with your allies. Fly Trap followed up by a Shield Slam can easily neutralize enemies and allow your team to get the upper hand in fights.

Be a force of nature the enemy can't overcome and take over Agora.

Lore of the Fey

Coming soon

The Fey Overview

The Fey's Strengths

  1. Area control abilities
  2. Fey has small model and it's hard to aim at her with ranged basic attacks.

The Fey's Weaknesses

  1. The Fey has no escape abilities. She can only try to disrupt a chase.

The Fey's Abilities Analysis

- Floret (Basic Attack)

The Fey fires an orb of energy, powered by Agora. Deals Basic Damage.

    - Untamed Growth (Alternate Ability)

    Small plant that deals Ability Damage in an AOE over 3 seconds. 50% of the damage is dealt over the duration of the ability and the final 50% in a single blow when the plant finishes growing and pops.

      Can be a good combo with Fey's ultimate Fly Trap since enemies won't be able to escape that last boom.

      - Bramble Patch (Primary Ability)

      Line of thorny brambles that deals Ability Damage and applies Slow to enemies for 0.5 seconds.

        Slow is applied whenever an enemy touches the Bramble Patch while damage is dealt only once even if an enemy walks away and touches the Patch again.

        Very good ability that excels in the jungle due to lots of narrow areas there. Use it when your enemy has not much options to move left or right. See the screen-shot below for an example:

        Bramble Patch is not a projectile and therefore can't be blocked by Dekker's Containment Fence.

        - Harvest Nettles (Secondary Ability)

        Long Range (2000 units) projectile that deals Ability Damage. Refunds the full Mana cost if it hits an enemy Hero. Consecutive hits on the same target within 9 seconds deal an additional 15% damage per hit, stacking up to a maximum of 60% bonus damage per hit.

          Very good for poking opponents from the distance for free (if you don't miss).

          - Fly Trap (Ultimate Ability)

          A giant plant that grabs nearby enemy Heroes with its vines. After 1.25 seconds the vines pull the Heroes to the plant dealing Ability Damage. The vines break if the plant loses line of sight of the enemy.

            This Ultimate is a great tool to control the battlefield and keep your enemies right in the focused fire of your team. Not only it does damage and pulls Heroes into a small area but it also interrupts abilities like Gideon's Black Hole.

            Fly Trap affects all the Heroes that were in range at the moment of seed hitting the ground.

            Here how it looks like. Enemy Fey is in range

            But she manages to get out of range within a moment. Too late though.

            She is even able to keep moving forward and shoot with a vine attached. But as soon as time is up damage is applied and she is pulled back in.

            Note: until that last moment of pull-in Fly Trap does not limit movement and can be denied e.g. by GRIM.exe's Deflector Shield. See details in the video below:

            Note: It seems that Howitzer can escape the Fey's Ultimate by using his own Make It Rain. He will receive damage but will not be pulled in.

            The Fey's Deck Considerations

            Core Cards for The Fey

            Tireless Reaper

            Tireless Reaper is a strong early game pick for those who want optimize their Mana usage. Remember that Bramble Patch will refund all Mana in case of landing a hit on an enemy Hero.

            Explore Tireless Reaper


            Blitzrush is a very powerful card for early and mid game. Even though the Fey has a reliable peeling tool (Bramble Patch) she has no re-position abilities. Blitzrush will be a good mitigation.

            Explore Blitzrush

            Apex Predator

            The Fey can benefit from Apex Predator just because she can be built as a caster. However there is one more reason to consider this card for her — she has her Harvest Nettles ability that can help you to collect Empowering Strikes stacks very fast and from the safe distance.

            Explore Apex Predator

            Static Trap

            The Fey excels in locking down targets reliably. Her ultimate Fly Trap is basically an AoE pull with a delay which makes it very easy to combo it with Static Trap. It will make a single target to remain in place for about 3 seconds.

            Explore Static Trap

            Mallenk Gnasher

            Mallenk Gnasher is a good combo with Harvest Nettles, that have their own "Consecutive hits" damage bonus.

            Explore Mallenk Gnasher

            The Fey Deck Build #1

            Explore Deck

            Gameplay with The Fey

            Early Game

            Early game is laning. Alone or with a teammate ADC. Last-hits and if possible interruption of opponents last-hits. Use Bramble Patch when enemy Minions are lined up or Untamed Growth when they are not. Make sure that Minions will be in range of Untamed Growth until the final explosion dealing 50% of all the ability damage.

            Mid Game

            Help in team fights by zoning enemies with your Untamed Growth and use Bramble Patch to limit their movement. Pre-cast it on the way or their retreat or use as a combo with Growth to keep opponents in range of the final explosion.

            You can combine your ulti Fly Trap with Untamed Growth to achieve maximum damage.

            Late Game

            Nothing special for the late game in comparison to the mid game. Use the fact that Fey's hit-box is small and you can dodge ranged basic attacks easier than let's say GRIM.exe.

            Again, your main goal while playing the Fey is to keep enemies in the battle. Engage if you are sure there is a follow up from your team (since you will hardly escape alone). During the fight place Bramble Patch to hit as much opponents as possible and most preferably on they way out of the battle.

            Tips and Tricks with The Fey

            • During Laning phase use your Bramble Patch as a wave cleaning tool. To hit all the Minions try casting this ability while they are marching towards your wave in a line.
            • Place Untamed Growth if only you are sure there are targets in range when it's going to explode. Combine it with Bramble Patch or with your Ultimate Fly Trap otherwise the majority of damage will be avoided.
            • When chasing an enemy Hero with an ally try landing your Bramble Patch instead of dealing basic attacks. Once "patched" your enemy will have to move left or right to get out from Slow and this will help your ally and you to get him.

            Heroes Synergy

            The Fey and Steel

            No escape from Slam

            Drop your Fly Trap and while your enemies are getting grabbed and pulled in to the center Steel is charging for his Shield Slam. Enemies will not have a chance to escape that slam due to disabled ability to move far away. Follow up with Bramble Patch to make their escape even more difficult if by that time there is anyone to escape.

            Fey Updates

            v40.0 (May-16 2017)

            Harvest Nettles

            • Consecutive hits on the same target within 9 seconds deal an additional 15% damage per hit, stacking up to a maximum of 60% bonus damage per hit.

            v38.3 (Mar-13 2017)

            Harvest Nettles

            • Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds from 6 seconds.

            v38.0 (Feb-21 2017)

            Fly Trap

            • Changed deploy time from 1s to .3s.
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            So no Cards?

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            @Mason Cassell, cards are on their way. It takes time to find out something well enough to be posted here and I don't want to throw some crap only to make it ASAP.

            If you have good suggestion - let me know ;)

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            Maybe gift of the rains?
            Gives you mana regen an health regen

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            Instead of crystal conduit, or just as a general replacement for any cards, how about nanodrive? it provides EP and mana while give you an active speed boost for help escaping.

            Simone's picture

            @MegaSunnyLand, it is a good option if you have 3 more spare Card Points. My personal opinion is that Nanodrive card is not for escape but for a team chase or engage the enemy.

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            Great builds for this Hero, I've tried two of them so far and they are working awesomely. 

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            @VtecPanda, glad to hear that! Thanks for your feedback.

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