I’ve read that Fury has more accurate stats than Agora, does anyone have an input on that? It’s my understanding the games played, win rate, true KD, and some other smaller factors are attributed to the score. It also has a “master” category for the top 100 in the game.


I tend to side on the fact Fury has 150k player base recorded where Agora only has an 83k player base. I don’t see how that is possible without Agora omitting a lot of players.

Oh. Competition is getting tight 🙂

I personally like better since it shows higher elo for me. Though other than that I have no other input. All of this seems more like a speculation for me. Neither of these websites takes into account that each player has a skill level that depends on hero they play.

So @Stryken, I’m not really sure I understand what accuracy you are looking for.

Well just based on the two what would you deem more acceptable in determining a persons skill level. I would side more towards Just kinda wanted others input, and not just because their ELO is higher on one than the other.


To describe my reasoning, take a new player that has a 30% win rate with about 10-15 games. They’re ranked around 1150-1200 on Agora effectively silver league (taking these from randoms I’ve looked up). On Fury they’re ranked a low bronze of about 900-1000.

Now you take me, with my 1280-1300 or so on Agora, with an overall 7 KDA, 58% win rate, and over 120 games played. And it puts me 100 bloody points away and same league from a guy who doesn’t know his way around the jungle… That my friend is skewed. Haha.
Now my interpretation of it all doesn’t have to do with competition or anything. It’s more of accurate depiction of peoples skill level. It explains some matches where I stomp on like 5 Agora plats but turns out they were plat on Fury and my team was Gold on Agora and Diamond on Fury.

I screen matches not because people suck, but the OVERWHELMING majority of “crap” players I’ve played with throw the game by feeding or 90% of the time just going afk. It’s more for my benefit of having fun in the game.


Now someone stump me? Haha.

@Stryken, that makes sense. If some data is missed (which you seem to find an indication of) then fury is probably better. This is my answer to this narrow question of “based on the two what would you deem more acceptable in determining a persons skill level

Though I steel remain not convinced to use those websites at all for the reasons I have stated above 🙂

And I’m not sure I understand how screening matches helps you have more fun in the game. Or are you checking folks prior to match start and live the team in advance if teammates have “suckers” league in agora/fury?

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