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ETA until the site is updated to Patch 2.06 (AKA v42 or New Dawn)?

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I'm itching to start rough drafts on builds for the New Dawn update. I've got plenty of half baked ideas that I need to perfect, but I want to know if, when I do perfect them, the site will be ready.

Also, since decks are no longer hero-specific, will builds now have an option to be made for every hero instead of only a specific one? I would say let guides still be made for specific heroes, but also allow "archetype" builds. Like "Attack Damage Carry (Guys like Murdock and Twinblast) Guides/Builds" and "Warrior (Guys like Grux and Crunch) Guides/Builds". Or just have specific heroes and an option for in general.

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@BlueSabere, no ETA. And here are multiple things

  • Cards for heroes - they will come 1st. I expect a week or so.
  • Decks for heroes - will come along but will take longer simply because the game will go through balance passes.
  • Gems - I'm waiting for Paragon API to show that. They provided no ETA at this moment.
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@BlueSabere, will builds now have an option to be made for every hero - yes. You can make a general type of guide and name it accordingly.

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Is there an ETA now? I notice the cards are still aren't listed for level 1, all that stuff. Is there anything I could do, or anyone else could, to help speed it up?

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@BlueSabere, Mooney replied a couple of times. They are very busy with the .42 balancing. However they did an update to the API this night. There are updates to the images but it has a fundamental flaw. If a card has stats then the only one is reported. E.g. Mallenk Gnasher is reported as having only Mana Regen which is incorrect.

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